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You're going to have to tell me how you got those bruises on your hand and your neck. Was this an accident or did someone do this to you on purpose?
— Rigg asks Jane about her injuries[src]

Jane is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw IV. She was portrayed by Alison Luther.



Rigg talks to Jane

Jane was a young girl and the daughter of Morgan and Rex. She had a hard childhood, as her father was a brutal and violent-tempered man who used to batter her and her mother on an almost regular basis. Despite this, Morgan stayed with him and also did nothing to protect her daughter. At one point, Jane was interrogated by Officer Daniel Rigg at her school while her parents were interrogated by Detective Mark Hoffman in the principal's office. Rigg talked to her and asked her about the bruises she had on her hand and her neck. Although he tried to convince her to tell him the truth about whether they were from an accident or from someone hurting her on purpose, Jane decided to remain silent. Moments later, Hoffman and Morgan left the principal's office, and Jane asked Rigg if she could go home. Rigg told Hoffman not to trust Rex, as it was obvious to him that Jane didn't want to talk to them out of fear of her violent father. However, as Hoffman had no evidence against him, there was nothing he could do. Therefore, he told Jane to go back to her class. Rex, who felt safe now, clapped Rigg on the shoulder and sarcastically commented that "sometimes these kids just get out of control." This, however, provoked Rigg even further to the point that he attacked Rex and struck him in the face, breaking his nose and cheekbone in the process. Hoffman then had to pull him back and angrily told him to leave immediately. Following the incident, Rex tried to sue Rigg for the assault with the assistance of his lawyer, Art Blank. (Saw IV)


Not much can be said about Jane's personality due to her short screen time. The only thing known about her is that she was highly afraid of her violent father.

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