I followed you all the way to that shit-bag hotel.
— Adam reveals to Gordon that he observed him[src]

The Hotel Barfly is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in the first Saw film.

Layout and Structure

The Hotel Barfly was a run-down, dilapidated multi-storied motel at the main street. Despite the size of the building, the bedrooms were qute small and unadorned, supplied with only the most necessary and basic things for spending the night. (Saw)



Carla wants to undress

Carla wants to sleep with Gordon

At one point in his life, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist working for the Angel of Mercy Hospital, started an affair with one of his medical students, Carla. One night, he was unexpectedly called to the hotel by her. Unknown to him, he was followed and observed by Adam Stanheight, a freelance photographer, who had been hired by Detective David Tapp to take photos of Gordon, as he suspected the doctor to be the infamous serial killer known as Jigsaw. After driving to the hotel, Gordon went to Carla's room, berating her for paging him at home. When Carla wanted to sleep with him, Gordon prevented her from taking off her clothes and decided to end their affair as it got to risky for him. When he was about to leave, Carla nearly started to cry but was interrupted when the telephone rang. Upon answering the call anonymously made by Zep Hindle, an orderly working at the same hospital as them, the latter demanded to talk to Dr. Gordon. When she gave Gordon the phone, Zep told him he knew about his secret, causing him to hectically leave the room. (Saw)


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