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The Explosive Bracelets are a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw VI.

Design and Function

The explosive bracelets were a set of four small contraptions. They consisted of short leather straps, which were laid tightly around each of the victim's limbs. Additionally, they were all secured by ordinary keylocks. Each one of the bracelets contained a small explosive charge, which would rip up the victim's limbs if they didn't complete their game in time or tried to skip some of the tests.


William Easton's First Test

Hello, William. You’ve probably been wondering when we would see each other again. Today is that day. For years your probability formula has decided the fate of others. The healthy have benefited, while the potentially sick have been unjustly rejected. However, this formula does not take into account the human will to live. When faced with death, who should live versus who will live are two entirely separate things. Today your policy will be put to the test. There are four straps around your limbs and you have four tests you must complete, for if you don’t, the straps on your arms and legs will detonate.
— William is introduced to his game[src]

The victim of this game was William Easton, manager of the Umbrella Health insurance company, who had caused the death of numerous seriously sick people by denying the coverage of their treatment costs for spurious reasons. Therefore, he was abducted by Detective Mark Hoffman, successor of the late John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, who was in fact one of William's former clients. After abducting him from his office at night, Hoffman took him and his associates to the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute, where he had prepared a series of tests for William. While he was still unconscious, Hoffman placed a key inside William's body before he placed him in his first trap.


John demonstrates the bombs to William

Upon waking up again, William immediately panicked when he found himself trapped in the large contraption, consisting of giant metal clamps aiming at his chest. Additionally, he wore a breathing mask on his face. Moments later, a TV turned on in front of him. William was shocked when he recognized the man appearing on the screen as John Kramer. John confronted him with his dubious business politics, which had ruined and ended the lives of numerous sick people, and introduced him to his game. William had four straps around each of his limbs, which would detonate if he wasn't able to complete four tests all around the zoo within 60 minutes. Furthermore, he told him that if he failed his task, he wouldn't see his family again. John then introduced him to his first test. At the same moment, a spotlight revealed Hank, the janitor of Umbrella Health, who was in the same situation as William and began to panic as well. The video tape informed him about Hank's history of health restrictions and his lacking efforts to change this situation. Once the game began, the clamps around their chests would close in every time they took a breath and eventually crush their upper bodies. The only way for one of them to survive was the death of the other one.

Saw VI oxygen clamps

William and Hank in their traps

As the TV turned off and the game began, William told Hank to hold his breath and did the same on his own. However, due to Hank's yearslong attitude of smoking, he had to take a first breath after a few seconds already, causing the clamps to further approach his body. Moments later, William took a breath as well. As he took another one shortly afterwards, he surprisingly enabled Hank to gain the lead. However, Hank then took the next breath. Due to his panic and the increasing pain, he involuntarily wetted himself. As the clamps closed in further and further with each breath, the amount of time in which he could hold his breath decreased constantly. Unable to continue any longer, Hank eventually took his final breath, which caused the clamps to crush his chest, killing him in the process and causing William to avert his gaze in disgust as Hank's blood drenched his clothes.


William spots the key

Seconds later, the clamps around William's chest moved back and he was freed from the chains trapping his arms. He quickly removed his breathing mask and a leather restraint around his body. However, when he stepped away from the trap, he immediately collapsed due to an immense pain in his side. While lying on the floor, he pulled up his shirt and was shocked when he saw a large bleeding scar on his right side. Still slightly dazed by the pain, William eventually managed to brace himself up. At this moment, a light turned on next to him, revealing a key hanging from the ceiling. With this key, he was able to remove the first explosive strap from his left hand. However, he didn't have much time to take breath as the timer was ticking down. Therefore, he quickly climbed up a ladder to a catwalk where a red arrow had been painted at the wall and showed him the right direction. (Saw VI)

William Easton's Second Test

Hanging Trap

William is introduced to his second test

While making his way through the abandoned zoo, he ultimately noticed the words "The Party" written on his wrist, which was severely maltreated due to the tight strap. Thereby, he remembered a party sponsored by him for the Homeward Bound Clinic, a recovery clinic for drug addicts ran by Jill Tuck, during which he had met John Kramer, Jill's husband, for the first time. On this occasion, he had explained his business formula to him, which had caused the denial of several clients' coverage requests. As he went on, he eventually entered a long hallway with numerous empty aquaria and terraria. Thereby, he passed a large, dark aquarium. Before the glass pane, he noticed a panel with two handles, each one attached to a chain. When he passed them, he saw the words "TAKE THEM" on two monitors. William initially refused to do so and tried to went on. However, after a few seconds, he heard a beeping sound from the electronic strap around his right arm, which would explode if he ignored Jigsaw's rules. Therefore, he stood in front of the aquarium and reluctantly took the handles. Upon doing so, the chains were tightened and a spotlight was turned on a mechanical ventriloquist puppet, which was standing on a small platform behind the panel with a noose of barbed wire around its neck. One moment later, the platform folded away, causing the puppet to swing forward and hit the glass panel, giving a suggestion of what would happen next. Two spotlights turned on, showing Allen, William's file clerk, and Addy, his secretary, who stood on similar platforms with their hands strapped behind their backs and nooses of barbed wire around their necks. The puppet introduced William to his colleagues and confronted him with his business policies. According to those, Addy was less worthy to live as she had a family history of diabetes, while Allen was perfectly healthy but had no living relatives who would miss them. Finally, the puppet told him that he had to let one of them go in order to save the other one. Seconds later, the puppet was pulled up and out of sight by its noose.


