Fuck you! I'm not going to prison!
— Joseph, after being saved by Michael[src]

Detective Joseph Poltzer is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as the tertiary antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood. He was voiced by Mark Carr.


The Cartel

Joseph Poltzer was a detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department. As lead vice detective of the department, he was in charge of investigating crimes involving prostitution and narcotics. However, instead of arresting the dealers, he forced them to work for him. Furthermore, he and Henry Jacobs, the Chief of Police, stole drugs from the police station's evidence room to sell them on the streets. The two of them eventually founded a drug cartel with the assistance of Dr. Carla Song, who stole pharmaceuticals from her clinic, and Sarah Blalok, a drug addict who sold drugs on the street and worked for the police as an informant. The cartel's profits and activities were concealed by Solomon Bates, a criminal accountant. Every evening, Joseph met Henry and gave him his proportions of the cartel's profits. Occasionally, the members of their organization came together in Joseph's house at 124th Street to discuss the latest and next activities of the cartel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


At some point, one of Joseph's former colleagues, David Tapp, committed suicide after his discharge from the force and due to having been unable to apprehend John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was responsible for the death of Tapp's partner, Detective Steven Sing. Out of fear that Tapp might have found out about their cartel during his investigation, Joseph searched his apartment along with Henry and Jennings Foster, one of the department's crime scene investigators. As they did their work, Tapp's son, Michael, was in the apartment as well, but went out to have a smoke. Shortly afterwards, all of them, except for Jennings, were abducted by a mysterious man with a sinister pig mask. After brutally subduing Joseph, Pighead took his unconscious body to the abandoned Holmes Hotel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Michael Tapp's Test

When he woke up and tried to find a way out, he came across Henry, who ordered him to find and eliminate Michael, who had been abducted as well to face one of Jigsaw's games. Even though Poltzer didn't see him as a threat, as Michael had helped them to avoid being discovered, he agreed to obey Henry's orders. However, shortly afterwards he was subdued once again and taken to an abandoned chemical plant. There, he was strapped to one of Jigsaw's traps, which resembled a metal table. Each of his limbs, as well as his head, were held in place by mechanical vices.

Joseph in the trap

Some time later, Michael traversed the area, where he was trapped. As he approached him, Joseph told him to save him. Moments later, a TV turned on in front of them and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen. It confronted Joseph with his crimes and his involvement in the drug cartel, despite his promises to protect the city. Furthermore, it informed him and Michael about the rules of the game, saying that Joseph would die if Michael didn't manage to save him.

Michael tries to save Joseph

There were four panels around the table, each one with nine dials. Michael had to turn these dials in the right way to keep the hydraulic pressure low. There were different colours above, below and on both sides of each dial, which helped the subject to see in which way the dials had to be turned. The adjacent colors between two dials had to match. Eventually, he managed to accomplish his task in time and Joseph was released from the table. When Joseph got up, he was slightly surprised that Michael had saved him. Michael, however, confronted him with his crimes, to which Joseph merely responded that he had to make a living and also told Michael to stay out of his way. Michael told him that he'd put him in prison if they ever escaped the plant. Joseph insulted him, stating that he wouldn't go to prison, before he rode up the elevator and left Michael behind. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Loose Ends

Eventually, Joseph met Henry once more. Henry gave him his gun and reminded him that Michael mustn't survive as he knew too much about their involvement in the drug cartel. Afterwards, they separated and Joseph made his way to an abandoned railway building nearby. As he walked throug a subway tunnel, he came across Sarah Blalok, who told Michael about her involvement in the cartel and admitted that she was blackmailed into spying on his father. However, when she was about to reveal the identity of their abductor, Pighead, to him, Joseph suddenly sneaked up on her and shot her in the head. Afterwards, he aimed his gun at Michael since he knew too much about the criminal organization. To avoid being shot, Michael ran from cover to cover and thereby got closer and closer to Joseph, forcing the latter to retreat. Eventually, Joseph fled to a utility room and closed the door behind him. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Joseph's corpse

Some time later, the two of them encountered each other once more in the main hall of the building. As before, Michael evaded his gunshots by running from cover to cover. Every time Joseph had to reload his revolver, Michael used the break in the firing to get closer to him. Thereby, he forced him to retreat. While avoiding the shots, he pursued Henry to the upper floor. When he had to reload his gun again, Michael embraced the opportunity and attacked Joseph, causing the two of them to break through a damaged wall. When they found themselves in an alleyway outside the building, they fought the gun. During this struggle, Joseph was shot in the head and killed by the last bullet in his revolver. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Joseph was an arrogant man, who tended to overestimate his own abilities. Due to his obtrusive, unfriendly and annoying attitude, he was generally disliked by most of his colleagues. According to Tapp, he "always asked stupid questions" or "butted in on conversations." Besides that, he was a dishonest and very ruthless individual, who didn't even hesitate to kill his closest allies in cold blood and without any signs of remorse in order to protect himself. The only person he was loyal to was his boss and accomplice, Henry Jacobs.

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