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I'm only carrying out John's final request.
— Jill Tuck talks to Mark Hoffman[src]

Jill Tuck was a character from the Saw franchise. She serves as the secondary antagonist of Saw VI and one of the secondary protagonists of Saw 3D. She was portrayed by Betsy Russell.


Early Life

Jill Tuck was the devoted wife of John Kramer, a successful civil engineer and founder of the Urban Renewal Group, a foundation dedicated to property development for needy people under the motto "Four walls build a home". Jill's other known family included her nephew, a kind young man. In the past, Jill's family owned a Pig Farm, but it was closed down after an outbreak of Aujeszky's disease.

With John's support, Jill opened the Homeward Bound Clinic, a recovery clinic for drug addicts under the motto, "Cherish your life". She was also supported by William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company, who sponsored a party for the clinic. On this occasion, John and William got to know each other. (Saw IV, VI, Jigsaw)

Gideon Kramer

Jill in John's workshop

Jill and John were expecting a child, which John had already meticulously planned to be born during the year of the pig in the Chinese zodiac. It was also him who gave their son his name, Gideon, the same name as John's first building. At some point, John obtained a new workshop that he proudly showed to Jill. Thereby, he showed her an old clock he had told her about and which was part of a deal he had made. This clock greatly fascinated him as the clockwork was almost 300 years old and still worked. As a surprise for her, he also presented Jill his self-made presents for Gideon, a cot and a wooden puppet, showing that he was just as devoted to his son as he was to his wife. However, he soon became worried about Jill's safety at her clinic when he interrupted a brawl between two patients, Cecil Adams and Gus Colyard. After having been separated from each other, Cecil pulled a knife from his pocket. John however told him to reconsider what he was about to do. When Cecil angrily asked him what his problem was, John responded that he was his problem and soon he'd be the problem of everyone else. Eventually, Cecil put the knife away. However, not much later John's worries about Jill's safety turned out to be justified nonetheless.

Jill loses her child

One night, when Jill was about to leave the clinic, Cecil knocked at the security door at entrance, claiming that he had forgotten his jacket in the waiting room. After initially hesitating, Jill eventually went back and got him his jacket. However, upon doing so, Cecil pushed her back and threatened her with a knife, thereby forcing her to open the door to the clinic. After obeying his order, Cecil told her to stand back. However, Jill carefully approached the door. Just at this moment, Cecil came back with a bag of stolen medications and thereby accidentally slammed a doorknob into Jill's stomach, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy at this time. As she saw the blood on her skirt, she slumped down and started to cry. Cecil tried to calm her down and asked her what happened. However, when he realized what he had done, he quickly fled. Upon leaving the clinic, he was spotted by John, who sat in his car and had been waiting for Jill. Alerted by this, John ran into the clinic and found his wife. He brought her to the Angel of Mercy Hospital where he met Deborah, one of the nurses, who immediately took care of his wife. However despite all efforts the doctors weren't able to save the child. While John sat her bed and held her hand, Jill claimed that she only wanted to help the people in her clinic. John merely responded that she couldn't help them as they could only help themselves.

Following Gideon's death, John suffered from severe depression, causing him to withdraw from both his wife and the Urban Renewal Group. Therefore, his partner and lawyer, Art Blank, asked Jill about his whereabouts. As Jill didn't know where he was, they became worried and she helped Art to search him. Eventually, they went to John's workshop. Initially thinking he wasn't there, she ultimately spotted him sitting on a chair in a corner and asked him not to get mad at her for bringing Art to the workshop. Art then asked him how he felt and condoled over Gideon's death. However, he also tried to convince John to continue his work for the Urban Renewal Group as 40 needy families were waiting to soon move to the houses John and Art had been working on. John however, who was annoyed and angered by his visit, told Art to leave immediately. After initially refusing, Art eventually left and told John to call him once he felt better. Moments later, Jill left as well, reminding John that she was suffering from the lost of Gideon just like he did. Ultimately, his emotional detachment caused John to separate from her, telling her not to come back again. After their divorce, Jill reverted to her maiden name "Tuck". (Saw IV)

