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I'm leaving you a box today and its contents are of grave importance.
— John tells Jill about the box[src]

Jill's Box was an important item in the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw V and VI.


Preparations for the Future

During his series of murders, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, targeted numerous victims for his deadly games, including William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company, and his own apprentice and eventual successor, Detective Mark Hoffman. However, as John's cancer disease worsened, he wasn't able to arrange these games on his own. Therefore, he gave a black box to his executor, Bernie Feldman, and told him to give it to his ex-wife, Jill Tuck, in the event of his death. This box contained five envelopes with photos of the people involved in William's game, as well as a sixth one with a photo of Mark Hoffman. Additionally, the box contained a Reverse Beartrap, a vicious device which had to be used for Hoffman's Test. Finally, a seventh envelope was in the box, which was addressed to Dr. Lawrence Gordon, another one of John's apprentices. (Saw V, VI, 3D)

If you're watching this, Jill, I'm long gone from this world. You are my heart. You always have been. You always will be. I'm not going to try to explain my actions of late. Suffice it to say that I find it difficult to forgive myself for what happened at the clinic. I permitted, indeed, encouraged your decisions regarding the people there. I saw danger and I should have acted sooner. I'm leaving you a box today and its contents are of grave importance. Even though you and I don't always see everything eye to eye, I deeply believe in you and I believe that you will know what to do with these materials.
— Jill Tuck's tape[src]

Jill in Feldman's office

When John finally died at the hands of Jeff Denlon, one of his victims, Feldman called Jill to arrange an appointment with her. Shortly afterwards, Jill visited him in his chancery. Upon entering, Feldman told her to take a seat. When she asked her for the reason of his call, he told her that he was John's executor and thereby voiced his surprise of the revelation of John's true identity. Afterwards, he opened the envelope given to him by John, which contained a video tape. This tape was made by John before his death. In his video, he apologized to Jill for the death of their unborn son, Gideon, who died during a miscarriage when Cecil Adams, one of Jill's former patients, robbed her at the Homeward Bound Clinic. John deemed himself partly responsible for this tragic incident due to his support of her work at the clinic. He also told her that he still loved her and would always do so. Finally, he told her about the box, saying that its contents were of grave importance. Despite their disagreements on his methods and moral beliefs, he claimed to fully trust her that she would know what to do with the things in the box. As the video ended, Feldman finally handed her the box and put it on a table. Jill took off her necklace, which had a key attached to it. John had given this key to her during their final conversations on the day of his death. Upon unlocking and opening the box, she was shocked to see that it contained one of John's traps. When Feldman curiously asked her what was in the box, she closed its lid, thanked Feldman for his call and then left his office with the box. (Saw III, IV, V)

William Easton's Trial

Jill with the Reverse Beartrap

Within the next days, Jill became increasingly distressed as the envelopes from the box contained instructions for two new games John had designed before his death. While the first five envelopes belonged to the game focusing on William, who had once sponsored a party for her recovery clinic, the sixth envelope contained Hoffman's photo. Therefore, Jill was at odds with herself due to her still existing devotion to John and her disgust for his vicious deeds. One evening, she was at home in her apartment at 545 4th Street and watched an old video recorded by John during an ultrasound examination. During this examination, John had come up with the name of their son. Remembering her lucky past with him, she started to cry and took a look at the envelopes from the box, considering if she really should carry out his final request. While doing so, she noticed that she had a missed call on her mailbox. This call was from Pamela Jenkins, an investigative journalist working on the Jigsaw Case, who had already tried to get an interview with Jill. According to her message, she had found out something interesting about John's death and therefore invited Jill for dinner. Jill however refused to call back as she was annoyed by her obtrusiveness and because she was going to play a part in William's game, as she was in fact his sister.

Hoffman and Jill at the clinic

When she went to her work at the clinic the next day, she was surprised to see that Mark Hoffman had already been waiting for her. Therefore, she took him to his office, stating that she didn't expect to see him so soon. Hoffman told her that he wanted to accelerate the next big game and start it the same day as someone had found out about the box, even though he didn't tell her who it was. Instead, Hoffman demanded Jill to give him the envelopes from the box, which contained the photos of the test subjects of the game. Jill initially hesitated as this wasn't John's will, but quickly gave in and handed him five of the envelopes, thereby concealing the existence of the sixth one. He took a look at the photos in the first envelope, which showed William. When Hoffman asked Jill who he was, she merely responded that he was on John's list. After receiving the envelopes, Hoffman left the office, telling Jill that he wouldn't see her again once he was done. (Saw VI)

Shortly thereafter, Jill went to the Saint Eustace Hospital with the seventh envelope, containing the video message to Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Upon entering the building, Jill asked a janitor for the way and reached Gordon's office shortly afterwards. When standing in front of the door, she initially hesitated, but eventually posted the envelope through the mail slot before leaving the clinic again. (Saw VI, 3D)

