You must understand, it's just business!
— Henry, upon trying to kill Michael[src]

Chief Henry Jacobs is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as the secondary antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


The Cartel

Henry Jacobs was the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department. When he was promoted, he promised to rid the streets of the city of drug abuse. In truth however, hee was a drug trafficker himself. Along with Joseph Poltzer, the lead vice detective of the department, he stole drugs from the police station's evidence room to sell them on the streets. The two of them eventually founded a drug cartel with the assistance of Dr. Carla Song, who stole pharmaceuticals from her clinic, and Sarah Blalok, a drug addict who sold drugs on the street and worked for the police as an informant. The cartel's profits and activities were concealed by Solomon Bates, a criminal accountant. Every evening, Joseph met Henry and gave him his proportions of the cartel's profits. Occasionally, the members of their organization came together in Joseph's house at 124th Street to discuss the latest and next activities of the cartel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Jigsaw Case

At one point, the corpse of a drug addict named Cecil Adams was found. Following his death in a brutal trap, his murderer had cut a puzzle piece from his skin. Therefore, Henry built a task force to investigate the case and apprehend the killer, who was nicknamed Jigsaw due to his signature. The head of the task force was Detective David Tapp. However, as the investigation went on, Henry became worried that Tapp may find out about the drug cartel.

Eventually, he got an opportunity to get rid of Tapp. When the latter managed to locate Jigsaw's hideout inside an abandoned mannequin factory, he and his partner, Detective Steven Sing invaded the building without a warrant. Thereby, Sing was killed by one of Jigsaw's traps, while Tapp was severely injured by the killer. Initially, Tapp tried to hide the truth about their unauthorized raid on the factory. However, his estranged son, Michael, found out what really happened and published the truth in a newspaper article for the Herald. Therefore, Henry discharged Tapp from the police force, hoping to end his investigation this way. Unfortunately for him, Tapp continued the investigation on his own. To prevent him from finding out about the cartel, Henry blackmailed Sarah Blalok into spying on him, threatening to arrest her if she didn't obey his orders. Sarah found out that he had actually gained knowledge of the cartel, but wasn't interested in arresting its members as he was only obsessed with apprehending Jigsaw. However, Henry didn't believe her, accusing her of lying to him due to her feelings for Tapp. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry searches Tapp's apartment

When Tapp still wasn't able to arrest the killer, he ultimately commited suicide in his apartment. To secure any possible evidence against them, Henry personally investigated the apartment along with Joseph Poltzer and Jennings Foster, one of the department's crime scene investigators. As they did their work, Michael was in the apartment as well, but went out to have a smoke. Shortly afterwards, all of them, except for Jennings, were abducted by a mysterious man with a sinister pig mask. After brutally battering Henry, Pighead took his unconscious body to the abandoned Holmes Hotel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Michael Tapp's Test

Henry in his trap

When he woke up again in the ballroom of the hotel, he found himself strapped to a chair in front of a large, wooden target with a revolver in his mouth. At the same time, Michael was trapped in the hotel as well and had to face one of Jigsaw's games. As he made his way through the hotel, he eventually came across the ballroom, where he found Henry in his trap. As he approached him, a TV turned on above them and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen. It confronted Henry with his crimes and his involvement in the cartel, despite his promises to rid the city of drug-related crimes. Furthermore, it informed him and Michael about the rules of the game, saying that Henry would die if they didn't manage to switch off all the lights on the panel next to him.

Henry with the gun in his mouth

When the tape ended and the TV turned off again, Michael tried to find the right order to click the switches and turn off the lights. Eventually, he managed to do so and the metal pole holding the gun aiming in Henry's mouth fell back to the floor. Seconds later, Henry was released from his shackles. Afterwards, he told Michael that Jigsaw had abducted several other people, who were somehow involved in Michael's father's suicide. Despite some initial hesitation, Michael ultimately decided to go on to save the others, while Henry tried to make it to the entrance to find help. After that, the two of them separated, leaving the deadly trap behind. However, instead of actually looking for help, Henry stayed at the hotel and planned to kill Michael as he was afraid that the latter may find out the truth about the cartel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry, about to attack Michael

Somehow, Henry managed to obtain a gun and went down to the pool area of the hotel. There, he came across Joseph Poltzer and ordered him to find and eliminate Michael. Even though Poltzer didn't see him as a threat, as Michael had helped them to avoid being discovered, he agreed to obey Henry's orders. Shortly afterwards, Henry himself encountered Michael and shot at him without a warning. Michael quickly took cover, while Henry shot at him again and again. As he did, he tried to justify his betrayal by claiming that he had no other choice. With no other choice but moving forward, Michael carefully ran from cover to cover, while avoiding the gunshots. As he got closer and closer, Henry eventually decided to flee.

Henry in the basement area

He made his way to an abandoned chemical plant near the hotel, where Michael's game continued. As part of his own test, Michael had to obtain a valve, which was hanging from a rope in a basement area. However, when he got there, Henry was waiting there for him and tried to shoot him once more. By running from cover to cover, Michael managed to evade his gunshots and reached a room on the upper floor. By hitting a switch on a control panel, a wooden crate was dropped above Henry and barely missed him. However, as the crate hit the floor and shattered, some kind of gas leaked from the chemicals inside and forced Henry to flee the area. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Loose Ends

Henry, moments after killing Carla

Eventually, Henry came across Carla Song, who had been abducted and trapped at the chemical plant as well, but was saved by Michael. Afraid that she may ally herself with Michael and thereby further endanger the truth about the cartel, Henry went after her, but ultimately lost track of her. Instead, he came across Joseph once more. Henry gave him his gun and reminded him that Michael mustn't survive as he knew too much about their involvement in the drug cartel. Afterwards, they separated and Henry continued his pursuit of Carla. When he finally found her, he brutally slashed her with a pair of scissors right in front of Michael, who witnessed her death from behind a grate. He told Michael that he was merely tying a loose end and stated that they weren't very different when it came to protecting themselves. Afterwards, he disappeared through the door, leaving Michael and Carla's corpse behind. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry's corpse

As Henry went on, he ultimately ended up in an abandoned railway building, where he bumped into his abductor, Pighead. Seeing that he intended to kill him, Henry tried to prevent him from doing so by threatening him that the entire police department would be after him. Pighead, however, didn't hesitate and ultimately stabbed him multiple times, while Michael witnessed his demise from the next room. After his death, Pighead left the two of them behind and calmly went away. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry Jacobs was a calculating individual, anxious to do everything for the sake of his own profit. Therefore, he was also a very ruthless and cunning man, who didn't even hesitate to kill his closest allies in cold blood and without any signs of remorse in order to protect himself. As he was a very self-confident man, he often managed to stay calm even in highly dangerous situations and barely showed any obvious signs of fear. However, this overconfidence would prove to be his undoing, as he gave his gun to Joseph believing he wouldn't need it, which left him unarmed against Pighead. When confronted by Pighead, Henry arrogantly threatened him, which backfired. Henry was also ungrateful, trying to kill Michael even after the latter had saved his life. In contrast to this, he often acted polite when speaking with others, insisting that Michael call him Henry instead of Chief Jacobs. This was unlikely to be part of an act, as he was also apologetic when attacking Michael, stating that it was nothing personal and that he would make his death quick and painless. Similarly, despite wanting him dead, Henry did seem to respect him as a worthy foe due to his ability to evade him.

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