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Pull the handle and you will be set free
— John's tape

The Leg Wires are a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Jigsaw.

Design and function

The Leg Wires were one of the security traps set up within a room in a barn. The trap consisted of several extremely sharp wires on a series of pulleys. When the victim steps into the trap, which is caused by falling through a loose board, the wires would wrap around the victim's legs, trapping them. Anytime the wires were touched directly by another object, they would grow tighter and tighter. A lever was located within reach of the victim. Pulling this lever would cause the wires to completely tighten, severing the victim's leg, as well as opening the door to the Grain Silo Trap, freeing those inside. (Jigsaw)


The Murderers' Trial

There are no short cuts in life. Please forgive the rather crude example I will make of your decision to not follow the rules. Pull the handle, and you will be set free.
— John's tape

No Exit Door

This game was planned for the person who did not follow John Kramer's rules, in this case, Ryan. When Ryan observes a chained door that had "No Exit" written in red, he decides to take a shovel and try to open the door. Unfortunately, when Ryan tries to break the lock, he steps through the loose floorboard and is caught in the trap. Immediately, Ryan begins to scream in pain as the cables tighten. Mitch and Anna are surprised by what happened and Mitch takes the shovel and uses it to break another part of the floor, finding a cassette player. Anna points out a lever in the middle of the trap. Mitch retrieves the cassette player and gives it to Ryan, who plays it. The voice on the tape instructs him to pull the lever to be "set free", but Ryan worries about the implications of that.

Mitch grabs the audio tape

While Ryan's foot is tied up in the trap, Anna and Mitch decide to look for a way out. The lights go out and a small room with the door open is illuminated. When Anna and Mitch enter the room, Ryan notices that there is a small screen lighting up in the same place where Ryan's foot is tied. Anna and Mitch also see a TV in their room. However, when they retrieve the remote the door shuts, trapping them. Mitch presses play on the remote and both TVs display a mechanical ventriloquist puppet telling them that their past mistakes can cost them their lives, but Ryan can save them.

When the message ends, the screens show security footage, so Ryan could see Anna and Mitch, and vice versa. Seconds later, Ryan watches as grain begins to pour into the silo, trapping Anna and Mitch.

Ryan try activating the lever that will save Anna and Mitch

Ryan considers pulling the lever, but can't bring himself to do it. Suddenly, the grain stops pouring, and instead sharp tools start falling. Anna and Mitch are both injured.

Ryan's severed foot

As tools begin falling faster, Ryan finally pulls the lever. This causes the wires to constrict suddenly, cutting Ryan's leg into three pieces. The door to the silo also opened, freeing Anna and Mitch. (Jigsaw)