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If that Spiral is what I think it is?
— Fitch commenting on a video made by the Jigsaw Copycat[src]

Detective Fitch is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as a supporting character in Spiral.

He was portrayed by Richard Zeppieri.


Early Life

Fitch was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department, sometime after the Jigsaw murders, The Metropolitan PD were under a list of policies called Article 8, which gave them the legal means to do whatever was needed to stop crime. This allowed for corruption, which Fitch was aware of and participated in. Some time ago, Fitch was inside of his police car, parked under a bridge, when he had to stop a man named Jimmy Lincoln, who was driving his car under that same bridge. Fitch got out of his car and approached to Jimmy, telling him to put his hands where he can see them. At first, Jimmy obeyed, but then he mocked Fitch and showed him his middle finger. Angry at this, Fitch took out his gun and shot Jimmy, killing him instantly. The whole event got recorded thanks to a camera inside of Fitch's car. (Spiral)

Turning On Ezekiel Banks

Banks exposed the corruption in the department by revealing that an officer named Peter Dunleavy shot a man named Charlie Emmerson to death for being willing to testify against a corrupt cop, Fitch, like almost every other cop in the department, turned against him.

One time, Zeke had to deal with, a criminal Zeke requested backup but Fitch who was with Drury refused to help him due to his snitch status, resulting in Zeke getting shot, a Paramedic arrived to help Zeke and Police Chief Marcus Banks arrived to find out who refused to help his son, Fitch was caught by Police Chief Marcus Banks for not responding to the call and got beat up by him. This incident led to a rivalry between Zeke and Fitch. (Spiral)

Jigsaw Copycat

Fitch, Kraus, William and Zeke investigate the Court House.

After the murder of off-duty Detective Marv Bozwick, Fitch and the rest have to investigate and find out who killed Boz. Zeke gets a flash drive asking him to play the drive, Zeke then puts it in William Schenk’s computer to play it, the video shows a Spiral on a courthouse, Fitch, Zeke, and Will believe it to be a Jigsaw Copycat. Zeke and William drive to the court house Fitch and Deborah Kraus, arrived at the scene too. William asked what they were doing there to which Fitch replied telling that they thought they would need some backup. Zeke insulted Fitch, telling him this wasn't his case.

William told Zeke about the box that was in the metal bars of the windows of the building. Zeke leaped, grabbed the box and unpacked it. After opening it, inside they found Bozwick's tongue along with his plaque. All of them reacted with disgust, except for William faking it. Zeke then grabbed the police plaque and read the numbers. William asked Zeke who was the officer 4-5-3. Zeke got shocked after recognizing the numbers from the plaque and it was confirmed to him and the rest of the Metropolitan Police Department that Marv Bozwick was the one who was killed in the trap. (Spiral)



Fitch and Kraus went to the pawn shop witch when he did the owner told Fitch they were closed Fitch showed him his badge the man then let Fitch inside to look at the security cameras Fitch saw Boz chasing a man dressed as Uncle Sam and realized the man was Benny Reitz and that he lived at a bread factory. Fitch decided that he would go there and look for Benny Kraus asked if Fitch if they should tell Zeke about this Fitch replied and told her not to. She then left the pawn shop Fitch asked the owner if he could see one of the guns and took it with him Detective Fitch was abducted and later put into a trap were he must rip off their fingers before the water made contact with the exposed wires. (Spiral)

Fitch's Test

Fitch in the trap

Fitch wakes up and is placed in a trap where he must rip his fingers off to avoid electrocution in a filling water basin, or else he would be electrocuted to death. Fitch wore a cage-live device on their head which placed two small bars inside their mouth the Fitch bite down on the bars to start the motor which would slowly turn the mechanism, pulling the Fitch's hands (and by extension their fingers) towards the mechanism. As the mechanism turned, the metal bar placed on the table would eventually prevent the victim's hands from physically moving forwards, meaning that continued activation of the mechanism would eventually rip the victim's fingers off. However Fitch didn't rip his fingers off in time before the water made contact with the exposed wires and was then electrocuted to death. (Spiral)


Fitch's Corpse

Zeke, Will and Kraus then find Fitch's corpse at bread factory the location of the crime scene. Detective Drury suspects that Banks is involved since both Boz and Fitch had connections to Banks. Schenk, however, agrees with Banks that someone else is pulling the strings and puppet mastering the events around them. William remains the only cop who believes Banks. (Spiral)


Fitch was a corrupt man who took advantage of Article 8 to get away with crimes but after Zeke turned Peter Dunleavy in for shooting a man, Fitch turned on Zeke like almost every other cop in the department.

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