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If you'd like to make a statement on the record, I'd be more than happy to take it.
— Pamela meets Hoffman at the hospital[src]

Pamela Jenkins, also known as Pam, is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting protagonist in Saw VI. She was portrayed by Samantha Lemole.


The Jigsaw Case

Pamela Jenkins was a news reporter and investigative journalist, especially known for her sensationalized reports. Furthermore, she was also the sister of William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company. At one point in her career, she began reporting about the murders commited by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. Thereby she gained a doubtful reputation among the officers of the Metropolitan Police Department due to her propensity to exaggerate and twist facts for the sake of a better story. This propensity ultimately reached its peak when she published a book about Jigsaw with the title "John Kramer: Conundrum of Carnage." (Saw VI)

Pamela at the memorial

After the death of John Kramer and his apprentice, Amanda Young, at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of their victims, Pamela attended a memorial for the lead investigator Detective Mark Hoffman and his colleagues who had died during the investigation. On this occasion, the Chief of Police gave a speech to the officers and the press and proudly announced that the Jigsaw murders had come to an end. Pamela interrupted him and asked him why no representatives of the FBI were present at the memorial. The chief however, who seemed to be rather annoyed by her interruption, told her that this wasn't the time for her questions and continued his speech. Thereby, he promoted Mark Hoffman to the rank of a Detective Lieutenant and thereby handed him an honor plaque for his efforts in the case. Hoffman gave thanks to him for this honor and also gave a speech to the press as well, claiming that he and his colleagues had done their best to serve true justice. (Saw III, V)

However the deadly games were continued shortly afterwards by Hoffman himself, who was in fact the first apprentice and eventual successor of John Kramer. As the murders went on, Pamela continued her investigation as well. Therefore, she persistently tried to get an interview with John Kramer's ex-wife, Jill Tuck, albeit unsuccessful. As she couldn't get to her personally, Pamela went to the probate court and therefore found out about a black box which Jill had received from her late ex-husbands executor, Bernie Feldman. Additionally she was somehow able to get her hands on a letter found at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant where Jigsaw's corpse had been found previously. This letter was in fact a blackmailing letter to Amanda Young, which told her to kill Dr. Lynn Denlon, another victim found at the Gideon Plant. Otherwise, the writer threatened her to tell John that she was involved in a robbery along with her boyfriend, Cecil Adams, which had caused the miscarriage of John and Jill's unborn son, Gideon.

Pamela asks Hoffman for an interview with Jill

Shortly afterwards, on her birthday, she was called by William, who had to decline her invitation for dinner later that day. Disappointed by this, she reminded him that she was his only family. Therefore, William promised her to make up for it, before ending the call. However, Pamela's spirits were raised again when she heard that Simone, a survivor of a new Jigsaw game, was at the Saint Eustace Hospital, she went there immediately, anticipating that Detective Hoffman would be there as well. As expected, Hoffman arrived at the hospital shortly after her. When he left the elevator that took him to Simone's floor, she tried to talk to him. During their discussion, Hoffman confronted her with her lurid twisting of facts for the sake of a better story, calling her irresponsible for it. Pamela, who claimed to report only facts to the public, claimed to know more about John Kramer than he might have thought and revealed to him that she had been at the probate court where she had learned about the black box left to Jill Tuck after the death of John. Seemingly annoyed by her obtrusive attitude, Hoffman acted unimpressed by her knowledge and asked her what she wanted. Pamela asked him to arrange an interview with Jill Tuck and in return promised to dial down her sensationalism. To fob her off, Hoffman told her that he'd see what he could do before he entered Simone's room and closed the door before Pamela. (Saw VI)


Pamela shows the letter to Jill

To her surprise, Pamela actually received a letter with Jill's address at 545 4th Street shortly afterwards. Later that evening, she arrived at the apartment of Jill, who wasn't happy to see her. Pamela showed her the blackmailing letter which Hoffman had anonymously written to Amanda, and asked Jill if she understood the meaning of this message. Jill denied this and told her to go. Unsatisfied with her visit, Pamela slided the letter under the door, telling her to call back if she changed her opinion. Afterwards, she left and entered the elevator. However, by unknown means Hoffman had blocked the control panel and thereby deactivated the elevator. When she went back through the hallway, Hoffman attacked her from behind while covering his face with one of his masks and injected her with an anaesthetic. After she lost consciousness, he took her to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, where he locked her up inside an animal enclosure. (Saw VI)

William Easton's Trial

Pamela listens to her tape

When she woke up, she immediately started to cry and panicked, desperately screaming for help. Upon looking around in her cell, she saw some sort of acid dropping from the sprinklers above her and realized that they were connected to a large tank filled with hydrofluoric acid. Seconds later, she noticed a tape recorder placed on the same plate as the tank. Upon starting the tape, which was recorded by John Kramer before his death, she finally realized that she had been abducted by his successor because of sensationalizing the story about Jigsaw.

