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You've got to give before you can receive in this house, Jill.
— Gibson negotiates with Jill[src]

Officer Matt Gibson is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main protagonists of Saw 3D. He was portrayed by Chad Donella.


Early Career

Gibson witnesses his attacker's death

Matt Gibson was a young officer working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Early on in his career, when he was still a patrol cop, he was called to the abandoned Crossroads Manufactory, a known shelter for addicts and homeless people. While entering the run-down building with his gun at the ready, he was suddenly attacked and knocked down with a bottle from behind by a man. Gibson tried to fight the man off but had to surrender when the man grabbed his weapon and held him at gun point. However, before the man could shoot him, Detective Mark Hoffman suddenly appeared behind him and told him to drop the weapon. Even though the unknown attacker obeyed immediately, Hoffman shot him in the back three times, killing him in the process. After that, he gave Gibson, who was shocked by the events, a leg-up and advised him that next time, he should shoot first. He then told Gibson that he owed him, before he went off.

Despite the fact that Hoffman had saved his life, Gibson reported Hoffman to the Internal Affairs Division. However, instead of being punished for the murder, Hoffman was promoted for saving an officer’s life, while Gibson was sidelined. One year later, he joined the IA Department himself and managed to convict three of Hoffman's men. Angered by this, Hoffman swore revenge on him. (Saw 3D)

The Deal

Rogers informs Gibson about Jill

Years later, Gibson got involved in the case of serial killer John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, when he was already dead. Shortly after the victims of a new deadly game, set up by Jigsaw's successor, had been found at the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, Jigsaw's ex-wife, Jill Tuck, went to the police station to talk to Gibson as she knew about his past with Hoffman. Gibson arrived to the interrogation room, where he greeted His partner, Officer Rogers. Gibson asked Rogers what do they have here, to which Rogers answered by informing him about who Jill is. Gibson then asked what does Jill wants, to which Rogers replied telling him that all Jill said is that she didn't trust the FBI nor the homicide unit and therefore only wanted to talk to him. Gibson asked Rogers why does she only want to talk with him but Rogers told him that he doesn't know. Gibson acknowledged that Jill looked crazy but decided to start the interrogation in order to get all over with. When Gibson eventually entered the interrogation room he offered Jill a cup of coffee with cream and sugar, whom she was thankful for. After this, he sat down at the table in front of Jill and introduced himself, telling Jill that he has been informed about how she wants to talk with him. Jill nodded this, but also told Gibson that she needs complete inmunity. Gibson, confused, asked her the reason why she was inmunity. Jill replied to Gibson that she knows important things and that she can tell them to Gibson in exchange of inmunity, but Gibson wasn't so convinced yet and told her that she needs to give before receiving here. Finally, Jill decided to reveal to him about how John had another successor which personally assisted him in almost every murder. Annoyed once again, Gibson told Jill to get to the point. Therefore, Jill told him that John's successor would go on killing if he wasn't apprehended and also said, that he knew Gibson and vice versa, before she finally revealed that the successor was actually Detective Mark Hoffman. Surprised and shocked by these information, Gibson asked Jill if she's willing to sign a sworn affidavit and if she swears to tell him anything no matter how personal or private the information is. Jill promised all of this and told Gibson that she can give him evidence and all he wants as long as she has their protection and complete inmunity. Jill finally asked Gibson if they have a deal, to which Gibson replied telling her that he accepted the deal, seeing a chance to close the Jigsaw Case once and for all. After the interrogation, Gibson called Rogers into the room. (Saw 3D)

Evan's Test

Gibson talks to the coroner

A few weeks later, Gibson was eating an apple while talking to Dr. Adam Heffner, one of the department's pathologists, about a humiliated corpse at the morgue. When Gibson asked him for the reason of death, Heffner sarcastically stated that the man had died while smoking at a gas station and handed Gibson the autopsy report, telling him that should wrap up the week for him. After getting out from the morgue, Gibson was called by Rogers, who had found the crime scene of another game at Pete's Auto Body, a junkyard at 58th Street. Rogers told Gibson that he was in a junkyard at 58th street, to which Gibson asked why he was there. Rogers told him that a call was made due to a car crash being heard in that place. Gibson asked Rogers what was he doing in a car crash scene, to which Rogers replied telling him that it was not just a car crash but a trap. While grabbing his keys and coat, Gibson asked how many bodies were in the trap, to which Rogers replied telling him that there were enough pieces to say there were four. Therefore, Gibson ordered him not to let anyone to the crime scene, including the homicide division and went to the scene.

