Lets just say you can call off the hunt on Edgar.
— Keith

Keith Hunt is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a another supporting character protagonist of Jigsaw. He is portrayed by Clé Bennett.


Early Life

Keith was a police officer working with a fellow officer Logan Nelson until he was transferred to another police department. He also served in Iraq with Logan.

Edgar Munsen's Test

Keith aiming at Edgar

After a criminal named Edgar was playing a game of his own he was cornered onto a rooftop were he called for Halloran. After he arrived he ordered everyone to aim for the remote he was holding if he pressed it, But under pressure he pressed it and everyone shot it except for one rogue bullet witch hit his chest here he fell to the ground claiming that the games have just started. After wards he was taken to the hospital and put into a coma.


Keith and his new partner Halloran visit Logan Nelson after a body appears hanging above a bridge in the park.

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