First you took his father. Will you take his mother next?
— Jigsaw confronts Tapp with the consequences of Sing's death[src]

Franklin Sing is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Saw: The Video Game


Early Life

Franklin Sing was a young boy and the son of Melissa Sing and Detective Steven Sing. His life changed dramatically when his father was killed by a trap set up by the infamous Jigsaw Killer in his hideout in an abandoned mannequin factory. Following his death, Melissa suffered from severe depression and was filled with her thirst for revenge on David Tapp, Steven's partner, as he had persuaded him to raid Jigsaw's hideout without a warrant or any reinforcements. Therefore, Melissa severely neglected Franklin, causing him to go to seed. Furthermore, Melissa ignored the calls from his school counselor, Elizabeth Harris, who was worried about him as he came to school unfed and with dirty clothes. (Saw: The Video Game)


Eventually, Melissa herself was targeted by Jigsaw for her neglection of Franklin. Therefore, both of them were abducted and taken to the abandoned Whitehurst Insane Asylum, where Melissa was provided with the instructions for one of Jigsaw's test. In order to save her son, she had to keep Tapp, who had to face a series of tests on his own, on track and had to put several obstacles in his way. Once the clock striked 6:00 o'clock, she'd see her son again unharmed. (Saw: The Video Game)


Over the course of the night, Tapp progressed through his tests all around the asylum and ultimately decided to let go of his pursuit of Jigsaw in exchange for the freedom of all other victims trapped inside the building. Therefore, Franklin was released from his captivity along with his mother and they were free to leave. (Saw II: Flesh & Blood)


Not much can be said about Franklin's personality due to his short screen time.


  • According to an audio recording of the call of Franklin's counselor, he was a student at Markin Elementary School. However, a letter from the County Office of Child Protective Services states that he was a student at Stanworth Elementary School.

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