To escape this place, you will have to free those involved with your father's death.
— Jigsaw introduces Michael to his game[src]

The Holmes Hotel is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as one of the main locations of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


Michael Tapp's Trial

The Hotel Holmes was a multistoried building, which was abandoned for unknown reasons. Therefore, the building became more and more dilapidated. At one point, John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, used the hotel for one of his deadly games. This game primarily focused on Michael Tapp, a reporter who had destroyed the reputation of his estranged father, David Tapp, a discharged detective who had formerly investigated the Jigsaw Case. Eventually, Michael was abducted by Pighead II, one of Jigsaw's accomplices, who took him to the hotel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Michael Tapp and Solomon Bates' Test

Solomon in his cage

When he woke up again, he found himself trapped in a cage connected to a track on the floor. Another man, an accountant named Solomon Bates, woke up right next to him in the same situation. As both of them came to their senses, a TV turned on in front of them. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen and explained the rules of their game to Michael and Solomon. Each of them would have to push their cage forward and try to reach the end of the track as soon as possible. Additionally, both of them were barefoot and the tracks were covered in broken glass.

Michael in his cage

When the TV turned off again, two metal bars, which blocked the cages' paths were lifted. Solomon embraced the opportunity and immediately began to push the cage forward. Michael tried to move forward as well in his attempt to catch up with his opponent. However, Solomon reached the end of track first and was freed from cage. At the same time, another door was opened and Solomon fled the room. Afterwards, Michael made it to the end of his own track and was freed from the cage as well. The TV turned on again and the puppet offered him a second chance at survival by facing another game. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Sins of the Father

As Michael looked around the room, he pushed a crate with mattresses out of the way and thereby found a hidden gap in the wall, through which he was able to leave the chamber. However, the next obstacle was already waiting for him. Before him was a door, secured by a combination lock. A table was written on one of the walls. The first row contained the letters A to M, while the row below contained various numbers. Through a peephole, Michael read the message "Prove you deserve a second chance" on a wall of the next room, with the letters S, O and N highlighted and underlined. When he turned off the light, another table with the letters N to Z appeared, as it had been painted with a special fluorescent color. Thereby, Michael was able to find out the correct combination, 732, and opened the door. Behind it, he found another door. However, as he opened it, he was almost killed by a shotgun positioned above it. After barely escaping the shot, he found himself in the room, which Solomon must have passed after escaping from his cage. Michael then entered an elevator and rode up.

As he left it, he was greeted by the puppet, who appeared on numerous TV screens positioned around a heavy metal door. The puppet told him that many of the criminals, who were arrested by his father during his career, were trapped in the hotel as well and warned Michael that they wouldn't be happy to see him. This warning turned out to be justified, as only moments later, one of these prisoners entered the room and immediately attacked Michael with a nail-studded baseball bat, stating that he had to take up his father's debt for arresting him. Therefore, Michael was forced to kill the man in self defense. After doing so, he searched his corpse and found a fuse, which he took with him. With this fuse, he was able to power a nearby panel and passed through the metal door. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Griff and Michael Tapp's Test

Griff in his trap

Upon continuing his way and passing a number of abandoned hotel rooms, he saw the message "Follow the rules" written on a wall before him. Moments later, he noticed a hole in another wall, through which he could see a man named Griff, a rapist, who was strapped to a chair with a bomb attached to it. Anoter TV turned on in front of him and Jigsaw's puppet appeared on screen, telling Michael that he was the only one who could save Griff, but didn't have much time to do so. Afterwards, a 30-second-timer started to count down. Right underneath it was a row of four small combination locks. Before the timer expired, Michael had to bring the four numbers in the right order, starting with the smallest number and concluding with the highest. If he failed to do so, Griff was killed by the bomb attached to his chair. However, if he brought the digits in the right order in time, Griff was freed from his restraints and had to open the combination lock of the next door, which would allow him to escape the room before the explosion. The necessary numbers appeared on the same TV screen as the puppet. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Way to the Ballroom

Jigsaw tells Michael about Henry

After facing this test, Michael continued his way. He proceeded through a number of rooms and hallways, climbed down to the lower level of the building through holes in the walls and floors and had to face several dangers, such as unstable floors, which caved in under his weight, or more of Jigsaw's bobby traps. Thereby, he finally reached the hotel lobby. As he went down the stairs, he came across Jigsaw, who stood behind a fence and had already been waiting for Michael. He told Michael that Henry Jacobs, the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, was trapped with him in the ballroom and hinted at a secret, which had shattered his father's trust in Jacobs. Jigsaw then left the room, with Michael being unable to pursue him.

Therefore, he tried to find another way and eventually entered a hallway, with several plates on the floor, each one with a symbol. A TV showed him the order in which he had to step on the plates in order to pass the hallway without being fatally electrocuted. After getting to the end of the hallway, he found himself in another room with a door secured by a combination lock. Right in front of it, the words "Time is on your side" were written on the floor. Michael looked around the room and thereby noticed three clocks hanging on the wall. They looked all the same, except for a red jigsaw piece, which was painted on one of them. The position of its clockhands, which showed 8:26, eventually told Michael the right combination.

