The pain you caused with these spikes will be reflected back onto you.
— Jigsaw explains the trap's function[src]

The Head Cage is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II: Flesh & Blood.

Design and Function

The Head Cage was a small device resembling a cage, which was placed on its victim's head and was held in place by a harness they had to wear. On the inside and outside of this cage were several pointy spikes. These spikes carved deeper and deeper into the victim's skull whenever they made a sudden movement or rammed an obstacle. However, the victim's hands were tied up behind their back, making the cage the only way for them to attack others or defend themselves. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Patrick's Test

Hello, Patrick. When you were a child, your father used to cut you with knives as a sadistic gesture of intimacy. Rather than break the cycle of violence, you've escalated to carving up strangers who do no more than greet you. Detective Tapp said during your trial that you were incurable. But I have a cure. The device attached to your head will carve deeper and deeper into your skull every time you make a sudden movement. Try to keep still, Patrick.
— Patrick's tape[src]

When John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, and his accomplices abducted several people and took them to an abandoned location for another one of their deadly games, at least four of them were forced to wear the cage devices. The first one was Patrick, a psychopath, who used to carve up other people for no reason, just like his father did to him during his childhood. When he woke up in a room of the abandoned Holmes Hotel after his abduction, a recorded message left on an answering machine confronted him with his childhood and his subsequent crimes. Besides that, the message also informed him about the device on his head, which would carve deeper and deeper into his skull every time he made a sudden movement, thereby forcing him to endure the pain that he inflicted on others.


Patrick breaks through the wall

Some time later, Michael Tapp, the son of Detective David Tapp, who had once arrested him, made his way through the same building as he had been abducted as well and was forced to face a series of tests. Thereby, he entered the room next to the one where Patrick was imprisoned. Upon noticing his presence, Patrick ran forward and broke through a decayed wall which separated them from each other. Despite the pain caused by the device he was wearing, Patrick rushed towards Michael and tried to kill him. As he evaded his attacks, Michael saw the words "X marks the spot" written on the floor in front of another decayed wall. Therefore, he made Patrick run against the wall. After the third time, Patrick suddenly broke through the wall and fell into a deep, dark pit, screaming in fear as he fell to his death. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Dwayne's Test

The second victim forced to wear one of the cages was a man named Dwayne. Following his abduction, he woke up at an abandoned chemical plant in a small room behind a roller door. Shortly afterwards, he was released from there by Michael, who traversed the area as part of his own game. When Michael opened the roller door by pushing a button, Dwayne immediately attacked him. Michael managed to evade his attacks as Dwayne repeatedly rushed towards him in an attempt to kill him with the spikes of his cage. By dodging his assaults, Michael caused Dwayne to run into another adjacent room with a second roller door. Afterwards, he pushed the button once again, thereby closing the door and trapping Dwayne inside.


Dwayne enters the cage.

Somehow, Dwayne then got into a small movable cage, which was connected to a track on the floor of another room in a different area of the building. After some time, the cage was moved into a bigger cage, where Dwayne met Michael once again. Still furious because Michael outsmarted him, he immediately attacked him again once the door of his own cage was opened. At the same time, Jigsaw spoke to them over the loud speakers and told them that only one of them would survive this final fight. Just like before, Dwayne tried to kill Michael by aggressively rushing towards him to ram him with the device on his head. However, the walls of the cage surrounding them were divided into separate segments, which were energized by turns. By evading his attacks, Michael caused Dwayne to run into these walls often enough until the latter was killed by the electric shock. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Donovan's Test

Hello, Donovan. You have always been a violent man, especially to the women you claim to love. You tell them that the pain you cause them is their own fault, that you love them too much to not beat them mercilessly. Let's see if you can take the pain you dish out. The device attached to your body has spikes that point inward and outward. The pain you caused with these spikes will be reflected back onto you. Understand, Donovan, sometimes the use of force can be your downfall.
— Donovan's tape[src]

The next man who wore one of the cages was Donovan, an abusive and violent man, who used to severely batter his girlfriends. Besides the cage, he was forced to wear another device with several even bigger spikes. When he woke up in a storage area, a recorded message left on an answering machine confronted him with his brutality, especially towards his girlfriends. He was also told that he now had to suffer the same pain. Since his hands were tied up behind his back, the only way for him to attack others or to defend himself was by using the spikes. However, everytime he tried to hurt someone with these spikes, he'd also harm himself.

Saw 2 Web

Donovan in the storage hall

Some time later, Michael entered the storage area as well and attempted to pass it. Donovan however tried to prevent him from doing so and ran towards him to kill him. Michael tried to evade his attacks whenever he rushed towards him, thereby causing the spikes to get stuck in the wooden crates all around the area. Afterwards, he used the opportunity and attacked Donovan with whatever weapons he could find and eventually managed to knock him down. When Donovan was unconscious, the exit door opened and Michael left him behind to continue his way.


Donovan rushes out of the elevator

Eventually, Donovan woke up again and tried to find a way out. Thereby, he found himself in an abandoned railway building, where he entered an elevator and reached another storage some time later. The doors opened just as Michael went by. Furious to see him, Donovan rushed towards him and barely missed him, causing his spikes to briefly get stuck in another crate. Another fight ensued between the two of them, during which Donovan yelled at Michael to help him and free him from his trap. When he got stuck in another crate, Michael embraced his chance and hit a button on a panel nearby, which caused a large container to be dropped from the ceiling, crushing Donovan in the process. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

Campbell Iman's Test

Here is a bullish man, who has his own test. He will try to eviscerate you with brute force. Try to stay out of his way. You cannot stand against his strength, but no man can defy gravity.
— Campbell Iman's tape[src]

Campbell faces his attacker

As Michael's game approached its end, another prisoner, a drug addict and cancer patient named Campbell Iman, woke up in the same building complex and was forced to face a game on his own. On his path forward, Campbell eventually found himself in a small open area. As he looked around, he saw the warning message "Watch your step" written on a wall above an elevator. As he pressed the button to call it, the doors opened and revealed another one of Jigsaw's victims with a cage on his head and his hands tied up behind his back. A set of TVs turned on and a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen. The puppet warned Campbell that the man would try to kill him and that he couldn't stand against his strength. However, it also told him that "gravity" could help him to defeat him.


Campbell is knocked over by the man

As the TVs turned off, the man immediately charged at Campbell in an attempt to kill him with the spikes of the cage device. Even though Campbell tried to convince him to stop, the man repeatedly attacked him. Therefore, Campbell pressed the elevator button and opened the doors once again. When the man ran towards him again, Campbell quickly evaded his attack. Unable to stop soon enough, the attacker ran right through the open doors and fell down the elevator well. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)

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