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Glass Grinder Marcus Banks' Test

Marcus Banks' Test is one of Jigsaw’s games from the Saw franchise, appearing in Spiral.

Design and Function

This trap consists many shackles which are connected on the victim's limbs with IV drips fitted in them, and a harness restraining the victim in the air. The IV drips slowly drain the victim of blood, ultimately killing them if enough time passes. They also have a barrel of a shotgun positioned under their right arm. Above the victim is a target which, when shot, releases the victim and stops the IV drips. However, the door has many wires running along it. If the wires are all cut, the victim is raised so that they'll be in standing position. Then, several search lights will be turned on to cover the victim in order to make it hard to see the harness & the victim conditions. Finally, the shotgun barrel is protruded and affixed to their right arm, which will be raised, giving the impression that the victim is going to shoot the person(s) who entered. Additionally, the trap also controls a small puppet located on a lower floor that mimics exactly what the victim is doing. (Spiral)


You going to shoot me, Zeke? With your one bullet? Bad idea. It kills your dad. He took a shot at me, by the way. Missed. I wasted four. That means you got one shot left, Zeke. All right, cops are here. That gives us four minutes. Do you know there’s 1.5 gallons of blood in the human body, Zeke? The way your old man is bleeding out, in just three minutes, those jars will be full and your dad will be dead. The only thing that can set him free is the bullet in your gun fired at that target. That’s the game. Shoot me and you both lose. Shoot the target and we both win. You want to play?
— William Emmerson[src]

You still need to decide. You can shoot me, or… or you can save your dad. Clock’s ticking, man. Think fast. Cavalry’s coming. But not in time to do any favors for your old man. Only you can do it.
— William Emmerson[src]

Marcus Banks' Test

The trap was designed and built by William Emmerson, a homicide detective who targeted corrupt members of the Metropolitan Police Department to avenge his father, Charlie Emmerson, who was unfairly killed by one of them. The victim was Former Police Chief Marcus Banks, who used to cover up corruption in the department. Ezekiel Banks's final test is to save his father, Marcus Banks, who is attached to a trap that slowly drains his blood via an IV drip. Ezekiel then given the choice by William Schenk, the Jigsaw killer in question to either shoot a target to free Marcus, but allows William to escape. Or he could kill Schenk, but also letting Marcus died due to blood loss. William also mentioned that he had called SWAT team before hands to free him. (Spiral)


Swat Officer Cutting down the door

Shortly after releasing his father, Ezekiel rushed at William and started beating him, while the arriving SWAT team found the door. As they began cutting open the door, Marcus Banks body started being raised by the trap. When the SWAT team finally kicked down the door, they held Ezekiel at gunpoint while the trap moved to it's final phase. The search lights behind him is turned on, the shotgun barrel was protruded, and Marcus's right arm was raised, giving the SWAT team the impression that he was going to shoot them. The SWAT team promptly shots Marcus to death, much to Ezekiel's terror. He then turned and watched as William escaped through a nearby elevator. As William was descending, he signaled to Ezekiel to stay quiet (much like how Marcus done it years ago) as the latter screamed in anguish. (Spiral)