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Kara Bozwick is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Spiral.

She was portrayed by Zoie Palmer.


Early Life

Kara Bozwick was the wife of Marv Bozwick, a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department, and the mother of Jamie Bozwick. Kara and her husband were also close friends with Ezekiel Banks, another member of the Metropolitan Police Department and a colleague of Bozwick that earned the hate of almost everyone in the MPD after snitching that an ex-officer named Peter Dunleavy murdered a man named Charlie Emmerson, for being willing to testify against a corrupt cop. Marv and Kara were among the only ones who remained with their friendly relationship with Zeke after this.

One night, a black SUV parked outside of their home. Kara told her husband about this, causing Bozwick to walk up and yell at the person inside of the SUV. However, Kara wasn't able to listen what they were yelling about. (Spiral)

Husband's Death

During the night of 4th July, Bozwick was killed after being kidnapped and placed in a deadly trap by a serial killer named William Emmerson, the son of Charlie Emmerson who fifteen years after the death of his father, decided to imitate the techniques of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, in an attempt of murdering corrupt cops. Kara, who had let Jamie go to the house of their neighbor friends to play with, didn't knew about this, until at the next morning, when it was discovered who the victim of the trap was, Detective Fitch, another member of the Metropolitan Police Department and a colleague of Bozwick, called her in order to inform her about the death of her husband. Kara felt very sad for this news, reason why she was later visited by Lisa Banks, the wife of Ezekiel, in order to make her feel better.

Later in that day, Ezekiel went to Kara's house along with his new partner William Schenk (the latter being actually the killer using a different last name). Both dressing smoking suits and William bringing flowers. Ezekiel ringed the bell and Kara went to open the door. They both hugged each other while Zeke promised Kara that he will capture the one responsible for the death of Bozwick. Kara asked Ezekiel how did Marv died but then Lisa appeared and told her that her mother was on the phone. Kara went to answer her mother's call while Lisa stood to talk with his husband.

After this, Zeke and Kara went to the backyard of the house and sat on a table. While Kara smoked a cigarette and Ezekiel drank some coffee, Kara told Zeke about Jamie being in the neighbor's house but that she didn't knew how to tell him about the death of his father. Zeke told Kara that he can't believe what she's going through and that despite the bad moment, he still needs to make her some questions in order to gain information. Zeke started asking Kara if in the last weeks, she noticed something unusual, like Bozwick saying anything or acting stressed out. Kara answered to Zeke, telling him that Bozwick was just a cop. However, she then remembered the incident with the SUV outside of the home and told Zeke about it. Ezekiel asked her about what was the SUV's brand but Kara told him that she didn't knew. Ezekiel then asked if she had any idea or heard what Bozwick or the driver were yelling about, but Kara told him that she wasn't able to identify what they were talking about and that next time, she'll get a license plate. Zeke then asked Kara if she could give him Bozwick's devices, including his iPad and laptop, as he needed to look at them. Kara told Zeke that she will handle him Boz' devices and Zeke thanked her.

After giving Ezekiel the devices, it was time to go, so Kara accompanied Zeke to the house's gate. William, who was playing outside with a boy and a girl, picked up his coat and told the two kids that he has to go and to stay safe. Before they went away, Kara told Zeke that Bozwick knew he was one of the good cops and to make sure to catch the killer. After this, Ezekiel and William got into Zeke's car and drove away from the house. (Spiral)



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