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If you're so sick, then why do I have so many photos of you up and about?
— Jigsaw confronts Mark with his lies.[src]

Mark Wilson is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor character in the first Saw film.

He was portrayed by Paul Gutrecht.


Early Life

Mark Wilson was an average young man in good health. However, he lied to the people around him and falsely claimed to be seriously ill, possibly to get rich at the expense of others and obtain money from his health insurance company by fraud. Due to his fraudulent lifestyle, he was ultimately targeted by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. (Saw)


One day in late March 2004, Mark was kidnapped by John's accomplice, Detective Mark Hoffman. After abducting him, Hoffman undressed him, slathered his body with a jellylike, flammable substance, and trapped him inside a dark room with the only light source being a single candle. Furthermore, he injected him with a slow-acting poison and placed the only antidote inside a safe. (Saw, Saw V)


Mark awakes in his trap.

When Mark woke up again, he found an audiotape left by Hoffman. Upon playing the recording, a distorted voice confronted him with his lies and questioned whether Mark was actually sick. His abductor revealed to him that he possessed several photos of him walking outside without showing any symptoms of a disease. Furthermore, he was informed about the poison and the antidote in the safe. Mark had to find the correct combination among hundreds of numbers written all over the walls to save himself. This task was made even more difficult as the entire floor was covered with broken glass shards.

Ridden by fear and desperate to save his life, Mark immediately started to panic. Upon trying to find the right combination, he walked across the shards. However, when walking around the room with the candle, Mark accidentally ignited the jelly slathered on his body, causing him to burn alive. Meanwhile, Hoffman observed his game from outside the room through a peephole in one of the walls. (Saw, Saw V)


After Mark's death, Hoffman left a penlight at the crime scene. This penlight belonged to the renowned oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon. John Kramer had been given it to Hoffman beforehand to place it in the room and set his colleagues on the wrong track.

Mark's corpse

Mark's corpse was eventually found the next day. While investigating the crime scene, Detective Allison Kerry, a homicide detective who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department, noticed the peephole. She informed her colleagues, Detective David Tapp and Detective Steven Sing, that she had already found a similar one at an earlier crime scene. Furthermore, the detectives found the penlight and immediately sent it to the forensic lab. Mark's corpse was then taken to the morgue, where Dr. Adam Heffner performed the autopsy on his body. (Saw, Saw V, Saw VI)


Mark Wilson was a dishonest individual, claiming to be seriously sick although he was perfectly healthy. Judging by these acts of deception, he was a somewhat fraudulent and lazy person, as he presumably obtained money from his health insurance company due to his lies and thereby got rich at the expense of the people around him without ever having to work for it.

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