William tries to save Allen and Addy

William yelled at the puppet and assured his colleagues, who began to panic, that he wouldn't let any of them die. However, moments later the chains were pulled on further. Allen frantically begged his boss to help him. William tried to defend himself, claiming that this wasn't the way he decided about the fate of his clients. The game however went on and the chains were pulled on again. While the two of them begged William for help, the two monitors on the panel showed him photos of Addy with her family and pictures of Allen, who walked around all alone. As the chains were pulled tight, Allen and Addy were forced to walk towards the edge of their respective platform. William bursted out crying and apologized before he finally let go of the handle holding Allen, which immediately sprang back. Allens shackles were then opened. Realizing that William had sentenced him to death, Allen angrily yelled at him. Seconds later, his platform folded away, causing him to swing forward and hit the glass panel. As he was hung to death, his blood splashed against the pane, moments before he was pulled up and out of sight just like the puppet did before.


William obtains the key

A few moments later, Addy was released from her shackles as well. She immediately took the gag from her mouth and in tears thanked William for her salvation. William then told her to be careful and to try to find a way out as he had to go on. He then left her behind and continued his way. A few steps later, he found the next key hanging from the ceiling and thereby unlocked and removed the explosive strap from his right arm. Then, he went on to continue his game. (Saw VI)

William Easton's Third Test


William listens to his tape

As he further progressed through the building, William reached an area connected to the zoo's boiler room. Thereby, he noticed the words "Final Decision" written on his right arm, which reminded him of the day where he denied John Kramer the coverage of the treatment costs for the experimental therapy in Norway. Eventually, he entered the actual boiler room and found himself on a catwalk. Seconds later, the door slammed shut behind him. Unable to open it again, William took a look around and quickly found a tape recorder hanging from the ceiling. Upon playing it, he was introduced to the third test of his game. Seconds later, he noticed Debbie, his companie's lawyer, who was chained to the wall on the lower level of the room and began to panic. The tape informed William that she had 90 seconds to free herself from a trap strapped to her chest, as otherwise, it would be activated and pierce her brain with a pointy metal rod. Furthermore, he was told that it was ultimately him who held the key to Debbie's survival and had to help her to get through the maze before her.


William guides Debbie through the maze

When the tape ended, Debbie was released from her chains and the timer on the trap began to count down. As soon as she was free, she removed the gag from her mouth and started to panic. She frantically yelled at William to get her out while desperately trying to open the door next to her. However, she finally stopped when William told her to move through the maze before her and eventually tried to find a way forward. As she did, she quickly came to a small passage that was blocked by pipes blowing out hot steam with great pressure. William yelled at her to go on, but when she tried to crawl through the steam, she quickly backed off due to the immense amount of heat. However, William noticed a lever with a sign attached to it which told him to "relieve her." When she pulled the lever, his arm was burned by hot steam coming from a pipe, while the steam in Debbie's way was turned off. As she tried to crawl forward, William backed off, causing the steam to turn back on again. Debbie yelled at him and told him to pull the lever again. When William did it, she tried once more to get through the passage. However, as the pain increased, William let go off the lever again, causing Debbie's legs to be severely burned by the steam. Nonetheless, she managed to get through the passage.

Encouraged by William, Debbie continued her way and climbed through the maze until she reached another small tunnel blocked by steam. She panicked even further, seeing no way out of this trap. William however saw that there was a ladder behind the tunnel and told Debbie to go on. He then grabbed a second lever and turned off the steam in the maze below him, while he himself was burned again. Debbie crawled through the next passage, but as before, she was to slow and didn't get through it before William had to let go off the lever due to the pain. Therefore, the steam burned Debbie's face and her neck.

Steam Room 2

William tells Debbie to look for a key

As she finally made it through the passage, she reached the ladder and climbed it up to a room surrounded by a cage. William told her to hurry up and look for a key. Seconds later, a lamp turned on next to her, revealing photos of a scar on William's body as well as an x-ray. Realizing that the key was hidden inside William's body, he tried to calm her down and attempted to get it out. Debbie however grabbed an electric circular saw and opened the door. Moments later, she attacked William and barely missed him with the saw. As she further approached him and tried to kill him to get the key, the two of them engaged in a fight. While William initially managed to fight her off, Debbie eventually made one final attempt to kill him and raised the saw. At this moment however, the timer of her trap went off and the metal rod pierced her brain. While William watched in horror, Debbie staggered, fell over a handrail and ultimately hit the floor below her.