The pig carts

As he opened the door, he entered a large hall. In the middle of it, there was a man trapped in a metal cage. Just as Michael came closer, the cage was lifted up by a chain, allowing the man to escape and attack Michael. Again, Michael killed his opponent in self defense and obtained a key from his dead body. With this key, he was able to enter the stairs and went to the upper floor. In one of the rooms, he found a fireman's axe, which he used to cut the chain holding the cage. Thereby, the cage fell down and broke through the floor. As Michael jumped into the hole and searched the basement, he was suddenly trapped inside a room along with several pig carcasses hanging from metallic carts. All around him were nail bombs, which would detonate after three minutes. Michael had to push and pull the carts in the right order and direction and was thereby able to push the last cart against a pressure plate, which stopped the timer and opened the next door. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Zeke and Michael Tapp's Test

Zeke in his trap

Michael went on and eventually reached the kitchen of the hotel. Upon entering it, he saw a man, Zeke, whose arms were trapped in a glass box suspended from the ceiling in an adjacent room. Due to several razor blades cutting his wrists, he was unable to pull his arms out. A TV turned on, showing the puppet, which told the two of them how to escape the room alive. There were numerous mannequins with numbers written on their backs all around the roomm, as well as several numerical sequences written all over the wall. Michael had to choose the right combination from the wall and then had to press a button attached to each mannequin in the right order. At the same time, Zeke had to enter the combination to open a combination lock, which would allow him to escape from the box.

Michael looks for the combination

When the tape ended, Michael told Zeke to hold on while he tried to figure out the right combination. Zeke however started to panic and frantically yelled at him to hurry up. As he looked around the room, Michael quickly noticed that one of the walls had several numerical frequences written all over it. His only clue was the fact, that the combination he was looking for started with "8". Thereby, he was able to find the right combination and pressed the buttons on the mannequins in the right order. After entering the combination "80647", Zeke was released from the box, but collapsed and lost his consciousness due to the immense loss of blood.

As Michael approached, he saw through a window how Zeke's unconscious body was dragged away by Pighead, who had abducted Michael earlier. At the same time, another TV turned on, showing the puppet, which told Michael not to feel sorry for Zeke and told him that he was in fact a child molester, who had ruined the childhood of numerous little girls before his conviction. Afterwards, Michael was allowed to go on. As he was about to leave, he finally found the key to the ballroom. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Henry Jacobs' Salvation

Michael finds Henry

With the key, Michael returned to the lobby and opened a door in the fence, where he had previously encountered Jigsaw. As he entered the ballroom, he found Henry Jacobs, who was strapped to a chair in front of a target, with a gun aiming in his mouth. The next TV turned on above him, showing the puppet yet again. It confronted Henry with his corruption as well as his involvement in a drug cartel, despite his promises to rid the city of drug-related crimes. Furthermore, the puppet informed him and Michael about the rules of the game, saying that Henry would die if they didn't manage to switch off all the lights on a panel next to him.

Henry in the trap

When the tape ended and the TV turned off again, Michael had to click the glowing buttons on the panel in the right order in order to turn off the lights. Eventually, he managed to do so and the metal pole holding the gun aiming in Henry's mouth fell back to the floor. Seconds later, Henry was released from his shackles. Afterwards, he told Michael that Jigsaw had abducted several other people, who were somehow involved in Michael's father's suicide. Despite some initial hesitation, Michael ultimately decided to go on to save the others, while Henry tried to make it to the entrance to find help. After that, the two of them separated, leaving the deadly trap behind. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Shotgun Vest

Michael finds the vest

Michael then entered an elevator and rode down to the pool area. Right after leaving the elevator, he found a mannequin in the middle of a small room, wearing a strange vest with a flashlight as well as several shotgun shells attached to it. Written on the floor before it were the words "Live or die. Make your choice." Another video recording of the puppet informed him that he would need the flashlight in order to progress. However, the shotgun shells would kill him if he strayed from his path and stayed in certain areas for too long. Seeing no other possibility than following the rules, Michael quickly decided to put the vest on. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Pool Pump

Just after he did, the next door was opened and Michael entered a hall with a large swimming pool. In the center of this pool was a large cage and on top of it was a glass tank, in which a woman, a drug addict named Sarah Blalok, had been locked up. As Michael approached her, another TV turned on in front of him and the puppet appeared on the screen, warning Michael that the water before him was energized. Sarah frantically begged Michael to save her. Therefore, he tried to calm her down and continued his way to find the water pump so he could drain the pool and reach her.

Jigsaw tells Michael about Gideon

Michael looked around and tried to enter the next room. However, just as he was about to do this, his vest suddenly made a beeping noise, causing him to back off. Seconds later, Jigsaw entered the room and calmly warned him not to get closer as there was a sensor on the wall, which would activate Michael's vest and kill him if he entered the room. During their brief conversation, Jigsaw told Michael about Gideon, his son, who died before his birth due to a miscarriage. At the same time, Pighead shoved the water pump into an elevator, moments before Jigsaw followed him.

