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I mean, who are they going to believe; a scumbag like you, or a respected author like me?
— Pam mocks Oswald McGillicutty[src]

Pam Jenkins is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She is one of the unseen characters in the series.


Journalistic Rivalry

Pam Jenkins was an investigative journalist. At some point in her career, she began reporting on the case of a wanted serial killer known as "Jigsaw." Eventually, a series of newspaper articles written by Oswald McGillicutty, a sensational reporter who investigated the Jigsaw case as well, caught Pam's attention. Therefore, she wrote him a letter, in which she asked Oswald for a meeting and suggested working together as she was keen on publishing a book about the killer. Although Oswald agreed to the meeting, he planned to write a book on his own without crediting Pam and mockingly told her so. In return for that, Pam stole all of Oswald's notes and sent him a second letter, in which she mocked him for his arrogance. (Saw: The Video Game)


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