Terminal Diagnosis

Dr. Gordon's medical report on John Kramer

Shortly thereafter, John's physical condition began to worsen dramatically, causing him to go to the Angel of Mercy Hospital where oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon diagnosed him with colon cancer and an inoperable brain tumor. John underwent chemotherapy, an external beam radiation therapy, and further examination by both Dr. Gordon and Dr. Lynn Denlon. Unfortunately, this wasn't successful, resulting in his illness becoming even worse as he didn't have much time left. Ultimately, he tried to commit suicide by driving his car off a cliff but survived, albeit heavily injured. However, not even this could bind John and Jill together again, despite Jill's attempts to contact him. Instead, it caused John to withdraw even more. (Saw II, III, IV)


John surprises Jill in his workshop

Some time later, Jill read in a newspaper article that Cecil Adams had been found dead. Worried that John might have something to do with it, she went to his workshop to speak with him, despite his demand that she shouldn't go there again. Thinking she was alone, she searched the workshop and quickly found a bunch of photos of Cecil on a table. When she went further into the room, she discovered a big, elongated contraption hidden under a big cloth. However, as she was about to drag away the cloth, John suddenly appeared by her side and grabbed her arm, angrily telling her that he didn't want her to come. He tried to drag her out, but Jill broke free and confronted him with the newspaper and the photos, asking what he had done to Cecil. John however merely responded that he had taught him not to take his life for granted. Shocked by this, Jill asked him what had happened to him. Angered by this, John grabbed a crowbar and smashed the old clock with it before he managed to calm down again. Then, he told her once more to go away, which she subsequently did. (Saw IV)

John visits Jill at the clinic

John continued his work of testing other peoples' will to live by putting them in vicious traps and soon became known to the public as the serial killer Jigsaw, due to jigsaw pieces he cut from his deceased victims' skin to mark their failure and symbolize their lack of will to survive. Nonetheless, Jill didn't tell the police about John, even after more and more victims, including some of her own patients, were found dead. However, one day, John came to her clinic to talk to her about their work. While he deemed his one work necessary, he told Jill that her work at the clinic was for nothing as he believed that her patients were only using her and her good nature and only came to her to avoid their prison sentences. Furthermore, he didn't believe that her methadone therapy was successful as it made no difference if her patients were addicted to their own drugs or the methadone. Jill tried to explain that they only needed time to overcome their problems. This made John angry, causing her to yell at her, claiming that no one would appreciate life without having a close experience with death. However, he calmed down and finally revealed to Jill what he believed to be a proof of the necessity of his work. This proof was Amanda Young, one of Jill's patients and the first survivor of one of John's tests. John then tightly hugged his ex-wife and reminded her how she had already given up on Amanda, calling her a "lost soul". However, Amanda had overcome her drug addiction and claimed that it was John who had helped her. (Saw, II, VI)


Hoffman interrogates Jill

Approximately a year later, John led the police to his hideout at the Wilson Steel Plant and thereby revealed his true identity. However, as he had already planned his apprehension, he was able to elude custody and thereby took Eric Matthews, a corrupt homicide detective, as his hostage. Upon the reveal of John's identity, the police began to examine John's past. Therefore, they also searched the house of Jill, who was treated as a suspect as well. Upon doing so, they found the small wooden ventriloquist puppet John had crafted for Gideon, which resembled a more mechanical version of the puppet which John occasionally used to communicate with his victims. Furthermore, they found a red tricycle, similar to the one used by the puppet. During her interrogation at the police station, Detective Mark Hoffman asked her about these finds. Hoffman however was in fact another apprentice of Jigsaw on his own. To cover the fact that they knew about each other and their connection to John, Jill refused to give him any useful information and instead called her lawyer, Art Blank. (Saw II, IV)

Last Words

Jill at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant

Following the revelation of their identities, John and Amanda went into hiding at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant. As John's physical condition constantly worsened and he became bedridden, he started to plan his final games. On the day when he and his apprentices met their last arrangements, Jill went to the plant. While she went through the hallways, she came across John, who sat in a wheelchair, and Amanda, who was about to bring him to his room. When they saw Jill, John told Amanda to go after Dr. Lynn Denlon, his former doctor who was going to be the test subject of one of the last games. Once they were alone, John asked Jill why she had come. Jill begged him to finally stop his work. In return, John promised that he had already provided a way out for her and handed her a key. When she asked him what it was for, he closed her hand around the key and merely told her that she would know it when the time came. This was the last time John met with her during his waking life. (Saw VI)

Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez' Test

Jill is interrogated by Agent Strahm

Later that day, Jill was interrupted during her work at the clinic by the police and the special agents Peter Strahm and Lindsey Perez, who took her to the police station for further interrogation. When Perez told her that they wanted to talk about her rather than John, she became irritated and told her to come to the point instead of wasting their time. Perez then left the room and Strahm took over the interrogation. He asked her if she knew about the meaning behind the words "Four walls build a home", as the agents had found this message at the latest crime scene in the apartment of Officer Daniel Rigg. When Jill asked him for the reason of his questions, he showed her a bunch of photos of her which were found at the crime scene as well. However she still refused to answer. Therefore, Strahm asked her about the words "Cherish your life". When she answered that this was John's motto, Strahm showed her a flyer of her clinic with the same motto. To provoke her, he mockingly asked her how she felt when John used the motto of her clinic, where she wanted to help the drug addicts, to justify his crimes. However, she merely responded that she had nothing to do with the dark side of her ex-husband. In an attempt to put her under pressure and make her talk, Strahm told her that they suspected her as the accomplice of her ex-husband and intended to charge her if she didn't help them. Therefore, she became nervous and eventually agreed to tell them about John's workshop. As she told Strahm about her marriage with John and her devotion to him, he asked her why she had separated, to which she responded that it was actually him who ended their marriage. Thereby, the conversation fell upon Gideon. Jill revealed that she had been pregnant and that John had meticulously planned their son's birth. She also told him about the night when Cecil Adams robbed the clinic and thereby accidently caused her miscarriage. Strahm initially didn't believe her story, but before he could go on and on, he was suddenly interrupted by Detective Fisk, who informed him that another crime scene had been found at the Alexander Motel. Therefore, Strahm went to the scene and ordered Fisk not to let Jill leave the police station.

Strahm threatens Jill

While Jill waited in the room alone, her nervousness increased greatly. When Agent Strahm eventually returned, he was furious as his partner, Perez, had been severely injured by one of John's traps. Therefore, he showed her an official bill of indictment with her name on it to further put her under pressure. He angrily yelled at her and asked her about the puppet, the tricycle and about John's partner before his transformation to Jigsaw. He had also found out that her lawyer, Art Blank, had been John's partner despite Jill's claim that he never had one. Furthermore he had gained knowledge that Art was also the lawyer of the latest victims found over the course of the last hour. When she refused to answer, he drove her into a corner and showed her Perez' blood on his shirt, stating that more people could die within the next 15 minutes. Frightened by him, Jill eventually gave in and told him about the rift between Art and John, John's emotional detachment from her after Gideon's death, his cancer diagnosis and his attempted suicide. Upon Strahm's question whether she had tried to contact John afterwards, she affirmed this and eventually told him about their dispute at the workshop when he had told her the truth about Cecil Adam's death. However, as he was still unsatisfied with these information, Strahm eventually left the room angrily, but returned moments later when he realized the connection between Gideon and John's first building, the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. When he urged her to tell him where it was, she finally gave him the address at 11235 Blake Drive. (Saw IV)

The Box

Jill in the waiting room

Later that night, John finally died at the hands of Jeff Denlon, another one of his victims. Following his demise, Jill was called by his executor, Bernie Feldman. While sitting in the waiting room of his chancery, she felt uncomfortable, when an elderly woman looked at her suspiciously and condemning after seeing her photo in a magazine article about John. Moments later, Jill was finally called into the office by Feldman's secretary. Upon entering, Feldman told her to take a seat. When she asked her for the reason of his call, he told her that he was John's executor and thereby voiced his surprise of the revelation of John's true identity. Prior to his death, John had given him a black box and an envelope for Jill. Feldman opened the envelope, which contained a video tape. This tape was made by John before his death. In his video, he apologized to Jill for Gideon's death, as he deemed himself partly responsible for it due to his support of her work at the clinic. He also told her that he still loved her and would always do so. Finally, he told her about the box, saying that its contents were of grave importance. Despite their disagreements on his methods and moral beliefs, he claimed to fully trust her that she would know what to do with the things in the box. As the video ended, Feldman finally handed her the box and put it on a table. Thereby, Jill realized the purpose of the key which John had given to her during their last conversation. She took of her necklace, to which the key was attached, and opened the box. She was shocked to see that it contained one of John's traps, a Reverse Beartrap similar to the one John had used for the first test of Amanda Young. Furthermore, the box contained numerous envelopes. When Feldman curiously asked her what was in the box, she closed its lid, thanked Feldman for his call and then left his office with the box. (Saw III, V)

