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Your finger pulled the trigger, and that cannot happen again.
— William Emmerson[src]

The Finger Trap is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Spiral.

Design And Function

Fitch wakes up in his trap

The victim of the Finger Trap was seated in a bathtub in which a bundle of electrified wires hung slightly over the edge. A faucet gradually filled the bathtub with water, which would eventually make contact with the exposed wires. The victim was seated in the bathtub to where their forearms were laid flat on a table; a metal bar placed across the table prevented the victim's forearms from extending forwards too far. A motor was placed on top of the table that was connected to a large mechanism which ten wires were wrapped around. Each wire was connected to the victim through a set of very tight metal sheaths individually placed on the victim's fingers. The victim wore a cage-live device on their head which placed two small bars inside their mouth; the victim could bite down on the bars to start the motor which would slowly turn the mechanism, pulling the victim's hands (and by extension their fingers) towards the mechanism. As the mechanism turned, the metal bar placed on the table would eventually prevent the victim's hands from physically moving forwards, meaning that continued activation of the mechanism would eventually rip the victim's fingers off. The victim had to continue biting down until all ten of their fingers were removed, at which point they could safely exit the bathtub. If the victim failed to rip off their fingers before the water made contact with the exposed wires, they would be electrocuted to death. (Spiral)


Fitch's Test

Hello, Detective Fitch. I want to play a game. The tide of justice is rising around you. In ninety seconds, the water will rise to the height of the copper wires, and if you are still in the tank, you will be electrocuted, unless you make the sacrifice that will cleanse you. You murdered a man because he insulted you. Your finger pulled the trigger, and that cannot happen again. Survival is simple, but it comes with a sacrifice. Bite down on the device in your mouth, which will start the motor that will rip your fingers away, leaving you free to escape with your life. But if you don't act quickly, all that awaits you is this watery tomb. Live or die; make your choice.
— Fitch's tape[src]

The trap was designed and built by William Emmerson, a homicide detective who targeted corrupt members of the Metropolitan Police Department to avenge his father, Charlie Emmerson. Who was unfairly killed by one of them. the victim of this trap was Detective Fitch, who once shot a civilian because he insulted him. Fitch finds out who the man dressed as Uncle Sam is Benny Wrights, a drug addict who lives at a burnt-out-bread factory and enters the building but doesn't find Benny and then is abducted, Fitch wakes up in the trap and a TV turns on and William addresses that Fitch shot Jimmy Lincoln because he insulted him, and says that cannot happen again, after Fitch heard his tape he bit down on the two small bars near his mouth attached to the cage device on his head. The metal sheaths connected to the device then started pulling at his fingers until his hands got to the metal bar on the table. Which then the device started ripping away his fingers this continued until one of Fitch's fingers was ripped off, causing Fitch to stop biting down on the two bars to scream in pain, causing the device pulling his fingers to stop. Fitch then tried to pull free his fingers but failed but Fitch bite down on the bars again starting the device. The device ripped most of Fitch's fingers off causing the water in the tub to turn red from all the blood. While the device was still ripping Fitch's fingers off the water made contact with the exposed wires electrocuting causing Fitch to death. (Spiral)



The Jigsaw Killer delivers a message for Banks warning him that he was offered salvation but declined, so now, he's going to point the finger back at them. Until they all admit their wrongdoings in police investigations, more people will continue to die. Detective Fitch learns that the uncle sam Boz is chasing is Benny Wrights and that he lives at an burnt out bread factory Fitch goes there looking for Benny but is abducted and later put into a trap were he must rip off their fingers before the water made contact with the exposed wires, or else he would be electrocuted to death. Fitch fails to rip off his fingers in time and is electrocuted to death. Zeke, Will and Kraus then find Fitch's corpse at bread factory the location of the crime scene.

Fitch's corpse

This raises concern from the other detectives in the precinct, since several years prior, Fitch had failed to respond to a backup call which resulted in Banks being shot. Drury suspects that Banks is involved since both Boz and Fitch had connections to Banks. Schenk, however, agrees with Banks that someone else is pulling the strings and puppet mastering the events around them. William remains the only cop who believes Banks. Now a suspect in his investigation, Banks tries to prove he isn't connected to the murders. He knows that John Kramer didn't murder cops, nor is the new killer taking orders from him. The kills are personal. Schenk's recommendation of finding his non-police enemies is futile. They cross paths with Peter Dunleavy, who warns Schenk that Zeke will stab him in the back if given the chance. Schenk inquired about the exchange, to which Banks explained that his choice to not cover for Dunleavy led him to spend the rest of his life watching his back. (Spiral)


  • Originally, the scene took a lot longer and was much slower, but parts of it were cut down by the MPAA according to Darren Lynn Bousman.
    • Bousman leaked a video of a small deleted segment of the finger trap's scene.
  • There seems to be nothing to prevent the victim from simply climbing out of the bathtub, as there is enough leeway given by the wires.
  • The trap is similar to the Chinese finger trap