Right side clear!
— Joe secures Troy's crime scene[src]

Joe is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw II and III. He was portrayed by Vincent Rother.


Raid on Wilson Steel

Rigg SWAT 2

Rigg instructs his men

Joe was an officer and member of the SWAT unit of the Metropolitan Police Department. His team commander was Sergeant Daniel Rigg. At some point in his career, Joe got involved in the Jigsaw case. When Detective Eric Matthews received a message from the Jigsaw Killer at the crime scene of his latest game, he was able to deduce the location of the killer's hideout at the Wilson Steel Plant. The next day, Joe and his other teammates led by Daniel Rigg accompanied Eric and Detective Allison Kerry to the building. Rigg, who had been at Wilson Steel at one point already, instruced his men. Minutes later, they went to the plant. Following Detective Kerry's orders, Joe's teammate, Pete Baker, was the first one who broke through a side door and entered the building along with Rigg and two of their teammates.

Meanwhile, Joe and the others waited outside along with the detectives. However, only minutes later, they were called in for reinforcement by a panicked Sergeant Rigg. Upon entering the building, the team soon reached a large storage area and found Rigg's group who had walked right into a booby trap located in a staircase, resulting in the death of two officers and Officer Pete Baker's legs being broken. While the detectives went upstairs, Pete's colleagues dragged him out of the staircase. After doing so, they followed them and enventually found Jigsaw, who sat at table and already waited for Eric. (Saw II)

Eric Matthews' Test

Moments later, they finally found the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer, who was anticipating their arrival. Rigg immediately ordered his men to arrest him, but they refused to do so when John told Eric it'd the best if John stayed where he was until Eric took care of his problem. He instructed Eric to watch the surveillance monitors in the next room, to which Kerry, Rigg, and Eric then entered the room. Upon looking at the monitors, they saw what appeared to be another one of Jigsaw's games and recognized one of the eight victims as Eric's son, Daniel. However, they didn't know that the footage was pre-recorded and assumed that the events were unfolding live. After seeing the recording of the game, Eric immediately attempted to attack John and angrily yelled at him before being held back by Rigg. John then explained to Eric the rules of his test. Eric's colleagues had to leave the room while Eric merely had to sit down and talk to John for a period of two hours until a timer went off. If he could successfully do that, he'd eventually see his son again. Eventually, Kerry convinced Eric to accept John's challenge.


Joe and Kerry approach the safe

However, as time went by, the game in the house got out of control as one of the victims, Xavier Chavez, started to kill the other prisoners and pursued Daniel and Amanda, Eric brutally beat John up to make him reveal Daniel's whereabouts. Kerry immediately tried to stop him, but she was held back by Rigg. When Eric threatened John with his gun, the latter offered to take him to the house, but demanded to go there with Eric alone. Eric agreed and left the building with John in a hidden elevator. As they left the building, Kerry sent the SWAT team after them, while she stayed with Joe and the tech team as they traced the video feed back to an address at 237 North Hyde Crescent shortly afterwards. However, when Rigg and his team arrived there, they realized that the game was already over and the video feed was merely a recording, so Kerry told the team to come back. As the timer went off, a safe in John's hideout suddenly opened and revealed Daniel Matthews, who had been locked up in the safe all along. (Saw II)

The Classroom Trap

Six months later, Joe and the rest of his team were called to a school after the police had received an emergency call about an explosion. When they entered the building, they discovered that the door of one of the classrooms had been welded shut. Ultimately they managed to break through a door by using a blowpipe. Upon entering and securing the room, they found the torn up remains of Troy, a man who had been killed by a nail bomb during one of Jigsaw's games. (Saw III)


Not much can be said about Joe's personality due to his short screen time.

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