False Trail

Shortly thereafter, Jill was contacted by Detective Hoffman, who had become John's successor and therefore continued his games. As Agent Strahm got suspicious of him, he told Jill to go to his supervisor, Special Agent Dan Erickson, to throw suspicion on Strahm. Later that evening, Jill went to the local FBI headquarters and was taken to Erickson's office by Special Agent Cowan. Once they were alone, Jill told Erickson that she believed to be observed by someone from the FBI. When Erickson wanted to know who she suspected, she told him that it was the agent who interrogated her earlier. Realizing that she was talking about Strahm, he asked her if she had told anyone else about this, which Jill denied. After their conversation, Jill left the headquarters. (Saw V)

William Easton's Trial

Jill's pregnancy examination

Within the next days, Jill became increasingly distressed as the envelopes from the box contained instructions for two new games John had designed before his death. While the first five envelopes belonged to a game for William Easton, the former sponsor of her clinic, the sixth envelope contained a photo of Mark Hoffman, who John wanted to be tested as well. Therefore, Jill was at odds with herself due to her still existing devotion to John and her disgust for his vicious deeds. One evening, she was at home in her apartment at 545 4th Street and watched an old video recorded by John during an ultrasound examination. During this examination, John had come up with the name of their son. Remembering her lucky past with him, she started to cry and took a look at the envelopes from the box, considering if she really should carry out his final request. While doing so, she noticed that she had a missed call on her mailbox. This call was from Pamela Jenkins, an investigative journalist working on the Jigsaw Case, who had already tried to get an interview with Jill. According to her message, she had found out something interesting about John's death and therefore invited Jill for dinner. Jill however refused to call back as she was annoyed by her obtrusiveness and because she was going to play a part in William's game, as she was in fact his sister.

Hoffman and Jill at the clinic

When she went to her work at the clinic the next day, she was surprised to see that Mark Hoffman had already been waiting for her. Therefore, she took him to his office, stating that she didn't expect to see him so soon. Hoffman told her that he wanted to accelerate the next big game and start it the same day as someone had found out about the box, even though he didn't tell her who it was. Instead, Hoffman demanded Jill to give him the envelopes from the box, which contained the photos of the test subjects of the game. Jill initially hesitated as this wasn't John's will, but quickly gave in and handed him five of the envelopes, thereby concealing the existence of the sixth one. He took a look at the photos in the first envelope, which showed William. When Hoffman asked Jill who he was, she merely responded that he was on John's list. After receiving the envelopes, Hoffman left the office, telling Jill that he wouldn't see her again once he was done. While she was alone, she remembered the day when John came to her clinic along with a seemingly purified Amanda Young. Due to this, she was finally convinced to carry out John's final request.

Pamela shows the letter to Jill

Later that day, when she was back home, she heard someone knocking at the door of her apartment. Upon opening it, she was annoyed to see that it was Pamela Jenkins, who had received the address from Detective Hoffman. Pamela showed her a copy of a letter which had been found at the scene of John's death and asked Jill if she understood the meaning of this message. Jill denied this and told her to go. Unsatisfied with her visit, Pamela slided the letter under the door, telling her to call back if she changed her opinion. In fact, Jill was shocked to see the letter as it was actually a blackmailing letter written by Hoffman to Amanda on the day of her and John's death. In the letter, he had told Amanda that he knew that she had been with Cecil at the night of the robbery which had caused Gideon's death. Therefore, he threatened her to tell John the truth. To prevent him from doing so, he forced her to kill one of their test subjects, Dr. Lynn Denlon. (Saw VI)

Jill at the Saint Eustace Hospital

Shortly thereafter, Jill went to the Saint Eustace Hospital with another envelope from the black box. This envelope was personally addressed to Lawrence Gordon, John's oncologist and his third secret apprentice, and contained a video message recorded by John, in which he asked Gordon to watch over Jill and act on his behalf if anything should happen to her. Upon entering the building, Jill asked a janitor for the way and reached Gordon's office shortly afterwards. When standing in front of the door, she initially hesitated, but eventually posted the envelope through the mail slot before leaving the clinic again. (Saw VI, 3D)

Mark Hoffman's Test

Jill places the letter in front of the monitors

After returning home, Jill put the remaining contents of the box into a bag and then drove to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, where Hoffman had set up William Easton's game. When she entered his surveillance room, she saw that the game was still going on. Through the big one-way mirrors in the room, she saw Pamela and two other people, Tara and Brent Abbott, imprisoned in separate animal enclosures. As the game quickly approached its end, Jill anticipated that Hoffman would arrive soon. Therefore, she put her bag in a locker and then placed the letter in front of Hoffman's surveillance monitors before going into hiding.

