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You are the final two players.
— John's tape

The Laser Collars is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Jigsaw.

Design and Function

The Laser Collars were two large metal collars, connected to the walls by retractable metal rods, that had eight powerful laser cutters attached to them. These lasers would turn at an interval and eventually slice the victim's head into eight pieces. However, one of these collars was removable and fitted with fake lasers and vials of fake blood, while the other collar was not removable and had the strong laser cutters.

The catch of the trap was that within 60 seconds, the victims had to choose to go first or one of them would randomly be chosen, with the aid of two buttons in the middle of the room. The victim then had to confess their crimes or the lasers on the collars would rotate the full 90 degrees required to slice the victim's head open.


Halloran's Execution

Hello, gentlemen. You came looking for the game. Congratulations, you've found it. You are the final two players. You may recognize the device around your collar, Dr. Nelson. These laser cutters slice through tissue and bone like butter. The most powerful blade on the planet. You both have an opportunity to live. All you need to do is confess. It's that easy. If you admit to the reason that you deserve to die, you can escape death. I will be listening. Make your choice. The game will select one of you to begin in 60 seconds... unless, of course, someone chooses to go first.
— The instruction tape that played through the loudspeaker[src]

Logan in the trap

After they received their instructions, both of the men initally hesitated to go first. Halloran appeared to choose to go first, but then pressed Logan's button instead, forcing his collar to retract and activate. Logan confessed that he mixed up the x-rays which led to John Kramer's cancer not being treated fast enough. However the lasers on the collar turned the full 90 degrees and appeared to slice through Logan's head, who then fell to the floor. At first Logan appeared to die from the trap, though his collar had less powerful lasers on it, so after his "death" Halloran confessed that he was responsible for the deaths of the people that Logan performed autopsies on. His collar turned off, relieved he waited for his collar to unlock but then he realized that Logan's collar did not cut through the ceiling unlike his. Confused about this Halloran looks at Logan and realized he was alive, Logan gets up and revealed his collar had less powerful lasers and had fake blood installed to make it look like he was bleeding. He also revealed that he was a victim of the Jigsaw Killer and eventually an apprentice.

Halloran in the trap

He would not give Halloran a chance especially because Halloran forced Logan to go first and did not confess all of his sins. Halloran said that John would give his victims a choice, a way to win the game, but Logan rebutted by saying that he had a choice, to scream or not. He activated Halloran's collar to the latter's protest, which had functioning laser cutters. The lasers sliced Halloran's head into eight pieces and then released his corpse, which fell to the ground.


  • The producers of Jigsaw originally intended to use a different trap to execute Detective Halloran, but Peter and Michael Spierig came up with the Laser Collars.
  • In real life, this trap would probably not cut through the victim's head. This is because most visible lasers are not powerful enough to slice cleanly and instantly through someone's head.
  • This trap is easily the most high-tech in the series, compared to older traps which relied on simpler mechanisms.
  • It is possible that Logan Nelson got the lasers from the autopsy room.