When he arrived at the scene, Gibson poked his head inside of a car that was used for the game and immediately listened to an audio tape inside of it, which had contained the instructions for Evan, one of the dead victim's. In the tape, Hoffman's voice could be heard, greeting Evan and telling him that he wants to play a game and how the situation he found himself in was of his own wrong doing, due to he, his two friends and girlfriend being racist and how they intimidated people just for their physical differences. At the same time, Gibson looked at Evan's body, which was crashed through the window of another car with another forensic examinating it. The tape however was severely damaged. Therefore, Gibson gave it to Rogers, who put it in a bag for further examination. After that, he discussed the new situation with Rogers as it was suspicious that the new game had been played in such a rather public place. While Rogers assumed that Hoffman just wanted to put on a show, Gibson was convinced that there was more behind it. Afterwards, he took a look at the severely humiliated corpses of the other three victims, Kara, Dan and Jake, and ordered a coroner to send them to the morgue as they had to be obducted immediately. The coroner obeyed Gibson's orders while he was packing Dan's body into a bag. Suddenly, Gibson was called to an adjacent toilet room by Rogers, saying that Hoffman is waiting for him. Upon entering, he saw the words "Gibson, See For Yourself" written on a mirror in red letters. Furthermore, he found a blood-smeared metallic trap device left there by Hoffman and ordered Rogers to send it to the lab, hoping that fingerprints might be found on it. (Saw 3D)

Cat-and-Mouse Game

Jill and Gibson in the safe house

Shortly afterwards, the lab actually found fingerprints on the trap and identified them as those of Jill Tuck. Due to the latest events, he decided to take Jill into protective custody and brought her to a safe house for key witnesses. While Jill was sitting on a bed, Gibson put the trap over a small table and sat next to Jill. Gibson sarcastically told Jill that the trap had a clever design and asked her if it was from her or from John. Jill replied everything was from John, to which Gibson told her that the problem is the trap was left for him and her fingerprints were all over it. Gibson was angry at her as she hadn't told him that Hoffman was chasing her because she tried to kill him earlier. Gibson told Jill that another game started and asked her if that surprises her, to which Jill replied no. Because of this, Gibson told Jill she was crazy and that he knew she was crazy the minute he met her. Nonetheless, he was willing to keep his promise to protect her and promised her that, until he captures Hoffman, she can live in this house and was save at this location. Jill asked what made Gibson think Hoffman cannot find them there but he told Jill that it's a safe house, and got out from the room. However, only moments later, Officer Palmer informed him about a disc sent to them, which was personally addressed to Jill, which means Hoffman found them. Gibson reacted with angriness but he then received a call from Rogers, who informed him about a small explosion at the junkyard. Gibson asked if anyone was hurt when seconds later, another bomb detonated. Gibson asked Rogers if he was fine, which Rogers replied that yes. Therefore, he told him to get outta there and let the bomb squad search the junkyard before they went on with their investigation. Rogers obeyed Gibson's orders and hanged up the phone. Afterwards, Gibson ordered Palmer to play the disc. The disc contained a video message recorded by Hoffman. In this message, he gretted Gibson, telling him that it's been a long time they no see. After that he told that all he wanted is Gibson to give Jill to him and that Gibson was protecting her despite that she had knowledge of all the games, thereby making her also an accomplice of every death. Hoffman proposed a deal to Gibson, he gave Jill to Hoffman and In return, he would end the next game. If Gibson refused to take the offer, Hoffman threatened him that everyone would die and it would all be his fault. Hoffman told Gibson to make his choice, as clock was ticking and turned off the camera, ending the video. As Hoffman knew Jill's location, Gibson ordered Palmer to take Jill to one of the detention cells on the basement of the police station and not let anyone in without his permission.

