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We were neighbors. Anna and I. My first sections of chemotherapy were an ordeal. Anna and her husband Matthew were very kind whit me, they supported me and I thank you.
— John talking about Anna's good courtesy toward him[src]

John Kramer's House is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Jigsaw.


John Kramer's Chemotherapy

The house of John Kramer was a house where he used to live next to his neighbors, Anna, Matthew, and they Baby. John was diagnosed late with cancer thanks to the error of one of the Medical Examiner, was one of the witnesses of the love between Anna and Matthew. Even Anna and her husband were very cordial with John during his chemotherapy supporting him in whatever he needs. However, some time later, Anna and Matthew began to argue at every moment, ending their marriage and their love. Anna began to develop a bad friendship with her baby to the point of not taking good care of him when Matthew was absent. (Jigsaw)

Anna's Baby Case

One night, while John worked in his house, he heard Anna next door as she desperately yelled at her crying baby. Later that night, Matthew was arrested by the police after supposedly rolling over his baby while sleeping and thereby accidentally suffocating his child. As he blamed himself for his child's death, he was committed to a psychiatric facility, where he eventually hung himself in his cell. However, John soon realized that Anna had smothered her baby in a fit of rage and then put her dead child next to her sleeping husband to divert suspicion from herself.