Franklin's teachers have expressed a concern as he has been arriving to school unfed and wearing dirty clothes. We would very much like you to come in for a conference to discuss Franklin's home environment.
— Elizabeth calls Melissa Sing[src]

Elizabeth Harris is a fictional character from the Saw franchise. She serves as a minor character in Saw: The Video Game.

She was voiced by Khanh Doan.


Child Endangerment

Elizabeth Harris was the counselor of an elementary school. On one occasion, she sought talks with Melissa Sing, the mother of one of the students, Franklin Sing, as he had come to school unfed and with dirty clothes. However, Melissa didn't respond to her call, which caused Elizabeth to report the situation to the County Office of Child Protective Services. (Saw: The Video Game)


Not much can be said about Elizabeth's personality due to her short screen time. However, it can be assumed that she was a responsible-minded and dedicated person and therefore took her job very seriously for the sake of her students' well-being.


  • While Elizabeth said to be the counselor of the Markin Elementary School, a letter from the County Office of Child Protective Services to Melissa Sing states that she was the counselor of the Stanworth Elementary School.
  • Elizabeth is voiced by Khanh Doan, the same actress who also voiced Melissa Sing.

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