Palmer shows the surveillance recording to her colleagues

Shortly afterwards, he returned to the station himself and showed the video to Rogers after he arrived there as well. While examinating the video with Rogers, Gibson noticed a statue of an angel behind Hoffman, which looked somehow familiar to him. Because of this, he stopped the video at some point in order to show the statue of the angel to Rogers. However, before he could further think about it, Palmer informed them that someone had sent her a video from a security camera in the downtown area and it could help them discover who are the victims of the game. Gibson and Rogers went to see Palmer's video. The video showed a man named Bobby Dagen near his car, when suddenly Hoffman appeared behind him with a pig mask covering his face. Thereby, Hoffman ambushed him and subdued him. At the same time, Palmer told them about Bobby's name and asked them if they knew about him, to which Gibson replied that no. Palmer explained that Bobby was an allegedly Jigsaw survivor that appeared in lots of talk shows and that Bobby's wife, Joyce Dagen, and his crew had been reported missing as well, leading the officers to the conclusion that they were the victims of the new game Hoffman had talked about. After receiving these news, Gibson went to Jill's cell, where she was reading a book on her bed and showed her photo of Bobby, asking her if she knew about him. Jill got up, took the photo and answered that she saw Bobby on TV but doesn't know him personally. After this, she handled Gibson back the picture. Gibson asked her if John did knew Bobby but she answered that she didn't knew. While Jill went to sit back in her bed, Gibson asked her if she's sure she doesn't know about Bobby and she told him that she's sure. Therefore, Gibson and Rogers returned to the office room, where Palmer told them that she has received an e-mail with another video from Hoffman and she's trying to search the IP adress. While she was loading the video, Gibson asked Palmer if she can find out where did it came from, which Palmer answered telling that it depends on how many proxy servers he filtered it and as it was time-delayered, it would leave fingerprints. Gibson told Palmer to play the video. In the video, Hoffman appeared again, saluting Gibson and telling him that once again they are at a moral crossroad. Hoffman told Gibson that he doesn't blame him for not handling Jill to him but also that he shouldn't let an old grudge cloud his judgement. Finally, He told Gibson to look where he is being led and "look beyond the crossroads to the clear dawn", thereby hinting at the incident at the abandoned Crossroad Manufactory years ago which was the reason why Gibson had reported him to the Internal Affairs Department. After this, the camera had an interference and the video ended. Understanding the true meaning of this clue, Gibson went to the manufactory, accompanied by Rogers, while Palmer tried to get a trace on the e-mail.

Gibson and Rogers at the manufactory

Minutes later, he and Rogers arrived at the manufactory and broke through the door to get inside. After securing the entrance, Rogers initially saw nothing of interest. Gibson however showed him an angel statue which closely resembled the one from Hoffman's video. When Rogers asked him why Hoffman wanted them to go to the manufactory, Gibson stated that he wanted to remind him of how he saved his life years ago. Thereby, Gibson told his partner about the incident where Hoffman shot the homeless man, talking about how when he was in uniform he responded to a distress call from this place and how it used to be a flap house for junkies and homeless people. He also acknowledged that while the crazed man assaulted him, it shouldn't have ended with him being killed. Furthermore, Rogers asked what happened after that, so Gibson he revealed to him that Hoffman got a promotion while he got put in island and that he had sworn revenge on him for convicting three of his friends during his career in the Internal Affairs Department. While telling Rogers about his past with Hoffman, he remembered that the homeless man had been released from the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, when it was shut down by the state. Therefore, he realized what Hoffman talked about when he told him to "look beyond the crossroads to the clear dawn" and concluded that the hospital, which had been abandoned for several years already, was the place where Bobby Dagen's game occured. With these information, he set out for the hospital and ordered Rogers to go back to Jill to watch over her. (Saw 3D)

