You must understand, it's just business!
— Henry, upon trying to kill Michael Tapp[src]

Chief Henry Jacobs is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Saw II: Flesh & Blood.


The Cartel

Henry Jacobs was the chief of the Metropolitan Police Department. When he was promoted, he promised to rid the streets of the city of drug abuse. In truth, however, Henry was a drug trafficker himself. Along with Joseph Poltzer, the department's lead vice detective, he stole drugs from the police station's evidence room to sell them on the streets. The two of them eventually founded a drug cartel with the assistance of Dr. Carla Song, who stole pharmaceuticals from her clinic, and Sarah Blalok, a drug addict who sold drugs on the street and worked for the police as an informant. The cartel's profits and activities were concealed by an accountant named Solomon Bates. Joseph met up with Henry every night after work to give him big cash stacks. Occasionally, the cartel members met in Poltzer's house at 124th Street to plan their next steps. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Cecil Adams' Death

At some point in his career, Henry's department got involved in the investigation of a serial killer case. The first victim was a drug addict named Cecil Adams, who died of blood loss after falling into a cage filled with razor wire. He had eight parallel cuts on his face, and a jigsaw piece had been cut from his shoulder, leading to the killer being nicknamed "Jigsaw" by Henry. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Mitsuka Ito's and Ronnie Navarro's Deaths

Soon afterward, the remains of two other victims were found - Mitsuka Ito, a member of the local Yakuza, and Ronnie Navarro, a drug dealer and member of the Blood Eye Gang. The two of them were put in a trap, which consisted of a pulley system and several large barrels filled with sulfuric acid. Those were propped up above the victims, whose hands were strapped to ropes attached to the pulley system. If both of the victims pulled simultaneously, the pulley would've given them enough slack to reach the exit door. However, Detective David Tapp assumed that something prevented them from working together. Eventually, both of them died when their bodies were spilled with the sulfuric acid. While the acid hadn't left much of their corpses, the jigsaw pieces cut from their bodies suggested that the murder was, indeed, another crime committed by Jigsaw. Assuming that the killings would go on, Henry founded a task force consisting of Detective David Tapp, Detective Steven Sing, Detective Allison Kerry, Detective Mark Hoffman, and Jennings Foster. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Paul Leahy's Death

The next victim that was found was a drug addict named Paul Leahy. Jigsaw had chosen him to participate in one of his gruesome games because Paul had sliced his wrists earlier, not because of depression but rather to attract attention. Therefore, Jigsaw had taken him to a cellar. The back part of the basement area was fenced-in and, thereby, basically turned into a cage. This cage was almost entirely filled with razor wire. Upon examining the crime scene, the investigators found an audiotape, which Jigsaw had left for Paul. According to the tape, Paul was supposed to crawl through the razor wire to reach the exit door and save his life. However, the wounds he received in the process were so severe that he ultimately died of blood loss. As the circumstances of Paul's demise reminded him of Cecil Adams' death, Tapp told Detective Hoffman to check what kind of razor wire had been used for Paul's cage and the one in which Cecil had died. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Mark Wilson's Death

Shortly afterward, the detectives were called to another crime scene. The victim, a man named Mark Wilson, had been trapped inside a dark room with the only light source being a single candle. Furthermore, he was injected with a slow-acting poison and was informed by an audiotape that the only antidote was inside a safe. To save himself, Mark had to find the correct combination among hundreds of numbers written all over the walls. However, Mark's entire body was slathered with self-made napalm. When walking around the room with the candle, Mark accidentally ignited the napalm, causing him to suffer a heart attack due to the thermal shock. While investigating the crime scene, the detectives found a penlight and immediately sent it to the forensic lab. Furthermore, Tapp informed Henry about the audiotape, which implied that Mark had committed medical insurance fraud. As Mark was a client of Umbrella Health, the same insurance company used by the police department, and because Tapp wanted to focus on investigating the murders, he left it to the chief to deal with the matter. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Amanda Young's Survival

Soon after Mark's body had been found, Amanda Young, a drug addict, came to the police station after escaping one of Jigsaw's games. After a doctor examined her wounds, she was interrogated by Detective Tapp. Amanda told him how she had woken up at an unknown location and found herself strapped to a chair. While she was unconscious, Jigsaw had put a mechanical device on her head, which was hooked into Amanda's upper and lower jaw. Amanda had received her instructions from a mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which spoke to her via a video recording. The doll described the device on her head as a "reverse bear trap," which would rip her mouth open if she didn't manage to free herself within 60 seconds. Therefore, she had to cut the key to the device from the stomach of her supposedly dead cellmate, Donald Greco. When the tape ended, Amanda was able to free herself from the chair and ultimately obtained the key by disemboweling her fellow prisoner, who was, in fact, still alive at that point. Upon securing the crime scene, the police found the trap, while Donald Greco's body was missing. However, they positively identified him by investigating the blood evidence found at the place of his death. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Jigsaw's Hideout

