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The Mitch Look-a-Like is a fictional character from the Saw franchise, as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.

He is portrayed by James Gomez.


Early Life

The Mitch Look-A-Like was one of the criminals whom Detective Brad Halloran had helped avoid being sent to prison, though the crimes he committed were not specified. (Jigsaw)


Ten years after the first game created by the original Jigsaw Killer where Logan Nelson, one of the game's test subjects, was saved by John Kramer, who exempted him from the game due to an error he had made. Later, Logan was baptized by John as his successor. Logan's mission was to abduct people who, according to John, deserved to be tested. The Unnamed Man was one of the five test subjects to participate in a recreation of The Murderers' Trial orchestrated by Logan after John's death. (Jigsaw)

First Test

The Mitch Look-a-Like woke up in the Bucket Room alongside the Carly Look-a-Like and Malcolm Neale after the game was started by Edgar Munsen. He successfully survived the first room by shedding blood on the wall-mounted buzz saws along with the Carly Look-a-Like, but Malcolm Neale did not survive, as he was partially decapitated by the spinning blades.

Second Test

The Mitch Look-a-Like survived the Hanging Chains, while the Carly Look-a-Like injected herself with one of the three provided needles. Unfortunately, she chose the one containing a potent acid, and perished in a similar manner to Carly, Leaving the Mitch Look-A-Like all Alone in the Barn. With the combination listed on the needles, the Mitch Look-a-Like proceeded into the barn loading area.

Third Test and Death

JigsawMitchlookalike corpse.png

The Mitch Look-a-Like arrived in the barn loading area, and bypassed the Grain Silo Trap (as Logan had not set it up for the recreated trial's test subjects). The Mitch Look-a-Like also avoided triggering the Leg Wires that Ryan had activated in the original game, though he ultimately perished in the Cycle Trap that killed Mitch. Because the Mitch Look-a-Like failed to activate the motorcycle brake at the bottom, he was shredded to death and expunged from the trap.


After his death, Logan cuts a jigsaw piece from him and nails a card to his chest with the phrase "and then there were two" written on it, as a reference to the original game. Logan then hides his body in Eleanor Bonneville's Studio, where it is discovered by Halloran. (Jigsaw)


Not much can be said about the Mitch Look-a-Like's personality due to his short screen time.


  • His actor is not credited in Jigsaw, but his name can be found on the film's IMDb page.

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