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Looks like our friend Jigsaw likes to book himself front row seats to his own sick little games.
— Detective Kerry discovers a peephole at Mark Wilson's crime scene[src]

The Peepholes were used by Detective Mark Hoffman and later John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, to observe their victims' games throughout the Saw franchise.


The Pendulum Murder

At one point, early in Jigsaw's murder series, one of the investigators, Detective Mark Hoffman, built an inescapable trap on his own to kill the murderer of his sister, Seth Baxter, who had been released from a life sentence due to procedural errors. Because Hoffman had manipulated the trap, Seth Baxter's death was inevitable. While Seth was killed by a giant pendulum slicing him in half, Hoffman was hiding in the next room and witnessed his death through a peephole. (Saw V)


John teaches Hoffman his methods

Despite his efforts to make the murder look like one of Jigsaw's traps, John Kramer, the real Jigsaw, knew that Hoffman was responsible for Seth's death and began gathering evidence against him. Afterwards, he abducted Hoffman and offered him an ultimatum: John could either publish the evidence or Hoffman could become his apprentice. After some hesitation, Hoffman accepted the offer and decided to help John continue his games. Shortly thereafter, John and Hoffman abducted Paul Leahy for Hoffman's first actual game. Again they were hiding in the next room, and John told Hoffman to watch the game through a peephole, so he could see John's method of rehabilitating his test subjects. When the crime scene was discovered approximately three weeks later, Detective Allison Kerry found the peephole. (Saw, V)

Not much later, Hoffman abducted another victim, Mark Wilson, and forced him to play another game, once again using a peephole to watch the game's progress. It was Kerry again who discovered the peephole when the crime scene was found shortly after Mark's death. (Saw)

Peter Strahm's Investigation

When Special Agent Peter Strahm started his investigation on Mark Hoffman, whom he suspected of being Jigsaw's accomplice and successor, he soon found out about the connection between Hoffman and Seth Baxter. He returned to the crime scene of Seth Baxter's death and found the peephole once used by Hoffman. (Saw V)

Use in Other Media

Saw: The Video Game

In Saw: The Video Game, the protagonist, David Tapp, had to look through a peephole in order to see a combination written on the wall on the other side. This combination was necessary to open a padlock on a door which prevented Tapp from going further.

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

The peepholes also reappeared in the video game's sequel Saw II: Flesh & Blood. Throughout his game, Michael Tapp had to look through these peepholes, in order to find clues to combinations, which were needed to open certain doors, which were secured by combination locks, similar to the first game.

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