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These were some of the most gruesome crime scenes we've ever encountered.
— Johnston talks about the Jigsaw murders.[src]

Deputy Jason Johnston is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor character in the Full Disclosure Report.


Paul Stallberg's Death

Johnston and his colleagues at the scene of Paul's death

Jason Johnston was a deputy who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department. At some point in his career, Johnston got involved in the investigation of a serial killer case. The first victim was a 46-year-old accountant named Paul Stallberg, who had been reported missing and was found in a vacant building three weeks later. As the police investigated the crime scene, they were shocked to see that Paul had become the victim of a deadly game. The back part of the basement area where Paul was trapped was fenced-in and, thereby, basically turned into a cage. This cage was almost entirely filled with razor wire. Upon examining the crime scene, the investigators found an audiotape, which Jigsaw had left for Paul. According to the tape, Paul was supposed to crawl through the razor wire to reach the exit door and save his life. However, the wounds he received in the process were so severe that he ultimately died of blood loss. After his death, a jigsaw piece had been cut from his back, leading to the killer being nicknamed "Jigsaw." (Full Disclosure Report)

Mark Rodriguez' Death

As the police couldn't find any useful evidence left behind by the killer, they initially hoped that Paul's game would remain an isolated case. However, the charred remains of 30-year-old software analyst Mark Rodriguez were found shortly afterward. Due to the similar modus operandi, which involved an elaborated set-up and a puzzle piece cut from the victim's back, the police ultimately concluded that a serial killer was on the loose. (Full Disclosure Report)

Amanda Young's Survival

However, two months later, a heroin addict named Amanda Young came to the police after escaping one of Jigsaw's traps, making her the first known person who survived a game set up by the killer. Unfortunately, the police were still in the dark due to the bad state of evidence preservation at the crime scenes, which caused them to receive much criticism from the public. (Full Disclosure Report)

The Full Disclosure Report

Over one year after the beginning of the murders, Johnston was interviewed for the "Full Disclosure Report," a documentary focusing on Jigsaw's earliest crimes. During this interview, he talked about the murders, the investigation and also revealed some basic details about the victims' early lives. (Full Disclosure Report)


Not much can be said about Jason Johnston's personality due to his short screen time. However, it can be assumed that he was a responsible deputy who was dedicated to his work and tried his best to solve the Jigsaw case.

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