Sometime later, Detective Tapp seemingly achieved a breakthrough in the investigation. By further examining the video found at the scene of Amanda Young's game, he spotted a graffito on a wall behind Jigsaw's puppet. This graffito was associated with K2K, a small gang from 118th street. Besides that, Tapp heard a fire alarm in the background and, therefore, checked the recent fire reports for the area. With Sing's assistance, he ultimately found out about a fire in a rear house that was close to an abandoned industrial building. Although they didn't expect to get a warrant, the detectives left the police station and went to the location. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Steven Sing's Death

Minutes later, Tapp and Sing arrived and entered the building. Upon examining the location, they found the K2K graffito and recognized it as the same one from the video. When they searched the hideout, they suddenly caught a sound and discovered a man named Jeff Ridenhour, strapped to a mechanical chair by Jigsaw. However, when they heard a nearby elevator, they went into hiding and observed Jigsaw as he approached Jeff and told him that he wanted to use him to test a bigger project. At this moment, the detectives left their hiding spot and aimed their weapons at Jigsaw. Jigsaw reacted quickly and activated the mechanical chair by stepping on a pressure button on the floor. Thereby, two drills started to approach Jeff's head from both sides. While Sing desperately tried to deactivate the contraption, Tapp held Jigsaw at gunpoint. Even though Jigsaw told them that the key to the trap was in a box next to Jeff, Sing couldn't find the right one in time as there were dozens of keys attached to the key ring. In the last nick of time, Sing saved Jeff nonetheless by shooting the drills. However, the shots distracted Tapp and allowed Jigsaw to slash his throat with a hidden blade and run away. Sing pursued him and shot him in a hallway, causing him to collapse. Thinking that he was dead, Sing approached his body and thereby stepped on a tripwire. This carelessness proved to be fatal as the wire triggered another trap, which caused Sing to be killed by four shotguns attached to the ceiling beam. Afterward, Jigsaw, who wore some kind of bulletproof body armor under his cloak, left the factory without any significant injuries. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Allison Kerry's Promotion

Tapp, who survived his injury, was saved later on, along with Jeff Ridenhour, after Jigsaw called an ambulance. However, he suffered a mental breakdown due to his role in Sing's death. Furthermore, he was taken off the case by Henry as he was technically a victim now. Therefore, Kerry became the new leading investigator and informed Tapp about this when she visited him at the hospital. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

The Article

Eventually, Tapp's son, Michael Tapp, published a newspaper article about the raid on Jigsaw's hideout. In that article, he revealed that Tapp had acted contrary to duty when invading the lair without a warrant, which contradicted his earlier testimony. Furthermore, Michael cast him in a negative light when stating that all evidence in the building would've been worthless as they couldn't be used in court due to Tapp's improper invasion. Following the article's publication, Tapp was discharged from the police force by Henry.

However, Tapp continued the investigation on his own. To prevent him from finding out about the drug cartel, Henry blackmailed Sarah Blalok into spying on him, threatening to arrest her if she didn't obey his orders. Sarah agreed and found out that Tapp had gained knowledge of the cartel but wasn't interested in stopping its members as he was only obsessed with apprehending Jigsaw. However, Henry didn't believe her, accusing her of lying to him due to her personal feelings for Tapp. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

David Tapp's Death

Several months after his discharge, Tapp was abducted by Jigsaw and forced to play one of his games at the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum. Ultimately, Tapp chose to let go of his pursuit of Jigsaw in exchange for the freedom of all the victims trapped in the asylum. Throughout the next days, the press frequently reported the events at Whitehurst and declared Tapp a hero. Despite this, Tapp couldn't overcome his obsession with Jigsaw and ultimately committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in his run-down apartment. (Saw: The Video Game, Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry searches Tapp's apartment

Following his former associate's suicide, Henry went to Tapp's flat to investigate the scene, along with Jennings Foster and Joseph Poltzer. On this occasion, he briefly met Tapp's son, Michael. As Jennings continued his work, and Joseph and Henry tried to find any evidence against the cartel that Tapp might have discovered, Michael went out to have a smoke. Shortly afterward, Henry was subdued by a mysterious man with a sinister pig mask. After brutally battering him, the attacker took him to the abandoned Holmes Hotel. In the ballroom, he shackled Henry to a chair in front of a target and put a loaded revolver in his mouth. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Michael Tapp's Test

Henry in his trap

When he woke up again, Henry immediately panicked upon realizing that he had been abducted by Jigsaw, who was, in fact, a civil engineer and cancer patient named John Kramer. Meanwhile, Michael was trapped in the hotel as well and had to face one of Jigsaw's deadly games on his own. While making his way through the hotel, Michael eventually reached the lobby. Upon entering, he saw Jigsaw, who was waiting in the ballroom behind a fence. Jigsaw informed him that Henry was trapped there. To save him, Michael had to find a way behind the fence. While not directly revealing Jacobs' involvement in the drug cartel, John hinted at a secret that had shattered Tapp's trust in the Chief of Police. After that, he disappeared and left Michael to continue his path.

