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Do not attempt to use this key on the door to this room.
— Jigsaw's warning[src]

The Magnum Eyehole is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II.

Design and Function

The Magnum Eyehole was a security trap set up in the Nerve Gas House. It consisted of a metal contraption, which was mounted to a heavy metal door. Attached to it was a revolver. Its barrel was aimed directly at the door's peephole. Additionally, the trigger of the gun was connected to a chain and a pulley, which in turn were connected to the lock of the door. If anyone on the other side would try to open the door with a key, he or she would trigger the gun which would shoot whoever stood in front of the peephole. Besides the trap itself, a timer was attached to the door. Once it went off, the door would open without activating the trap. (Saw II)


The Nerve Gas House

John sets up the trap

At one point during his series of murders, John Kramer targeted the corrupt detective Eric Matthews, who had framed and arrested numerous people throughout his career, including one of John's apprentices, Amanda Young. Therefore they set up a big game which was going to be directly connected to Eric's test. This game focused on seven people. The first one was Daniel Matthews, Eric's son who had become estranged from him after he had cheated on Daniel's mother with his former partner, Detective Allison Kerry. The other persons tested throughout the game were Jonas Singer, his manager Gus Colyard, the prostitute Addison Corday, the drug dealer Xavier Chavez, Laura Hunter and Obi Tate. Additionally, Amanda was among them to participate in the game as well and played as another victim, primarily to observe the other prisoners' progress. These people, except for Daniel, had all been framed and arrested by Eric for crimes the didn't commit. All of them were unconscious and lay on the floor of a room with a large safe. John placed a tape recorder containing the instructions behind a wall along with a key and a warning message and helped Hoffman to install the magnum trap connected to the lock of the room's door. Having finished all of their preparations, John and Hoffman left the room, locked the door and started to pass a deadly nerve agent into the room. (Saw II, V)

The prisoners discuss their situation

Shortly afterwards, the prisoners woke up and were immediately frightened by the situation. Jonas tried to wake up Amanda, who was the last one who was still unconscious, while Addison yelled that someone should open the door. Xavier sarcastically commented that no one was listening, to which Laura responded that someone was and pointed at a camera. However Daniel, who squatted in a corner out of fear, said that those kinds of cameras didn't record sounds. The group's concerns grew worse when Gus suddenly started to panic. Gus talked about a movie he had seen about a man who had been trapped in a room for nine years, which frightened the others, especially Laura, and caused a discussion with Xavier. They were quickly interrupted when Addison heard a ticking on the other side of the door. However before they could find out what it was, Amanda suddenly woke up. Playing her role as another victim, she immediately behaved as if she were in a panic and searched the room until she finally found the instruction tape as well as the key and the message which warned them not to use the key to open any door in the room.

Gus is shot by the magnum trap

The tape told them that they were all breathing in a deadly nerve gas since the moment they arrived in the house. While the doors would open after three hours, the gas would already kill them after two hours. In order to survive the prisoners had to find syringes with the antidote which were hidden in the house with one of them being in the safe. Additionally Jigsaw told them that they all had a connection and told them that the clue to this connection was marked with a "X". After listening to the tape Xavier grabbed the key. Amanda begged him to listen to the message which warned them not to use the key to open any door in the room. However he refused to do so and tried to open the door which activated the booby trap and caused the magnum on the other side to go off and shoot Gus Colyard right in the eye. While the other prisoners panicked, Jonas demanded Amanda to tell him how she knew about the tape. She then told them about Jigsaw and his games and therefore also revealed that she had survived one of his tests before.

As they now knew the amount of danger in their situation, the group began to search the whole room. Daniel picked up Gus' jacket from the floor and used it to cover the latter's mutilated head. Moments later the door of the room finally opened. Jonas was shocked when he saw the magnum trap which had killed Gus. Amanda tried to remove the gun and take it with her, albeit unsuccessful. Therefore the group left the room behind. (Saw II)


Following the end of the game, Jigsaw's apprentice, Detective Mark Hoffman, returned to the Nerve Gas House, where he disposed of the traps as well as the corpses of the other prisoners. Additionally, he renovated the entire building and even refurnished it, giving it the appearance of an average residential house. (Saw V)


Eventually, the Jigsaw murders came to an end. However, Jigsaw had a lot of admirers who praised him for his philosophy. One particularly passionate admirer of his work was Eleanor Bonneville, a pathologist working for the Metropolitan Police Department. At one point, she bought a building which she used as a studio and a storage for several replicas of Jigsaw's traps that she built on her own with materials she bought from the internet. Among these replicas was also one of the Water Cube.

Magnum Eyehole replica

Ten years after the murder series had come to an end, new victims turned up all around the city. Eventually, Eleanor and her mentor, Dr. Logan Nelson, were both suspected to be responsible for the killings by Detective Brad Halloran, who investigated the case. Therefore, he ordered Detective Keith Hunt to follow and observe the two of them. Eventually, Eleanor showed her studio to Logan, who was apparently shocked and told her to get rid of the replicas as soon as possible. Unnoticed by them, Keith took numerous photos of the studio and showed them to Halloran.

Shortly afterwards, Halloran ordered a raid on Eleanor's studio. When he arrived there, accompanied by Keith and a SWAT team, the replicas were secured and sent to the evidence room. (Jigsaw)

Use in other Media

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

A similar trap was frequently used in Saw II: Flesh & Blood to secure several doors in the path of Michael Tapp, who had to face a series of tests. Upon trying to open the doors, the players had to react quickly and must press the right button to avoid being killed.


  • The revolver is a Ruger GP-100 chambered in .357 Magnum, with stainless finish and black rubber grips.