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This article is about the Rebirth character. You may be looking for his movie series or video game counterparts.

You've got a particularly virulent strain of cancer... We're talking about a question of "when," not "if," I'm afraid.
— Lawrence diagnoses John Kramer with cancer.[src]

Dr. Lawrence Gordon is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor character in Saw: Rebirth.

He was voiced by Stan Kirsch.



Lawrence Gordon was a doctor who worked as a medical oncologist at a hospital. One of his patients was the toymaker John Kramer, whom he diagnosed with a malign tumor. Although it was not far advanced, John suffered from a particularly virulent strain of cancer. When telling him about his diagnosis, Lawrence clarified that he was not expecting his patient to survive. (Saw: Rebirth)


Not much can be said about Lawrence's personality due to his short screen time. However, Zep Hindle, an orderly, implied that Lawrence did not genuinely care about his patients. Although he acted politely when talking to his patients, he kept an emotional distance from the people around him.

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