Eventually, Michael made his way to the room where Henry was trapped. As he approached him, a TV turned on above him, showing Jigsaw's mechanical puppet. It confronted Henry with his corruption and involvement in the drug cartel, despite his promises to rid the city of drug-related crimes. Furthermore, the puppet informed him and Michael about the rules of the game, saying that Henry would die if they didn't manage to switch off all the lights on a panel next to him.

Henry with the gun in his mouth

When the tape ended, and the TV turned off again, Michael had to click the glowing buttons on the panel in the right order to turn off the lights. Eventually, he managed to do so, and the metal pole holding the gun aiming in Henry's mouth fell back to the floor. Seconds later, Henry was released from his shackles. Afterward, he told Michael that Jigsaw had abducted several other people who were somehow involved in Michael's father's suicide. Despite some initial hesitation, Michael ultimately decided to go on and save the others, while Henry tried to make it to the entrance to find help. After that, the two of them separated, leaving the deadly trap behind. However, instead of looking for help, Henry stayed at the hotel and planned to kill Michael as he was afraid that the latter might find out the truth about the cartel. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry, about to attack Michael

Somehow, Henry managed to obtain a gun and went down to the pool area of the hotel. There, he came across Joseph Poltzer, who had also been abducted. Henry ordered Joseph to find and eliminate Michael as he was afraid that the latter knew the truth about the drug cartel they were involved in. Although Joseph didn't see him as a threat, as Michael had helped them avoid being discovered, he agreed to obey Henry's orders. Shortly afterward, Henry himself came across Michael and shot at him without warning. Michael quickly took cover, while Henry shot at him again and again. As he did, he tried to justify his betrayal by claiming that he had no other choice. Forced to move forward, Michael carefully ran from cover to cover while avoiding the gunshots. As he got closer and closer, Henry eventually decided to flee.

Henry in the basement area

He made his way to an abandoned chemical plant right across from the hotel. As part of his game, Michael had to obtain a valve hanging from a rope in a basement area. Henry waited there for him and once again tried to shoot him. By running from cover to cover, Michael managed to evade his gunshots and reached a room on the upper floor. When he hit a switch on a control panel, a wooden crate was dropped above Henry and barely missed him. However, as the box hit the floor and shattered, some kind of gas leaked from the chemicals inside and forced Henry to flee the area. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Carla Song's Death

Henry, moments after killing Carla

Eventually, Henry came across Carla Song, who had been abducted and trapped at the chemical plant as well but was saved by Michael. Afraid that she might ally herself with Michael and thereby further endanger the cartel, Henry went after her but ultimately lost track of her. Instead, he encountered Joseph once more. Henry gave his gun to him and told him that Michael mustn't survive as he knew too much about their involvement in the drug cartel. Afterward, they separated, and Henry continued his pursuit of Carla. When he finally found her, he brutally slashed her with a pair of scissors while Michael witnessed her death from behind a grate. He told Michael that he was merely tying a loose end and stated that they weren't very different when it came to protecting themselves. Afterward, he disappeared through the door, leaving Michael and Carla's corpse behind. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry's corpse

As Henry went on, he ultimately ended up in an abandoned railway building, where he bumped into his abductor, Pighead. Seeing that the latter intended to kill him, Henry tried to prevent him from doing so by threatening him that the entire police department would be after him. Pighead, however, barely hesitated and ultimately stabbed him multiple times, while Michael witnessed Henry's demise from the next room. After his death, Pighead left the two of them behind and calmly went away. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Henry Jacobs was a calculating individual, anxious to do everything for the sake of his own profit. Therefore, he was also a ruthless and cunning man, who didn't even hesitate to kill his closest allies in cold blood to protect himself. As Henry was a very self-confident man, he often managed to stay calm even in highly dangerous situations and barely showed any obvious signs of fear. When confronted by Pighead, Henry arrogantly threatened him, which subsequently led to his demise.

Furthermore, Henry's malice and egoism were evidenced by his ingratitude as he repeatedly attempted to kill Michael Tapp even after the latter had saved his life. In contrast to this, he tended to act polite and friendly when speaking with others, as seen during his brief conversation with Michael after his father's death. Despite wanting him dead, Henry did seem to respect him as a worthy foe due to his ability to evade him.

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