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Yes, I'm sick, officer. Sick from the disease eating away at me inside. Sick of people who don't appreciate their blessings. Sick of those who scoff at the suffering of others. I'm sick of it all!
— Jigsaw's final words to Tapp before slashing his throat[src]

The Hidden Blade is an item in the Saw franchise, appearing in the first Saw film.

Design and Funtion

The hidden blade consisted of two parts: the blade itself and a mechanical contraption. This contraption was strapped to its user's right forearm and concealed the blade. Moving the hand in a certain direction activated a small mechanism, which extended the blade. It was worn by John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, under his cloak as a hidden weapon for self-defense.


Evading Apprehension

One night, Detective David Tapp and Detective Steven Sing managed to deduce the location of Jigsaw's hideout in an abandoned mannequin factory at 213 Stygian Street. Minutes later, they arrived at the factory and entered the building. Upon reaching the upper floor and searching the hideout, they were suddenly attracted by a noise, which turned out to be the voice of Jeff Ridenhour, who had been abducted and strapped to a chair by Jigsaw. When they wanted to free him, they suddenly heard the elevator, and Tapp told Sing to go into hiding to see what Jigsaw was going to do. Eager to finally arrest the Jigsaw Killer, Sing initially refused to follow Tapp's order, but eventually decided to do so and quickly went into hiding with Tapp.

Moments later, a hooded man, Jigsaw, arrived and approached Jeff. When he told Jeff that he had planned a bigger test for him, the detectives came out of their hiding spot and held Jigsaw at gunpoint. However, the latter managed to activate Jeff's trap, which caused two drills to approach his head, giving the detectives merely 20 seconds to save him. While Tapp took care of the killer and held him at gunpoint, he demanded Jigsaw to tell Sing how to stop the trap and was told that only a key could unlock the metal neck brace, which held Jeff's head in place. When Sing found a set of keys in a box, he desperately tried to find the right one among the dozens of keys. Having only a few seconds left, Sing decided to shoot the drills, saving Jeff's life in the process. However, Tapp was distracted by the gunshots, giving Jigsaw the chance to slash his throat with the hidden blade. Even though Tapp survived the attack, it left a large visible scar on his neck and damaged his vocal cords. (Saw)

Use in other Media

Saw II: Flesh & Blood

While the hidden blade wasn't seen or used in Saw II: Flesh & Blood, it was mentioned in an incident report by Detective Allison Kerry.


  • Even though it only appeared once in the entire series, the blade has been a part of almost every action figure of Jigsaw or Pighead that were released since the first film.

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