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Guys? Talk to me, guys!
— Rigg talks to his dead teammates.[src]

The Electrified Staircase is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw II.

Design and Function

The Electrified Staircase was a security trap set up in a store depot Jigsaw's hideout. Originally, it was just an ordinary staircase surrounded by a chain-link cage. However, one of the wooden steps was manipulated. If enough pressure was exerted on the previous step, the rigged one would spring forward and break the legs of the person standing on the stairs. Moments later, the surrounding cage would be energized, giving everyone who touched it a lethal shock. (Saw II)


Jigsaw's Hideout

At one point during his series of murders John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, had a hideout at the Wilson Steel Plant. One night Detective Eric Matthews managed to find out the location of the hideout by further examining one of Jigsaw's traps at his latest crime scene. The metal part the trap was built of had an engraving of Wilson Steel. The next day, he, along with Detective Allison Kerry and a SWAT team led by Sergeant Daniel Rigg, prepared to raid the steel plant. Following Detective Kerry's orders, Officer Pete Baker was the first one who broke through a side door and entered the building along with Rigg and two of their teammates.

Billy greets the SWAT team

While making their way through a storage area of the building, the men soon reached the staircase surrounded by the chain-link cage. As the door was secured by a chain, Pete cut it with a bolt clipper. Upon opening the door, the lights in the staircase suddenly turned on. Pete entered the staircase followed by his two teammates while Rigg backed them up. They tried to climb the stairs but eventually stopped when they heard a squealing sound. Seconds later a mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared at the head of the stairs, sitting on a tricycle and maniacally laughing at them. When the staircase was locked by a mechanism, Officer Baker tried to approach the puppet when suddenly the rigged step sprang forward and broke

Rigg's men are electrocuted

his shins, causing his two fellow officers to back away and receiving a lethal electric shock when they touched the cage. While they were killed in front of Sergeant Rigg's eyes, the puppet slowly rode back on the cycle. Moments later, the remaining SWAT team as well as Eric and Kerry entered the building. While the detectives went upstairs, Pete's colleagues dragged him out of the staircase. (Saw II)


  • According to the audio commentary of Saw II, a blade had originally been intended to shoot forward and slice off the first SWAT officer's legs once the rigged step had been activated.