He was my nephew, and he never hurt anyone.
— John

John's Nephew is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Jigsaw.


Early Life

Little is known about his early life, but judging by John's karmic values, he was probably a sociable and generous young man.

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One day, he decided to buy a motorcycle from a young man named Mitch for $600. Mitch knowingly sold him the bike aware that it had faulty brakes, and even covered a puddle of leaking brake fluid with his foot during the transaction. Ten minutes later, on his way home, he was killed by an oncoming dump truck when he was unable to activate his brakes to stop.


Not much is known about his personality due to his short screen time except that he was likely well loved by his uncle John Kramer and was sociable.


  • Bauston Camilleri who portrayed John's Nephew is credited as Bauston Camelleri in the credits. He's also credited as stunt motorcycle rider instead as actor.
  • His existence seems to confirm that either John or Jill have at least a brother or a sister. However, as John's family aside from Jill has never been shown, it's likely that John's Nephew was his nephew on Jill's side.

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