When you were a child, your father used to cut you with knives as a sadistic gesture of intimacy. Rather than break the cycle of violence, you've escalated to carving up strangers who do no more than greet you.
— Jigsaw confronts Patrick with his crimes[src]

Patrick is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor antagonist in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.



When Patrick was a child, he was frequently abused by his father, who used to cut him with knives either due to pure sadism or as some kind of sexual redirection activity. Because of his traumatic childhood, Patrick himself became mentally unstable as well. As he grew up, he adapted his father's methods of torture and started to carve up other people, who he didn't even know.


Due to these acts of violence, Patrick was eventually arrested by Detective David Tapp. When Tapp testified against him in court, he stated that he believed him to be incurable. At some point, Patrick was released. However, his past caught up with him and he was ultimately targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


After having been abducted by Jigsaw or one of his accomplices, Patrick was taken to the abandoned Holmes Hotel. While he was unconscious, a cage-like device with spikes inside and outside was locked onto his head. Additionally, his hands were tied up behind his back. When he woke up again, a recorded message left on an answering machine confronted him with his childhood and his subsequent crimes. Besides that, the message also informed him about the device on his head, which would carve deeper and deeper into his skull every time he made a sudden movement, thereby forcing him to endure the pain that he inflicted on others.


Patrick breaks through the wall

Some time later, Michael Tapp, Detective David Tapp's son, made his way through the same building as he had been abducted as well and was forced to face a series of tests. Thereby, he entered the room next to the one where Patrick was imprisoned. Upon noticing his presence, Patrick ran forward and broke through a decayed wall which separated them from each other. Despite the pain caused by the device he was wearing, Patrick rushed towards Michael and tried to kill him. As he evaded his attacks, Michael saw the words "X marks the spot" written on the floor in front of another decayed wall. Therefore, he made Patrick run against the wall. After the third time, Patrick suddenly broke through the wall and fell into a deep, dark pit, screaming in fear as he fell to his death. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Due to his childhood and the physical and emotional pain his father inflicted on him, Patrick was mentally unstable to the point that he developed severe sadistic tendencies just like his father did. Thereby, he felt no remorse for his actions and mostly attacked strangers who never did anything to him. It could be assumed that he felt some kind of an emotional urge to hurt others like his father did, as he didn't hesitate to frequently attack Michael Tapp in his attempts to kill him, despite the immense amount of pain he had to suffer on his own because of this. It is likely however that this was at least partially fueled by a desire to get revenge on the Tapp family for his arrest.

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