Full Disclosure Report is a pseudo-documentary set in the Saw franchise, taking place between the events of Saw and Saw II, about one year after the beginning of the Jigsaw murders. TV host Rich Skidmore comments on the murders and the police work in this yet unresolved case. The documentary was included in the bonus material of the DVD of the first movie.


In his documentary "Full Disclosure Report", TV moderator Rich Skidmore sheds some light on the gruesome murders of the Jigsaw Killer and the investigative work. Throughout his broadcast, he interviews police officers, friends, and colleagues of the people who fell victim to Jigsaw's deadly games under the motto of "piecing together Jigsaw."

In order to give his audience a better understanding of Jigsaw and his crimes, Rich begins to tell them about the first murders committed by the killer about one year earlier. When the corpse of 46-year-old Paul Stallberg was found three weeks after his death during one of Jigsaw's games, the police started investigating the case. Due to the brutality of the murder, they initially hoped it would be an isolated case, but were disabused when the charred remains of another victim, Mark Rodriguez, were found shortly afterwards. However, two months later, a heroin addict named Amanda Young went to the police after escaping one of Jigsaw's traps, which made her the first known person who survived a game set up by Jigsaw. Unfortunately, the police were still in the dark, due to the bad state of evidence preservation at the crime scenes.

After introducing his audience to the beginnings of the murders, Rich Skidmore focuses on an incident which brought a sudden turn to the case. One night, one year ago, four people who were in some form connected to the case mysteriously vanished. Those were Adam Stanheight, a freelance photographer, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, a renowned oncologist, David Tapp, a discharged detective formerly working on the case, and Zep Hindle, an orderly working at the same hospital as Gordon. On the same night, Dr. Gordon's wife and daughter were held hostage in their own house for more than 18 hours by Zep. However, she was able to free herself and her daughter. When the police arrived, witnesses told them about two men fleeing the scene. One was Zep Hindle, who had tied up the Gordons in their house. The other one was David Tapp, who had been observing the house and had saved the family as Zep was about to kill them.

In an attempt to piece together the incidents, Rich Skidmore and his team interview relatives of Alison Gordon who could give them details about her captivity. Additionally, Skidmore tells his viewers about other events connected to the four persons missing, including Detective Tapp's raid on Jigsaw's hideout, during which his partner, Detective Steven Sing, had been killed, which led to Tapp's discharge and his obsession with Lawrence Gordon being the one responsible for the killings. Finally, Rich Skidmore ends his broadcast, promising his audience to keep them up to date, while hoping that the killer known as Jigsaw will soon be apprehended.


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