You can give a woman 600 Tuesdays. And it ain’t worth three Saturday nights.
— Zeke teases William Schenk about his marriage[src]

Ezekiel Banks, also known as Zeke, is a fictional character from the Saw franchise He serves as the main protagonist of Spiral. He was portrayed by Chris Rock.


Early Life

Ezekiel was born to police chief Marcus Banks, whose involvement in a conspiracy cover-up has ramifications that affect Ezekiel as an adult. He becomes a police officer and, later, a homicide detective. (Spiral)

Investigating Jigsaw's Copycat

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When off-duty detective Marv Bozwick is gruesomely murdered in the subway, the new police chief Angie Garza assigns Detective Ezekiel Banks to the case. Now going by Zeke, he investigates the case alongside his idealistic rookie partner William Schenk. Banks draws similarities between Bozwick's death and the victims of the now deceased Jigsaw Killer. He determines that a man named Benny Reitz lured Bozwick into the tunnels.

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Meanwhile, Detective Fitch is abducted which raises concern from the other detectives in the precinct. Several years prior, Fitch had failed to respond to a backup call which resulted in Banks being shot. Now a suspect in his investigation, Banks tries to prove he isn't connected to the murders. A box is delivered at the station with piece of Schenk's skin inside, and a vial that directs the detectives to a butcher shop. Banks recognizes the place as a hobby shop that he and his father visited. (Spiral)

Death of Angie Garza and Abduction

They find a tape recorder and a skinned corpse inside, with the corpse identified as Schenk. Banks' father, Marcus is abducted and shortly after, Garza is abducted. Banks tries to find her but doesn't arrive in time and discovers her corpse, with her face covered in wax while with a severed spinal cord. Her death devastates Banks, but gives him a lead, though he is ultimately abducted. He awakens handcuffed to a pipe. He sees a hacksaw nearby and considers the option of sawing off his arm, but doesn't have too when he discovers a loose bobby pin. (Spiral)

As he tries to escape, he finds Peter Dunleavy, his former partner who Banks reported for murder, chained in place. A machine hurls crushed shards of glass at him.

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Banks is horrified to find a a tape recorder giving him a choice to either save Dunleavy, or let him die. Banks tries to save him, though the injuries Dunleavy sustained ultimately kills him. (Spiral)

Unmasking the Killer

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Banks moves to another room in the maze, to find William Schenk. Banks is confused for a moment before realizing that Schenk faked his death, having used the skinned corpse of Benny Reitz to do so. Schenk had been the copycat Jigsaw Killer all along, as he sought justice for his murdered father. Peter Dunleavy had murdered Schenk's father, who was willing to testify against a dirty cop. Marcus Bank was responsible for the polices that enabled the corruption to occur, which resulted in Schenk's father dying.

Schenk doesn't want to kill Banks, but rather, wants to recruit him as a partner in punishing corrupt officer. He presents Banks with a final test; shoot a target that will free Marcus from certain death but allows Schenk to escape, or kill Schenk and let Marcus die. Banks examines his options while holding his fathers gun, which holds a single bullet. (Spiral)

Marcus Banks Test


Unable to lose his father, Banks shoots the target to free Marcus. He removes the IV that is draining Marcus's blood but refuses to let Schenk escape, and attacks him causing them to fight. A SWAT team arrives but mistakes the situation due to Banks' past with the other victims. They believe Schenk is the one being held captive and aim their weapons at Banks. Marcus is suddenly pulled upwards by wires, as the SWAT team triggered the mechanism by opening the door. Since a gun affixed to his hand, the team mistakes Marcus for a threat and the SWAT team opens fire. Banks screams in anguish as his father is murdered in front of him. He looks over to see Schenk escaping through an elevator. Schenk raises one finger to his lips to shush Banks like he did to him after his fathers murder. Banks lets out an emotional scream as Schenk disappears. (Spiral)


Banks is a humorous man who teases Schenk during their partnership, though he takes the murders seriously. He extremely intelligent, as he finds connections to himself and the new victims. He often finds leads others don't and sees things differently than most detectives. Instead of taking the obvious escape route of sawing off his arm, Banks looked for another solution and succeeded in freeing himself without the loss of a limb. He doesn't hold peoples pasts against them, and sought to save a corrupt cop from impending death solely because it was the right thing to do.


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