Police Raid

Gibson at the Clear Dawn Hospital

Shortly thereafter, Gibson arrived at Clear Dawn along with a SWAT team. After reaching the hospital, they broke through the front door and secured the big entrance hall, passing the first trap that Bobby had to beat in order to continue his game. Gibson noticed a TV, which showed Joyce Dagen in a trap, as well as a timer, thereby realizing that the game was still going on. As Gibson and the SWAT went on through the hallways, they eventually entered a storeroom and came across the corpse of Nina, Bobby's publicist, after her throat has been pierced by four metal rods in a trap. Seconds later, Gibson was called by Palmer, who told him that she has found out where does the MPEG from Hoffman's video came from, which was the Pete's Auto Body junkyard at 58th street. Gibson recognized that it was the location from the Horsepower Trap. When he saw that only 15 minutes were left on the timer, he ordered the SWAT leader to go on with his team. The leader asked Gibson what will he do, which he answered telling that he will go after Hoffman. Therefore, Gibson ran away from the room and left the hospital while the SWAT team continued its way and left Nina behind. (Saw 3D)


Gibson aims his gun at Dan

Only minutes later, Gibson arrived at the junkyard and reloaded his gun. Gibson saw two cops, and ordered them both to get their shotguns and follow him. The two cops obeyed immediatly. After this, Gibson and the two officers went to the toilet room where Hoffman had written the message for Gibson on the mirror. After securing the room, he quickly realized that the wall with the mirror was actually a hidden door. Therefore, he took the shotgun from the police officer 1 and used it to smash the mirror, revealing a hole. After that, he broke through the door and entered a hidden hallway along with the officers. Thereby, they finally reached a surveillance room where they saw the corpse of Dan, one of the four victims of the car trap, in front of the monitors and with a hood covering his head. Thinking it was Hoffman, Gibson and the cops aimed their guns at him and ordered him to show his hands. The person however didn't react. While holding him at gunpoint, Gibson carefully approached and ultimately kicked him off the chair. Upon doing so, he realized that the figure wasn't Hoffman, but Dan. Initially confused, Gibson noticed the pictures in the wall which showed the victims of Bobby's game, and the monitors, which showed rooms from the police station, the junkyard and the Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital.  

Gibson's corpse

Gibson then took a look at the angel statue from Hoffman's video standing on a pedestal. The police officer 1 asked Gibson what was happening. Gibson answered that Hoffman had hacked their camera security system and has been watching them the whole time. Gibson then realized that Hoffman was the one who caused the explosions in the junkyard in order to distract the police and be able to hide himself in Dan's body bag and infiltrate the station through the morgue. Gibson saw through one of the monitors that Dr. Heffner was preparing himself for the next autopsy with the bag in which Hoffman was inside of. Therefore, he called Palmer and ordered her to call all officers back to the station immediately. Palmer reacted with confusion. However, before he could tell her the reason for his panic, a sentry gun emerged behind him and started to fire before he could react. Gibson and the two other officers were brutally gunned until they fell dead while Palmer listened to the gunfire on the phone. Not knowing what just happened, Palmer started to call Gibson by his name and ask him if he's still there. (Saw 3D)


The corpses of Gibson and the two officers, as well as the dead bodies of Jill Tuck and several police officers murdered by Hoffman, were found shortly afterwards. The events surrounding the massacre at the police station were reported to the public by the news channels the same night. Thereby, everyone with information about the whereabouts of Mark Hoffman was requested to go to the police immediately. (Saw 3D)


Despite his young age, Matt Gibson was a highly responsible police officer, eager to bring justice to criminals and unwilling to break the rules. Due to this, he was made for his job in the Internal Affairs Department of the police as he was able to keep a personal distance when he had to investigate his own colleagues. He also had a keen perception, as seen when he was able to deduce the meaning of Hoffman's clues in a very short amount of time.


  • Matt Gibson carried a Beretta 92FS as his sidearm.

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