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This article is about the video game character. You may be looking for his movie series or Rebirth counterparts.

Guy is definitely missing some bolts - I have pretty good instincts for these things.
— David Tapp's notes about Lawrence[src]

Dr. Lawrence Gordon is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He is one of the unseen characters in the series.


Early Life

Lawrence Gordon was a highly intelligent young man. However, he suffered a mental breakdown at the age of 19 and was institutionalized for six months. After his release, Lawrence received a degree in medical oncology and became a successful surgeon, but he continued his therapy sessions at the Whitehurst Insane Asylum nonetheless. During his work at the hospital, Lawrence was mainly responsible for treating terminal patients. These patients included Campbell Iman, a drug addict suffering from a malign lymphoma, and Charles Carlyle, whom Lawrence diagnosed with an astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer that had entered a terminal state due to being diagnosed too late. Another one of his patients was the civil engineer John Kramer, who was diagnosed with a frontal lobe tumor. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

At some point in his early 30s, he married his wife, Alison Gordon. In 1998, Alison gave birth to their daughter, Diana, whom they loved deeply. Throughout Alison's pregnancy, Lawrence was looking forward to Diana's birth, which seemed to have a positive effect on his mental condition. (Saw: The Video Game)

The Affair

However, their happiness didn't last forever. After Lawrence ended his therapy, he developed an emotionally cold attitude towards other people, including Alison and Diana, which soon put a strain on their marriage. Eventually, Lawrence engaged in an affair with Carla Song, one of his medical students at the hospital. Over time, the two occasionally met after work, although they kept their relationship a secret. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Suspect in the Jigsaw Case

Sometime later, Lawrence was visited at work by Detective David Tapp and Detective Steven Sing, two homicide detectives who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. They asked him about his whereabouts on the previous night as a penlight with Gordon's fingerprints on it had been found at the crime scene of one of the deadly games set up by a wanted serial killer known as Jigsaw.

Lawrence was taken to the police station for further interrogation. Eventually, he told the officers that he had assisted one of his medical trainees, Carla, in inserting IVs at the hospital as part of her education. Even though Carla confirmed his alibi, Detective Sing asked him to stay a little longer and listen to the interrogation of a drug addict named Amanda Young, the only known survivor of one of Jigsaw's games at that time. Amanda told Tapp how she had woken up at an unknown location and found herself strapped to a chair. While she was unconscious, Jigsaw had put a mechanical device on her head, which was hooked into Amanda's upper and lower jaw. Amanda had received instructions from a mechanical ventriloquist puppet named Billy, which spoke to her via a video recording. The doll described the device on her head as a "reverse bear trap," which would rip her mouth open if she didn't manage to free herself within 60 seconds. Therefore, she had to cut the key to the device from the stomach of her supposedly dead cellmate, Donald Greco. When the tape ended, Amanda successfully freed herself from the chair and ultimately obtained the key by disemboweling her fellow prisoner, who was, in fact, still alive at that point. The doctor was visibly shocked as Amanda described her traumatic experience. After the interrogation, Lawrence was allowed to leave.

Nonetheless, Tapp still wasn't entirely convinced of the doctor's innocence and ordered one of his colleagues, Detective Allison Kerry, to keep an eye on him. While observing him, she witnessed how Lawrence and Carla spent about half an hour in the doctor's car. Although nothing sexual happened between them, this incident reinforced Tapp's doubts in Lawrence's alibi and made him consider him their prime suspect again. Tapp's distrust grew into a downright obsession when his partner died in one of Jigsaw's traps shortly afterward, resulting in Tapp's discharge from the police force. Convinced that Lawrence was the killer, Tapp followed him on several occasions until the doctor eventually spotted him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Eventually, Lawrence was targeted by the actual killer, who was, in fact, his patient, John Kramer. Lawrence was forced to play a game during which he had to kill a young man named Adam. Otherwise, Alison and Diana would be executed. Lawrence couldn't accomplish his task in time, but his family was saved by David Tapp, who had observed their house from his apartment across the street. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


  • Lawrence also appeared in the movies and was one of the main protagonists of the first Saw film.
  • The game files reveal that Gordon was originally meant to appear in Saw: The Video Game as an enemy fighting the protagonist, David Tapp. Gordon's family was going to be kidnapped once more, with Jigsaw forcing Gordon to play another game at the Whitehurst Insane Asylum. The placeholder model is that of a man wearing a surgical outfit and a pig mask, although there are no visible signs of him having lost a foot, likely due to the idea being in an early development stage. His appearance in the game was eventually cut out due to Gordon's return in Saw 3D.

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