Moments later, Hoffman arrived and entered the room, mere seconds before the end of William's game. When he approached the monitors, he was shocked when he noticed the letter. Moments after he sat down on his chair and read the letter, Jill Tuck suddenly entered the room and incapacitated him with an electric shock. While he was unconscious, she strapped him onto the chair and put the Reverse Beartrap on his head.

Jill shows the photo to Hoffman

When he woke up shortly afterwards, he was immediately frightened by the situation. Jill then approached him and showed him a photo of himself, revealing that the black box left to her by John had contained a sixth envelope, as John's final request for Jill was to test Hoffman. Before she finally activated the trap, they watched the final part of William's game through the one-way-mirrors and were disgusted when William was injected and dissolved by hydrofluoric acid, after Brent Abbott had chosen to avenge his father, one of William's former clients, by activating a trap positioned above William. When William died, the time for Hoffman's test had come as well. However as Jill was angered by the letter, she refused to give Hoffman any chance to survive and therefore had no key for him to escape the trap. (Saw VI)

When the timer of the trap started to count down Jill eventually left the room with the words "Game Over". However, only moments later, she saw how Hoffman, who had escaped his restraints, pushed the trap's frontal part between two metal bars on the door window to prevent it from bursting open completely. Eventually he managed to pull his head out of the trap but was heavily injured in the process as the trap had torn his right cheek apart. Alerted by his escape, Jill panicked and ran away. However, when she saw Hoffman's shadow at the end of a hallway, she quickly went into hiding behind a cloak hanger with a few overalls granting her cover. While she watched him from her hiding spot, Hoffman used a bunch of paper towels as an improvised bandage for his hand, which he had broken to free himself from the electric chair, and took another one to stop the bleed from his cheek. Afterwards, he picked up the Reverse Beartrap again and finally left the zoo once and for all. When she was alone and believed to be safe, Jill also left her hiding spot and left the zoo. (Saw VI, 3D)

The Deal

Jill in the interrogation room

Afraid that Hoffman might take revenge on her, Jill went to the police station to talk to Matt Gibson, an officer of the Internal Affairs Division, who had once reported Hoffman to the department after the latter had ruthlessly killed an unarmed suspect. Furthermore, she demanded that she wanted to talk only to him, and neither the homicide department nor the FBI, as she didn't trust them. When Gibson eventually entered the interrogation room he introduced himself and sat down at the table in front of Jill. Jill told him that she had information about the successor of John and demanded protection and complete immunity in exchange for the information. Gibson however refused to accept the deal without more details. Therefore, Jill told him that John's successor had assisted him in most of his killings and would go on killing if he wasn't apprehended. She also said, that he knew Gibson and vice versa, before she finally revealed that the successor was actually Detective Mark Hoffman. Both, surprised and shocked by these information, Gibson accepted the deal, seeing a chance to close the Jigsaw Case once and for all.

Protective Custody

Jill's nightmare of her abduction

After her conversation with Gibson, Jill returned home. However, as Hoffman was still at large, she became extremely frightened and had nightmares of him abducting and brutally killing her with one of his traps. When Hoffman started his new games a few weeks later, she was eventually taken into protective custody. Gibson brought her to a safe house for key witnesses. However, he was angry at her as Hoffman had left the Reverse Beartrap at his latest crime scene with Jill's fingerprints on it. Nonetheless, he was willing to keep his promise to protect her and promised her that she was save at this location. However, only moments later, Officer Palmer informed him about a disc sent to them, which was personally addressed to Jill. The disc contained a video message recorded by Hoffman. In this message, he told Gibson to give Jill to him. In return, he promised to end the next game. If Gibson refused to take the offer, Hoffman threatened him that everyone would die. As Hoffman knew Jill's location, Gibson ordered Palmer to take Jill to one of the detention cells on the basement of the police station.

Later that evening, Gibson and his colleagues found out that the victims of Hoffman's new game were Bobby Dagen, a supposed Jigsaw survivor who published his story, as well as his wife and his crew. After receiving these news, Gibson showed a photo of Bobby to Jill and asked her if she knew about him, which she denied. She also couldn't tell him if John knew about him. Therefore, Gibson and Rogers left the cells and returned to the office room.

