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This article is about the Rebirth character. You may be looking for her movie series or video game counterparts.

Nothing's wrong, John. I just need more from you.
— Jill talks to John about their relationship.[src]

Jill Tuck is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She serves as a minor character in Saw: Rebirth.

She was voiced by Whitney Anderson.


Early Life

Jill Tuck was the wife of John Kramer, a toymaker who worked as a designer in a factory. However, John was a relatively inert individual, and his lack of ambitions ultimately caused Jill to leave him. (Saw: Rebirth)


Not much can be said about Jill's personality due to her short screen time. However, her interactions with John Kramer showed that she genuinely loved him. Despite this, his lacking ambitions drove her away from him. As her attempts to convince him to make more of his life remained unsuccessful, Jill ultimately left John.

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