Soon after her initial shock, Pamela managed to calm down a bit and repeatedly listened to the tape again. However, it only filled her with rage, eventually causing her to angrily throw it away and thereby destroying it. After doing so, she noticed a sign with the words "See it work" written on it. Below it was a button connected to a TV placed outside her cage. With the button, she was able to switch between the surveillance cameras placed all around the zoo, enabling her to observe the progress of her brother, William, who had been abducted as well to face a series of tests at the zoo. Upon switching further, Pamela stopped when the screen showed her an enclosure similar to hers, where a mother and her son, Tara and Brent Abbott, were trapped just like her.

Pamela observes the Abbotts

As the game went on and neared its end, Brent became more and more nervous. Unlike the acid tank in Pamela's cell, the one in the Abbotts' enclosure had a pamel with a lever connected to it with the words "Live" written above and "Die" below the lever. Pamela began to worry, when Brent decided to pull the lever. Frightened by this, she backed into the corner of her enclosure and covered her head with her hands as she expected that the lever would activate the acid sprinklers in her cell. However, when Brent pulled the lever and nothing happened, Pamela calmed down again.

Seconds later, William finally reached the end of his test and found himself in a room between the two enclosures, with only one more second left on the timer. Then, the metal door of the cages slided aside, revealing his sister on one side and the Abbott family on the other side. Upon seeing Pamela, he immediately went to her cage and asked her if she was okay, which she affirmed. William angrily yelled that their abductor should let her go as he had followed his rules and finished his test. Meanwhile, Tara and Brent Abbott glared at him in hate and disgust, as William had once denied the coverage of the treatment costs of cardiac patient Harold Abbott, husband of Tara and father of Brent, who had therefore died because of his disease.

Pamela witnesses her brother's death

Moments later, a TV in their enclosure turned on, showing a video of John Kramer who told Tara about the sacrifices William had made to save his sister but also reminded her that he had been responsible for the death of her husband. Therefore, it was now up to her to decide whether William should live or die. Shocked by this, William approached her cell and thereby stepped on a pressure plate on the ground which finally activated the panel connected to the acid tank. Both, William and Pamela desperately begged Tara for mercy and tried to convince her to forgive William, but due to her anger, Tara still wanted to kill him, claiming that it wasn't because of what William had done to her but because she didn't want him to do it to anyone else. However in the end, she couldn't bring herself to pull the lever. Therefore, Brent grabbed the lever and, despite the protests of his mother, pulled it down. Moments later, a large metal constructions with needles attached to it swang down from the ceiling and pressed William against the grid of the enclosure. Seconds later, the hydrofluoric acid was pumped through several tubes connected to the nail bed and was thereby injected in William's body. While William was slowly and painfully dissolved by the acid from the inside, Pamela had to watch in horror and bursted out crying, suffering an emotional breakdown as her brother died before her eyes. (Saw VI)


The zoo was eventually found by the police later that day, leading to Pamela and the Abbotts being released from their imprisonment. Shortly afterwards, the news channels reported the incident to the public, thereby mentioning that up to seven people might have survived the massacre. (Saw 3D)

Non-Canon Appearances

Saw: The Video Game

Two letters from Pamela were found by Detective Tapp in Saw: The Video Game, where he had to face a series of tests at the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Pamela had previously sent one of these letters to Globe Staff writer Oswald McGillicutty, another investigative journalist primarily focused on the Jigsaw Case. In the letter, she asked him for a meeting and suggested to work together as she was working on her book about Jigsaw. Oswald however planned to write a book on his own without crediting her and mocked her in a letter. In return for that, Pamela stole all of his notes to use them for her own book, according to her second letter to him.


Pamela Jenkins was an ambitious woman, always focused on her goal to deliver her viewers and readers detailed and interesting stories. Therefore, she didn't hesitate to change facts if it was for the sake of a better story. She was also very persistent when it came to her work and usually kept on and on until she got what she wanted, as seen by her constant attempts to get an interview with Jill Tuck. Additionally, Pamela appeared to be quite smart and was thereby able to get her hands on important information that other people didn't even know about, such as Jill's box or Amanda Young's blackmailing letter.


  • Pamela was originally intended to make an unspecified appearance in Saw 3D, possibly appearing at the Jigsaw Survivor Group, but her role was reportedly not substantial enough for her to be worth bringing her back.
  • Despite being brother and sister, Pamela's surname is Jenkins while that of William is Easton. It's possible that Pamela is or was at one point married to a man whose family name was Jenkins and in case of a divorce, didn't revert to her maiden name. Another explanation could be that William and Pamela were only half-siblings.

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