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What the hell is this?
— Tapp after finding the model of the bathroom[src]

The miniature models were recurring items throughout the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw and Saw V.


The Minifigures

When John Kramer became Jigsaw and started his self-imposed mission of testing other peoples' will to survive in order to make them appreciate their lives, he occasionally designed small miniature models and minifigures to plan and visualize the games he prepared for his victims. (Saw)

Adam Stanheight and Dr. Lawrence Gordon's Test

Miniature model of the Bathroom

One of the games he built a model for was the test of his doctor, the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, and Adam Stanheight, a freelance photographer hired by discharged detective David Tapp to observe Gordon. Both men were trapped in a grimy industrial bathroom and chained by the ankle to large metal pipes in the opposite corners of the room, while Jigsaw, who posed as the corpse of a man who had shot himself in the head, lay between them in the middle of the room to observe the game from up close. The miniature model was found by Detective Tapp and his partner, Detective Steven Sing, when they invaded Jigsaw's hideout in an abandoned mannequin factory five months before Adam and Gordon's game. (Saw)

The Fatal Five's Trial

Hoffman rearranges the model of the Fatal Five's Game

After Jigsaw's death at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of his victims, the miniature models were also used by his successor, Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman. When he set up another series of tests, he built a model of the environment of the game and used the minifigures to depict the five victims: Ashley Kazon, Charles Salomon, Luba Gibbs, Brit Stevenson and Mallick Scott. When Hoffman returned from a hospital visit and took a look at his surveillance monitors, he realized that the position of the unconscious victims didn't match the position of the minifigures. To correct this small mistake, Hoffman rearranged Ashley's figure only mere seconds before the victims woke up and the game began. The model was later found by Special Agent Dan Erickson when he discovered the location of the game. (Saw V)

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