Once he was alone, Michael deactivated the sensor with a nearby panel. With his next target being the recovery of the pool pump, he went on and thereby entered the laundry, where he found a gear in one of the washers. With this gear, he went up to next floor and used it to repair a machine. Thereby, he was granted access to a key, which was located behind several tanks. By avoiding hot steam coming from from numerous pipes all around him, Michael obtained the key and made his way back to safety, only seconds before the tanks exploded due to the increasing pressure.

Michael proceeds through the hotel rooms

Michael then went further upstairs and used the key on another door. Only a few moments later, he finally reached the fire exit and found himself in a dark backstreet. As he looked up, he saw a man on the fire exit stairs above him, who was brutally pushed through the door and eventually thrown down the stairs by Pighead. After witnessing his death, Michael immediately climbed up the stairs. However, as he reached the top, Pighead had disappeared. Michael progressed through another number of rooms and eventually came across another TV. The puppet on the screen told Michael that he the pool pump was nearby. It was, however, too heavy to carry. Therefore, the puppet advised him to use the elevator to bring it back down to the lower floor. As he made his way to the pump, he briefly witnessed how Barry, another prisoner, burned one of the other victims alive by throwing a molotov cocktail at him. However, he disappeared without noticing Michael, allowing the latter to reach the pump unharmed. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Patrick's Test

Patrick breaks through the wall

After he finally reached it, Michael shoved the pump through the hallways and thereby had to evade and withstand numerous dangers and obstacles, such as locked doors, hostile prisoners, collapsing floors and ceilings as well as more of Jigsaw's booby traps. However, his greatest obstacle was Patrick, one of the other victims, who wore a cage-like device with several pointy spikes on his head and had his hands tied up behind his back. As Michael progressed through the rooms, he saw Patrick through a hole in a decayed wall. Upon noticing his presence, Patrick ran forward and broke through the wall which separated them from each other. Despite the pain caused by the device he was wearing, Patrick rushed towards Michael and tried to kill him. As he evaded his attacks, Michael saw the words "X marks the spot" written on the floor in front of another decayed wall. Therefore, he made Patrick run against the wall. After the third time, Patrick suddenly broke through the wall and fell into a deep, dark pit, screaming in fear as he fell to his death. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Henry Jacob's Betrayal

Sarah in the tank

Shortly afterwards, Michael finally reached the elevator and returned to the pool area. There, he pushed the pump back to its original position and was thereby able to drain the pool. However, he still had to disconnect the power to the cage. As he passed by, Sarah angrily told him to hurry up, which resulted in a brief argument between the two of them. Michael then continued his way and went up the next staircase. Thereby, he unexpectedly came across Henry Jacobs and Detective Joseph Poltzer and went into hiding. As he listened to them, Henry ordered Joseph to find and eliminate Michael as he was afraid that Michael knew the truth about the drug cartel they were involved in. Even though Poltzer didn't see him as a threat, as Michael had helped them to avoid being discovered, he agreed to obey Henry's orders.

After they disappeared, Michael carefully went on. Some time later, he suddenly found himself trapped in a room along with a number of nail bombs. Another recording of the ventriloquist puppet gave him a clue of how to escape the room and asked him if he could "remember the simple details?" After that, a 90-second-timer started to count down. There were 16 monitors, each one with a different picture on screen. Michael had to play a matching game and had to choose, which two pictures fitted together until all eight pairs were found. He ultimately managed to do so in time, which stopped the timer and allowed him to leave the room.

Henry, about to attack Michael

Following his escape, Michael went on and thereby came across a large hole in the floor. As he jumped down into the room below, he encountered Henry, who had somehow obtained a gun and shot at him without a warning. Michael quickly took cover, while Henry shot at him again and again. As he did, he tried to justify his betrayal by claiming that he had no other choice. With no other choice but moving forward, Michael carefully ran from cover to cover, while avoiding the gunshots. As he got closer and closer, Henry eventually decided to flee. Once he was alone, Michael looked around and found another panel with glowing buttons, similar to the one from Henry's trap. By solving the next riddle and deactivating all the lights, Michael finally shut off the power and went on to the next elevator. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Sarah Blalok's Salvation

When he returned to the pool, Sarah, who was still trapped in the tank, became more and more impatient. Michael then entered the cage in the middle of the pool and climbed up a ladder, thereby finally reaching Sarah. Just as Michael reached the top of the cage, another TV turned on, showing the puppet, which confronted Sarah with her drug addiction and her relapse after having been offered a chance to overcome her addiction. Furthermore, it also told Michael that he had to align a few pipes outside the tank in order to save her.

The tank is filled with water

When the tape ended, the tank immediately started to fill with water. Therefore, Michael tried to align the pipes. After a while, he finally succeeded and the door of the tank opened. As Sarah stumbled out of the box, Michael asked her if she was okay and knew her name, which she affirmed. Thereby, she also told Michael that she had worked as an informant for his father. When he asked her about the second chance his father gave to her, Sarah got angry, accusing Michael of ruining his father's life and driving him to suicide. After that, she climbed off the cage and ran away, leaving the room and Michael behind. Michael, however, followed her through the now opened exit door and finally left the hotel for good. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

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