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You're twisting the facts to make a better story. It's irresponsible.
— Hoffman confronts Pamela with her lurid twisting of facts[src]

John Kramer: Conundrum of Carnage is a book in the Saw franchise, mentioned in Saw VI.


Twisting Facts

Pamela Jenkins was a news reporter and investigative journalist, especially known for her sensationalized reports. At one point in her career, she began reporting about the murders committed by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. Thereby she gained a doubtful reputation among the officers of the Metropolitan Police Department due to her propensity to exaggerate and twist facts for the sake of a better story. This propensity ultimately reached its peak when she published a book about Jigsaw with the title "John Kramer: Conundrum of Carnage." (Saw VI)

In other Media

Saw: The Video Game

Two letters from Pamela were found by Detective Tapp in Saw: The Video Game, where he had to face a series of tests at the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Pamela had previously sent one of these letters to Globe Staff writer Oswald McGillicutty, another investigative journalist primarily focused on the Jigsaw Case. In the letter, she asked him for a meeting and suggested to work together him as she was working on her book about Jigsaw. Oswald however planned to write a book on his own without crediting her and mocked her in a letter. In return for that, Pamela stole all of his notes to use them for her own book, according to her second letter to him.

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