Follow the instructions provided for you. All you have to do is keep Detective Tapp on track.
— Jigsaw explains the Rules[src]

Melissa's Test is one of Jigsaw's games in the Saw franchise, occurring in Saw: The Video Game.


Melissa Sing's Test

Melissa, should you survive the test I placed before Detective Tapp, I offer you a choice. Stay with him, forgive him and you both can help each other survive. Leave him and you will never see him again. I'll leave that to you.
— Melissa Sing's first tape[src]

After the death of her husband, Detective Steven Sing, in a trap set up by an infamous serial killer known as "Jigsaw", Melissa Sing suffered from severe depression and therefore neglected herself and her son, Franklin. Due to this and because of her hate for Steven's partner, David Tapp, who she deemed responsible for his death, she was eventually targeted by Jigsaw on her own. After her abduction, she woke up in a trap at the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Even though Tapp, who had been abducted as well and had to face a series of tests on his own, saved her from the trap, Melissa couldn't forgive him and instead abandoned him. (Saw: The Video Game)

Hello, Melissa. If you're hearing this, you survived your test. You have forgiven Tapp, the man responsible for your husband's death, the man you obsessed over as your life fell into pieces. Your son is now in my care. If you want him to live, you'll have to play a game. Follow the instructions provided for you. All you have to do is keep Detective Tapp on track. To make sure you follow the rules, I have temporarily removed your ability to speak. When the clock strikes six, you will be free of this place. But watch your step or you will meet the same fate as your late husband. Live or die, Melissa.
— Melissa Sing's second tape[src]

However, she was subdued again by Pighead, an accomplice of Jigsaw, who sew her mouth shut. When she woke up once again, she found an audio tape left for her, which informed her that Jigsaw had also abducted her son. In order to save him, she had to follow Jigsaw's instructions and had to keep Tapp on track until 6:00 o'clock. Eager to see her son again, Melissa accepted her task and put several obstacles in Tapp's path. Depending on the player's choice, there were two different endings for Melissa's test:

  • Freedom: In his final test, Tapp decided to let go of his pursuit of Jigsaw in exchange for the freedom of all the victims trapped at Whitehurst. Therefore, Melissa reunited with her son and was able to leave the asylum. After these events, Tapp didn't try to contact her again nor did he learn of her second test. This ending was later confirmed to be the canon ending.
  • Truth: In his final test, Tapp decided to uncover the truth about Jigsaw instead of releasing the remaining victims. Thereby, he came across a hooded figure, who he believed to be Jigsaw. In fact however, it was Melissa, who tried to flee but was ultimately outrun by Tapp in a courtyard. As she was unable to speak due to her sewn shut mouth, Tapp didn't recognize her and brutally battered her. However, when she played her audio tape and revealed the truth, Tapp stopped and was shocked to realize that Jigsaw had tricked him. Melissa then stood up from the ground and charged through a nearby door rigged with two shotgun, resulting in her death in the same way as her late husband. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


  • The subtitles of Melissa's tape include an additional line: "Now you must rebuild your family." However, this line isn't actually spoken on the tape.
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