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It's dad. Sorry for yesterday. Okay, I haven't hear from you. Could you call, please?
— Eric tries to call Daniel after their argument[src]

Eric Matthews' Apartment is a fictional location from the Saw franchise as well as a minor location in Saw II.


Family Problems

The apartment of Detective Eric Matthews was a small flat where he lived alone after his wife had filed for divorce and took their teenage son, Daniel, with her. From then on, Daniel only lived in the apartment when visiting his father, as their relationship was severely strained by an affair he had with his former partner, Detective Allison Kerry, which was the reason for the divorce.

Eric tries to call his son

During one of these visits, Daniel was caught stealing by a security officer and had to be picked up by his father. This resulted in an argument during which Daniel stated that it might be better if he returned to his mother earlier. Angered by this, Eric yelled at him to leave, which Daniel did. Therefore, Eric went home alone. However, as time went by and Daniel didn't return, Eric regretted his outburst and tried to call him the next day. As Daniel wasn't available, Eric left a message on his mailbox, asking him to call back. Moments later, he was actually called back. However, it wasn't his son, but his sergeant, who told him that one of his informant, Michael Marks, had been found dead. Therefore, Eric left his apartment to investigate the crime scene. (Saw II)

The Jigsaw Case

Eric dreams of Michael's crime scene

I turned out that Michael had become a victim of one of the deadly games of a serial killer known as Jigsaw. The killer had left a message for Eric at the crime scene written on a ceiling, which told Eric to "look closer." Additionally, he found an engraving of Wilson Steel on one of the metal parts that Michael's trap had been built of. However, as Kerry was working on the case, Eric didn't want to have anything to do with it and refused to help her. Nonetheless, when he returned home to sleep, the events at the crime scene preyed on his mind and eventually he realized the true meaning behind Jigsaw's message and concluded that he was hiding at the Wilson Steel Plant due to the engraving on the trap. Upon realizing this, Eric immediately called his colleagues. (Saw II)