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I sold a kid a bike once, he had an accident 10 minutes after I sold it to him.
— Mitch

Mitch is a fictional character from the Saw franchise, appearing as a protagonist in Jigsaw. He was portrayed by Mandela Van Peebles.


Early Life

The only insight of Mitch's early life given is the incident that resulted in him being tested. Mitch is shown accompanied with John Kramer's nephew in a garage, selling him a motorcycle. Mitch lied about the bike being in excellent condition, as the brakes were faulty, even using his foot to cover a puddle of brake fluid that leaked from the bike during the transaction. Before Mitch allows him to drive off - he is seen counting the money given. John's nephew drives the bike with excitement down an empty street until he sees a truck approaching, where he tried use the brakes. But due to the brakes being faulty, John's nephew is unable to stop and dies upon getting hit by said truck.

First Test

Mitch awakens in the bucket room

Mitch awakens in a room with a bucket-looking device strapped onto his head, after the tape played and the trap started he was pulled into the buzz saws on the other side. But soon Anna realizes how to escape and Mitch lightly cuts himself. He then helps Carly to remove the bucket head. After this they were all pulled into the next room where the sleeping man in the room with them awoke and was warned by Anna how to survive by screaming to him to cut himself. But to here knowledge and everyone else he died when he was really rescued

Second Test

Mitch noticing Billy

After they all make it out of the Bucket Room, they all hear something. It was Billy the Puppet wearing sparkly shoes with a note that said "Confess on it". Everyone started getting pulled by the chains until Mitch grabbed and played the tape recorder, which tells them that one of them has poison in them. They search until it's found that Carly has the poison in her. Three needles then fall from above and Ryan grabs them, tellsing Carly to choose which one to be injected with. Unable to choose, Ryan injects all of the needles into Carly. Carly falls onto the ground with a mouth full of blood, dying in front of everyone as they continue onto the third test.

Third Test

Mitch screams at the pitchfork

After Ryan gets his leg pinned to his trap Mitch and Anna walk into a silo, They are told that Ryan must cut his leg off to save the others. After a ton of sand falls onto them a pitchfork falls next to Mitch, Then more things fall onto them as Mitch and Anna scream for Ryan to save them, Mitch then gets a knife to the shoulder, After Anna gets to pin needles to the arm Ryan pulls the lever and in the process looses his leg, Then Anna and Mitch fall out of the silo along with the sand and sharp tools


Mitch in his trap

Mitch finds a tape with his name on it. Knowing there would be consequences if he didn't follow the rules, he pressed it and upon doing so, was dragged upside down to his trap. John's voice was heard in the tape and says that years ago, he sold a motorcycle to a boy who was John's nephew for $600. Mitch lied to his nephew saying that the motorcycle was working but in reality, it had a faulty brake which lead to the death of John's nephew. He was suspended above a cone-like metal object with heated metal coils on the inside, Mitch was slowly lowered down into the heated cone. As this happened, the very bike that Mitch had sold to John's nephew ran, causing the trap to spin. Mitch's goal was to reach the brake at the bottom of the trap, and once he did, the motorcycle would stop. However, Anna interfered, grabbing a nearby metal rod and jamming it into the wheels, which stopped the trap. Mitch, relieved, stops attempting to reach the brake. However the motorcycle wheel breaks the rod and begins spinning again, and as Mitch panics, he begins to swing, essentially throwing himself into the hot coils, which kills and mutilates his body as Anna stands at the top of the trap.


Anna and Ryan's corpses are decomposing in the Tuck's abandoned barn, the same place where John Kramer put them to the test. Logan Nelson, who is the successor of John Kramer, reveals to Detective Brad Halloran, his test subject, that in reality those games happened ten years ago and that was the reason why nobody had known what happened until now. Just like the theory that was handled on the Jigsaw fan website, in which Eleanor was involved.


Mitch was a greedy and dishonest young man as shown when he sold John Kramer's nephew a motorcycle he knew was defective, claiming it was in excellent condition and that it was deserving of the price he set for it. Over the course of the game, Mitch continued to deny his guilt for what he had done to be targeted by Jigsaw, as even when pressured to confess during the game, Mitch stretched the truth, saying the motorcycle was simply too much for his customer to handle.


  • Despite Jigsaw's philosophy that tests could not be personal, Mitch was tested for selling John's nephew a faulty bike, and John had used that same bike's engine as a component for Mitch's trap. Later on, William Easton was additionally tested for denying Jigsaw health coverage.

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