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I paid my monthly premium for 10 years without so much as a cold. And now that I'm actually sick, you're going to deny my coverage?
— Harold argues with William[src]

Harold Abbott is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw VI. He was portrayed by George Newbern.


Early Life

Harold in William's office

Harold Abbott was the husband of Tara Abbott and father of Brent Abbott. Furthermore, he was a client of the Umbrella Health insurance company. At one point in his life, he began to suffer from a cardiac disease and asked Umbrella to bear his treatment costs. The company however denied the coverage. Therefore, Harold and his family went to the office of William Easton, the senior vice president of Umbrella's department for membership and claims which was responsible for the dismissal. While Brent and Tara waited outside, Harold talked to William and asked him for the reason of the denial as he had been a client of the company for ten years. To his surprise, William told him that during the review of Harold's claim, one of his associates had found out about a previous condition which Harold didn't tell them about. This condition was in fact an oral surgery 30 years earlier, during which a cyst was removed from his jaw. William explained to him that any type of oral surgery would leave scar tissue, which could lead to gum disease, which in return could cause heart diseases. Angered by this, Harold yelled at him and reminded him that he had a family. William however interrupted him and merely told him that this situation was his own fault. Shocked by William's cold and arrogant attitude, he told him that he had just given him a death sentence before he left the office and told his family, who was just as shocked as him, about William's decision. (Saw VI)


As Harold was financially unable to bear the treatment costs himself, his cardiac disease worsened and eventually resulted in his death, leaving his wife as a widow. Following his death, Tara and Brent tried to sue Umbrella Health. (Saw VI)


Not much can be said about Harold's personality due to his short screen time. However, it can be assumed that he was a loving and beloved father and husband.


  • Originally, George Newbern, Harold's actor, was planned to play the role of William.

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