Mark Hoffman's Test

Jill places the letter in front of the monitors

After returning home, Jill put the remaining contents of the box into a bag and then drove to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, where Hoffman had set up William Easton's game. When she entered his surveillance room, she saw that the game was still going on. Through the big one-way mirrors in the room, she saw Pamela and two other people, Tara and Brent Abbott, imprisoned in separate animal enclosures. As the game quickly approached its end, Jill anticipated that Hoffman would arrive soon. Therefore, she put her bag in a locker and then placed a letter in front of Hoffman's surveillance monitors. This letter was the copy of a blackmailing letter which Hoffman had written to Amanda Young, another apprentice of John who died at the same night as him. In the letter, he had told Amanda that he knew that she had been with Cecil at the night of the robbery which had caused Gideon's death. Therefore, he threatened her to tell John the truth. To prevent him from doing so, he forced her to kill one of their test subjects, Dr. Lynn Denlon, which ultimately resulted in Amanda and John's death at the hands of Jeff, Lynn's husband. After placing the letter, Jill went into hiding.

Moments later, Hoffman arrived and entered the room, mere seconds before the end of William's game. When he approached the monitors, he was shocked when he noticed the letter. Moments after he sat down on his chair and read the letter, Jill Tuck suddenly entered the room and incapacitated him with an electric shock. While he was unconscious, she strapped him onto the chair and put the Reverse Beartrap on his head.

Jill shows the photo to Hoffman

When he woke up shortly afterwards, he was immediately frightened by the situation. Jill then approached him and showed him a photo of himself, revealing that the black box left to her by John had contained a sixth envelope, as John's final request for Jill was to test Hoffman. Before she finally activated the trap, they watched the final part of William's game through the one-way-mirrors and were disgusted when William was injected and dissolved by hydrofluoric acid, after Brent Abbott had chosen to avenge his father, one of William's former clients, by activating a trap positioned above William. When William died, the time for Hoffman's test had come as well. However as Jill was angered by the letter, she refused to give Hoffman any chance to survive and therefore had no key for him to escape the trap. (Saw VI)

When the timer of the trap started to count down Jill eventually left the room with the words "Game Over". However, only moments later, she saw how Hoffman, who had escaped his restraints, pushed the trap's frontal part between two metal bars on the door window to prevent it from bursting open completely. Eventually he managed to pull his head out of the trap but was heavily injured in the process as the trap had torn his right cheek apart. (Saw VI)

Mark Hoffman's Execution

Hello, Dr. Gordon. You are, perhaps, my greatest asset. Without you, my work over the last few years would not have been possible. That being said, I have a request. Watch over Jill. And should anything happen to her, I want you to act immediately on my behalf. In return for that, I will keep no more secrets from you. I've shown you a lot of places, but there is one that will be perhaps the most meaningful to you.
— Lawrence Gordon's tape[src]

Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon found the envelope, which Jill had brought to him, in his office. This envelope contained a video tape recorded by John prior to his death. In the video, John told Gordon that he was perhaps his greatest asset and asked him to watch over Jill, assuming that she might be in danger if Mark Hoffman would be able to survive his test. Therefore, he told Gordon to act immediately on his behalf if anything happened to her and promised him not to keep no more secrets from him. Finally, he told Gordon about the many placed he showed to him and reminded him of the one that might be the most meaningful to him, thereby hinting at a dilapidated bathroom, where Gordon had once been tested on his own, before becoming John's apprentice. (Saw, 3D)

Lawrence and his accomplices abduct Hoffman

A few weeks after the events at the zoo, Jill was taken into protective custody due to her fear of Mark Hoffman. Nonetheless, Hoffman eventually managed to invade the police station, where he ultimately executed Jill with the original Reverse Beartrap, before leaving her behind. After learning about Jill's death, Gordon allied himself with two other people and went to an abandoned hangar where Hoffman had set up his hideout. Disguised with pig masks, they waited for Hoffman, who prepared everything to flee, as his true identity had become known to the public. When he set the hangar on fire and was about to leave, Gordon's accomplices attacked him. As they grabbed him and held him up, Gordon approached and injected him with an anaesthetic, causing him to collaps. When he lay on the ground, Gordon took of his mask and revealed his identity to Hoffman. Moments later, Hoffman passed out from the anaesthetic. (Saw 3D)

Lawrence denying Hoffman's only chance of freedom

While he was unconscious, the men took him to the bathroom, where Gordon had overcome his test long ago, and chained him by the ankle to the same pipe as the corpse of Adam Stanheight, another victim involved in Gordon's test. When he woke up, Hoffman immediately realized the situation he was in. When Gordon, who had returned to the bathroom one last time, approached him, Hoffman tried to grab a hacksaw lying on the floor to cut off his foot and free himself from his shackle. Unfortunately for him, he accidently bumped it away from him. Moments later, Gordon picked up the saw and threw it out of the room. Ignoring Hoffman's angry and desperate yells, Gordon turned off the light and closed the door, leaving Hoffman to die with the words "Game Over." (Saw, 3D)

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