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Officer Pete Baker is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor protagonist in Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV.

He was portrayed by Kelly Jones.


Raid on Wilson Steel

Rigg instructs his men

Pete Baker was an officer who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. He eventually became a member of the department's SWAT unit and joined a team led by Sergeant Daniel Rigg. At some point in his career, Pete got involved in the investigation of a serial killer case. When Detective Eric Matthews received a message from a wanted serial killer known as Jigsaw, he was able to identify the latter's hideout at the Wilson Steel Plant. The next day, Eric went to the Wilson Steel Plant, accompanied by Detective Allison Kerry and Pete's SWAT team. While the detectives stayed outside, Rigg entered the building with three of his men, including Pete.

Pete and his colleagues in the staircase

While making their way through a storage area, the officers reached a staircase surrounded by a chain-link cage. As the door was secured by a chain, Pete cut it with a bolt clipper. Upon opening the door, the lights in the cage suddenly turned on. Pete entered the staircase, followed by his two teammates while Rigg backed them up. They were about to go up the stairs but eventually stopped when they heard a squealing sound. Moments later, a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared at the head of the stairs, sitting on a tricycle and mockingly laughing at them. At the same time, the door slammed shut behind them. Pete carefully approached the doll when a rigged step suddenly sprang forward and broke his shins, causing the other officers to back away. However, as they accidentally touched the cage, both of them received a lethal electric shock. Upon witnessing his colleagues' death, Rigg called for reinforcements while the puppet slowly rode back on its tricycle. Afterward, the electricity was turned off, enabling Rigg to open the door. While Eric, Kerry, and the remaining SWAT members stormed the plant and made their way to the upper floor, Pete's colleagues dragged him out of the staircase. (Saw II)

Troy's Death

The SWAT secures the classroom

After the incident at Wilson Steel, Pete recovered from his injuries and was back on duty. Six months later, Rigg and his team were called to an elementary school. Following an emergency call about an explosion, they raided the building. Upon examining the location, the officers discovered that one of the classrooms' doors had been welded shut. They eventually cut it open and stormed into the room. As they secured the scene, they found the torn up remains of Troy, a drug addict who had been killed by a self-made nail bomb during one of Jigsaw's games. Therefore, Rigg immediately ordered one of his men to call Kerry. (Saw III)

Allison Kerry's Death

Pete and Rigg send in the robot

Four days later, Detective Mark Hoffman, accompanied by a SWAT team led by Rigg and Officer Lamanna, were called to the location. As they entered the area, their path was blocked by a chain-link door. Upon spotting a device connected to the door, Hoffman told the SWAT to send in a tactical robot before entering. Rigg ordered Pete to cut a hole in the door and send the robot in. The robot slowly made its way to the lower floor and soon reached a corpse hanging from the ceiling. When the robot's camera eventually captured her face, Rigg immediately recognized his colleague, Allison Kerry, who had been killed by another one of Jigsaw's gruesome traps. Horrified by the discovery, he broke through the door and ran to her, ignoring Hoffman's order to stand back. However, as he approached Kerry, Rigg realized that his hopes to save her were in vain and fell on his knees. Seconds later, the remaining SWAT officers entered the area and called for the forensics. (Saw III, Saw IV)

Daniel Rigg's Trial

Later that day, Daniel Rigg was attacked and subdued in his apartment at 23 Park Place. Pete and his team, now led by Lamanna due to Rigg's absence, were called to his address after the police received an emergency call about a shooting. Upon breaking through the door and storming the apartment, they found the corpse of a woman, Brenda, lying in a puddle of blood in Rigg's living room. Meanwhile, Rigg had disappeared as he was forced to play one of Jigsaw's games. After the officers discovered Brenda's corpse and secured the flat, Special Agent Peter Strahm, Special Agent Lindsey Perez, and the police department's CSI team arrived at the scene and began their investigation.

Shortly afterward, the SWAT was called to the run-down Alexander Motel, where the next part of Rigg's game took place. When they arrived there, they went to room 261 on the upper floor and discovered the dismembered body of the proprietor, Ivan Landsness, whose limbs had been torn off by another trap. Once again, they called for the special agents and the forensic team, who appeared only minutes later. While they investigated the scene, Lamanna found out that the room had been rented for the past six days by a lawyer named Art Blank. However, the latter had been reported missing two weeks earlier. Upon informing the agents about Art's disappearance, Lamanna also told them that he owned several properties, the last known address being only two blocks away. Therefore, the SWAT officers went to the location and entered the basement. After securing the area, they found two labeled files left there for the agents, who subsequently concluded that they were Jigsaw's targets.

As Rigg's game went on, the SWAT was called to the same elementary school, where they had found Troy's corpse four days earlier, after Rigg set off the fire alarm. In one of the classrooms, they found a married couple, Morgan and Rex, strapped back to back to a metal pole while several spikes had impaled their bodies. Morgan had survived by pulling out the skewers and merely received non-lethal flesh wounds in the process. However, Rex had died of blood loss as the spikes had impaled his major blood vessels. The SWAT called for the CSI unit and the FBI agents, who arrived shortly afterward. While they examined the scene, the officers witnessed a tragic accident. When one of the investigators took fingerprints from a harpoon-like device used to pierce the victims' bodies, he accidentally triggered the contraption. Therefore, it shot a spike in Perez' direction. Although Agent Strahm reacted quickly and pulled her out of the way, the skewer impaled a crime scene photographer's head, killing her in the process. (Saw IV)


Not much can be said about Pete Baker's personality due to his short screen time.

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