He is a fucking ninja. Come on! You got away with all those cops around you!
— Mr. D talks about Jigsaw's escape from Wilson Steel[src]

Mr. D is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character of The Scott Tibbs Documentary. He was portrayed by Willis Turner.


The Scott Tibbs Documentary

Mr. D was a young man and a friend of the psychotic rock band leader Scott Tibbs. When Adam Stanheight, Scott's best friend, disappeared, the latter came to the conclusion that his friend was most likely dead. As he suspected the serial killer Jigsaw, he didn't care much about Adam but became obsessed with the killer and started to admire him. Therefore, he and his band decided to film a documentary to find out more about the killer.


Mr. D tells Scott about the events at the Wilson Steel plant

At one point, Mr. D found out that the Metropolitan Police Department had been able to find Jigsaw's hideout at the Wilson Steel Plant. However, when he arrived, the plant was secured by police forces after Jigsaw had managed to escape custody and furthermore took the lead detective, Eric Matthews, as his hostage. Therefore, Mr. D was impressed by how the killer had managed to escape and immediately called Scott, who came to the plant shortly afterwards. Mr. D quickly told him about the recent events, only moments before Detective Jenkins gave a press conference outside the building. Jenkins confirmed the recent events and told the public that the killer could be identified as John Kramer before evading apprehension. Therefore, he told the audience to come to the police if they had any information about him and his whereabouts. Finally, he sent an appeal to John to show mercy with Eric just like he had shown mercy with his son, Daniel Matthews, who had been one of his victims as well but was released by him. (The Scott Tibbs Documentary)


Not much can be said about Mr. D's personality due to his short screen time. However, it can be assumed that he was impressed by Jigsaw's action just as much as Scott Tibbs was.

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