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Officer Palermo is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.

He was portrayed by Troy Feldman.


Early Life

Palermo was an officer working for the Metropolitan Police Department.

Edgar Munsen's Test

Palermo was an officer working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Ten years after the death of John Kramer as known as jigsaw, one day in his career, he got involved in the pursuit of a criminal named Edgar Munsen. As the latter sped through the streets in his car, Palermo and several of his colleagues including Solomon set up a road block and thereby finally managed to stop his car. Edgar left his car and continued on his flight by foot. The officers pursued him to an abandoned warehouse and up to the rooftop, where they eventually managed to corner him. However, as they aimed their guns at him, he raised a remote. Even though Solomon ordered him to drop the device, Edgar refused to do so, stating that they "could not stop it." Instead of dropping the remote, he desperately told them to call Detective Brad Halloran as five other people were going to die if Halloran didn't arrive within 17 minutes.

Eventually, Palermo's colleague Solomon consented to it and called the detective. Shortly afterwards, Halloran arrived at the scene, along with Detective Keith Hunt. In his attempt to find out what was going on and who was responsible for it, Halloran questioned Edgar, while his colleagues still held him at gunpoint. Edgar claimed that he himself was going to die if he didn't activate the remote. Therefore, Halloran ordered the officers to aim for the remote and shoot it if Edgar pulled the trigger. As the time was running out, Edgar lost his composure and activated the device, causing the officers to instantly shoot and destroy the remote. However, a bullet hit his chest and Edgar collapsed severely injured. Afterwards, the officers lowered their guns, while Halloran angrily asked which one of them shot Edgar in the chest against his orders. (Jigsaw)


Not much can be said about Palermo’s personality due to his short screen time.

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