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Ignore your detractors.
— Bobby is introduced to his fourth test[src]

The Hangman's Noose is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw 3D.

Design and Function

This trap was the fourth one in a series of tests. The victim was trapped on one end of a long hallway several feet above the ground floor. Most of the floor of the hallway was missing. The test subject had a mask locked onto their head, which made it impossible to see anything. Additionally, the victim had a noose around their neck, which was secured by a lock and was connected to a winch at the ceiling. The noose was also connected to a chain that was attached to a metal ring on the wall in order to prevent the victim from moving and falling off. To survive, the test subject had to rely on the help of a second person. This person was on the other side of the hallway and had to obtain the key to the noose, which was hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile, after being released, the first victim had to come as close to the second person as possible. Therefore, the second subject had to guide the victim over several wooden planks and stone arches, which provided the only path from one side of the room to the other one. However, there were several obstacles to confuse or further endanger the victim, like a bottle standing on one of the planks, which would fall down if the victim accidentally knocked it off. Furthermore, there was one part of the parkour, where the victim had to choose between two planks. While one led the person forward, the second one had been manipulated and would break under the victim's weight. Once the blinded victim got to the end of their way and the second person had obtained the key, the latter had to throw the key to the first victim. If the subject didn't manage to remove the noose within 60 seconds, the winch at the ceiling would be engaged and thereby hang the victim. (Saw 3D)


Bobby Dagen and Cale's Test

Hello, Bobby. Across from you is your closest friend. He knows all your sins, yet he acts as though he hears no evil. Today, what he hears will be the difference between life and death. Bobby, you must help Cale walk over the planks and get as close to you as possible. Find your own way across the beams to the key. You must get it to him over the last span between you. If the noose around Cale's neck is not removed within 60 seconds, a winch will be engaged and your secret will be left hanging. Does Cale live or die Bobby? The choice is yours.
— Bobby Dagen's tape[src]

One of the persons tested in this trap was Bobby Dagen, a man who had gained wealth and fame by publishing his book "S.U.R.V.I.V.E. - My Story of Overcoming Jigsaw", in which he told his readers how he supposedly survived a deadly trap set up by the Jigsaw Killer and how his life developed afterwards. In fact however, he had never been tested by the killer and his whole story was nothing but a lie. The other subject was Cale, Bobby's manager and best friend, who supported his lie for the sake of gaining wealth, even though he knew that his story was merely fabricated. One day, both of them were abducted by Detective Mark Hoffman, the successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer. After subduing them, he took them to the abandoned Clear Dawn Psychiatric Hospital, where he placed Cale in the trap. Furthermore, he had prepared a deadly game for Bobby.

Cale in his trap

As Bobby made his way through the building, he eventually reached a door with the words "Ignore your detractors" written on it. When he entered the long dark hallway behind it and yelled for his wife, the door suddenly slammed shut behind him. As he was unable to open it again, Bobby prepared himself for having to face his test. Moments later, the lights were turned on, enabling him to see he was several feet above the ground floor, as the hallway's floorboards were missing, with the exception of a series of destroyed beams, arches and wooden planks. On the other side of the hallway, he saw Cale with the mask on his face. As Cale started to panic, Bobby tried to calm him down and asked him if he knew where Joyce, his abducted wife, was, which he denied. Instead, he further panicked and begged Bobby to help him. Bobby told him not to move as most of the floor was missing. As he looked around, he quickly noticed a tape recorder attached to the wall next to him. Therefore, he told Cale to be quiet and started it. The tape introduced him to his next test and informed him about the rules. Bobby had to help Cale to walk over several wooden planks in order to get as close to him as possible. At the same time, Bobby would have to find his own way to the key hanging from the ceiling and had to somehow get it over the last span between him and his friend. If he didn't manage to give Cale the key within 60 seconds, a winch at the ceiling would be engaged, causing Cale to be hanged by the noose around his neck.

Cale walks over the planks

As the tape ended and the timer started to count down, the chain that kept Cale attached to the wall came loose and he frantically yelled at Bobby to save him. Bobby managed to calm him down and told him to listen exactly to his instructions. He then told his friend to move to the right where he had to step on the first plank. While guiding him forward, Bobby tried to climb over the beams to get to the key. As Cale had reached the end of the plank, he had to walk over another one lying on the first one. However, thereby Cale accidentally knocked off a bottle which fell down to the floor beneath him, causing him to panic even more. After a while, Bobby was finally able to calm him down, telling him that it was merely a bottle he had heard. He then told Cale to walk over the next plank. However, as he did it, the plank broke and Cale was barely able to hold onto another plank nearby. Bobby told him to hold on and then jumped forward onto a stone arch. From there on, he carefully tried to grab the key, while Cale managed to pull himself up on the plank. Just as he reached the end of his path, Bobby obtained the key. With only a few seconds left, Bobby told Cale to cup his hands together close to his chest so that he can catch the key. However, when Bobby finally threw it towards him, Cale dropped it as his hands were shaking, causing the key to fall down to the ground floor. Realizing that his death was inevitable now, Bobby watched in horror as his best friend was pulled up and hanged by the noose. Bobby then went out of the room through another door to continue with his game. (Saw 3D)


Cale's corpse

Within the next hour, the hospital was found by the Metropolitan Police Department. While a SWAT team made its way through the building in an attempt to find Bobby and end his game, they came across the corpse of Cale, who was still hanging from the ceiling. As the SWAT couldn't progress due to the missing floor, they tried to find another way to Bobby and therefore left Cale behind. (Saw 3D)


  • This trap's alternative name, "Hear no Evil", is a reference to the Three Wise Monkeys from the Japanese myth. Thereby, it directly refers to Kikazaru, the monkey covering his ears.
  • The concept of the victim being hanged by a winch was originally planned to be used for the Mausoleum Trap in Saw IV. However, as the creators had decided against this idea, the concept remained unused until Saw 3D, then again in Jigsaw.
  • During the scene when Bobby tries to grab the key, a brief shadow of a boom mic can be seen just below the door frame next to him.