Shortly afterwards, Gibson was finally able to deduce the location of the game which was played at the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital. While he went there along with a SWAT team, Rogers returned to Jill and guarded her cell. Some time later, he received a call from Gibson, who informed him that he now knew Hoffman's hideout. Therefore, Rogers told Jill about this and also told her that Bobby's game was still going on. (Saw 3D)


Jill in her cell

As time went by, Jill became increasingly nervous. Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from the next room but couldn't see anything as her sight was blocked by a one-way-mirror. Seconds later, the mirror shattered when Hoffman, who had invaded the police station and thereby killed numerous of his former colleagues, shot Rogers right in the eye. When she saw him, Jill immediately panicked and backed away from him. Hoffman then took the key to her cell's door from Rogers' corpse, entered the room and calmly approached Jill. He violently grabbed her hair and forced her to look at his scar, asking her how he looked. Unnoticed by him, Jill had grabbed a nail file and stabbed it in his neck, enabling her to run away. Hoffman was briefly paralyzed, but pulled the file out shortly afterwards and took up his pursuit of Jill. As Hoffman had locked the exit doors, she was forced to go into hiding in the evidence room.

Jill is killed by the Reverse Beartrap

Moments later, Hoffman entered the room and turned on the light. After searching the room, he initially thought that she was hiding elsewhere. However, as he was about to leave the room again, he heard a noise. Upon following it, he eventually found Jill who crouched behind a filing cabinet. As she wanted to flee again, he violently kicked her in the stomach and dragged her away. He placed a chair, the same to which she had strapped him at the zoo, in the middle of the room, when he saw that Jill was trying to stand up, he brutally smashed her head on a table and then strapped her arms to the chair. Then, he took the original beartrap formerly used on Amanda Young from one of the shelves and put it on Jill's head. When she woke up, Hoffman started the timer, causing Jill to panic immediately. However as she had no chance to escape, the timer eventually went off, which caused the trap to burst open and tear her mouth apart in front of Hoffman's eyes who left the room and closed the door with the words "Game Over." (Saw 3D)


The corpses of Jill and the murdered police officers were found shortly afterwards. The events surrounding the massacre at the police station were reported to the public by the news channels the same night. Thereby, everyone with information about the whereabouts of Mark Hoffman was requested to go to the police immediately. However, per John’s earlier request for Dr. Gordon to act immediately on John’s behalf if anything happened to Jill, Gordon avenged her death soon afterward by imprisoning Hoffman in the same bathroom where Gordon’s own test had taken place, throwing out the saw left in the bathroom so that Hoffman could not escape and then leaving Hoffman to rot. (Saw 3D)

Non-Canon Appearances

Saw: Rebirth

Jill appeared in the animated comic Saw: Rebirth which served as a prequel to the first three films. She was the wife of John Kramer, a toymaker. At one point she separated from him due to his unambitious attitude and his lack of commitment and goals in life.

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

She was also mentioned in David Tapp's notes and audio tapes in the video game Saw II: Flesh & Blood. According to these documents, Tapp had searched Cecil Adams' apartment after finding his corpse and thereby found out about the robbery. Due to this, he interrogated Jill, who told him about the robbery and that she and John had planned to call their son "Gideon." At one point, he briefly considered her as a suspect in Cecil's death, but didn't believe in her guilt, as he admired her for her charitable work at the clinic and didn't think she was capable of murder.


Jill Tuck was a kindhearted and helpful person. Therefore, she was very dedicated to her work at the Homeward Bound Clinic and was eager to help her patients to improve on their lives. She was also a loving wife and was devoted to both, John and their unborn child, Gideon. After the death of her son and John's transformation to Jigsaw, her personality changed as well and she became rather reserved. Despite this, she was still a very emotional person, especially when being put under severe pressure or being confronted with her tragic past.

Due to her kindhearted nature, she was shocked and disturbed by John's vicious deeds as the Jigsaw Killer. Yet she didn't lose her devotion to him and was even willing to carry out his final request after his death by setting up a deadly game on her own on his behalf. Showing that she has also realized why he behaves the way he did when he was alive. However, Jill could also be vengeful to a degree, evident by the fact that she intended to kill Detective Hoffman due to his blackmailing letter to Amanda.

Appearances and References