Eventually, William managed to calm down and went on. Upon opening the exit door out of the room, he found the next key hanging from the ceiling. Angered by Debbie's death, he grabbed it and used it to unlock one of the straps around his legs. Then, he opened the next door and continued his way. (Saw VI)

William Easton's Fourth Test


William approaches the carousel

Upon going on, William eventually came across a door with a large, red spiral painted on it. As he approached it, he heard noises coming from the other side, which he recognized as the voice of Shelby, one of his subordinate associates. When he asked her about her situation, she told him that her colleagues, Aaron, Emily, Gena, Dave and Josh, were trapped with her as well and they were all strapped to some sort of a spinning carousel. However, she couldn't see anything as the room was pitch dark. After some hesitation, William finally opened the door and entered the room, causing the lights to turn on. Thereby, he was able to see his associates, who were all chained to a rotating playground carousel in the center of a large animal enclosure. As he approached them, they asked why they were there, he responded that this was some kind of game. Seconds later, a TV turned on in front of them and Jigsaw's ventriloquist puppet appeared on screen. The puppet introduced William to his test and explained him the rules of this game. A rigged shotgun was positioned in front of the carousel. The carousel would stop periodically, resulting in one of his associates sitting directly in front of the barrel of a shotgun. This victim would be killed after a few seconds if William didn't decide to save the person. In order to do so, he would have to simultaneously press two buttons in a small box before him. However, he could only save two of them while the other four would inevitably die. After William received his instructions, the TV turned off again.


William hesitates to press the buttons

Seconds later, the carousel came to a standstill for the first time with Aaron sitting in front of the shotgun. He desperately tried to convince William to follow his business policy according to which Aaron was worth living as he was a young and healthy man. Due to William's hesitation, he panicked even further and yelled at him. William however still couldn't bring himself to press the buttons in the box before him which could have saved Aaron's life, leading to him being the first one to be killed by the shotgun. Eventually, the carousel was set in motion again. After a few seconds it stopped once more with Emily sitting in front of the shotgun. While the others yelled at William to save them, Emily reminded him of her two children, stating that they couldn't grow up with out her. Thereby, she finally convinced William to press the buttons, causing a metal spike to pierce his hand. The shotgun slowly went in an upright position and shot above Emily's head before it returned to its original position. Albeit she was still afraid, she thanked William for saving her. At the same moment, the carousel moved on. In an attempt to convince William to save her, Shelby claimed that her parents were sick and needed her. Thereby, she got in an argument with Dave who called her a liar and claimed to know that Shelby's parents weren't even talking to her anymore for a long time already. While the others continued to argue with William, Gena suddenly claimed that she was pregnant. Josh immediately yelled at William not to believe her, resulting in an argument between them. Eventually, Gena sat in front of the shotgun when the carousel stopped again. As William hesitated again, she further panicked and begged him to press the buttons until she was finally killed by the shotgun. While the others continued to argue with William, Gena suddenly claimed that she was pregnant. Josh immediately yelled at William not to believe her, resulting in an argument between them. Eventually, Gena sat in front of the shotgun when the carousel stopped again. As William hesitated again, she further panicked and begged him to press the buttons until she was finally killed by the shotgun. As the carousel moved on, Dave desperately tried to convince William to save him by telling him that his parents would pay as much as he wanted for him to save Dave. However, both Josh and Shelby yelled at William and claimed that Dave was a thief, stealing from the company for many years. When the carousel stopped and Dave sat in front of the shotgun, he began to cry and told William not to believe them. William however eventually decided to let him die, making Dave the third one to be killed by the shotgun. When the carousel continued to move, Josh badmouthed her, claiming that she was a liar and couldn't be trusted. Therefore, she told William that Josh only wanted to get William's job and would back stab him as soon as he got the opportunity to do so. At this moment, the carousel stopped once more with Shelby being the fifth one to sit in front of the shotgun. She desperately tried to convince William to save her, which he, after some hesitation, finally did. As he pressed the buttons, his hand was pierced again, while the shotgun was moved into an upright position again and shot above Shelby's head before it returned to its original position.

William witnesses Josh's death

Due to her salvation, Shelby bursted into tears and thanked William for saving her, while the carousel moved on for one last time. Realizing that he had no more chance to survive and his death was inevitable, Josh was shocked and angrily yelled at William for not saving him and insulted both him and his business policies. When the carousel finally came to its last standstill, Josh demanded William to look at him while he dies, which William mournfully did. Seconds later, Josh was ultimately killed by the shotgun, leading to him being the fourth and last victim to die in the trap.

When the game was over, Emily and Shelby bursted out crying and thanked William for saving the two of them. Afterwards, a lamp turned on next to William and showed him another red arrow on the wall, which showed him the right way. While following it, he took off his tie and used it to tape up his hand. A few moments later, he passed another door and ultimately found the key to his final strap hanging from the ceiling, which he immediately used to free himself. However, as the timer was still ticking down, his game wasn't over yet and he went on. (Saw VI)


  • It is unknown what happened to the bracelets after William got rid of them. While they could've been taken to the evidence room of the police station after the Metropolitan Police Department found the zoo, it's also possible that they detonated after the timer expired. 


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