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Who will bridge the gap?
— Jigsaw introduces the group to their next game[src]

The Electric Bathtub is a trap from the Saw franchise, appearing in Saw V.

Design and Function

This trap was the third one in a series of tests. It was located in an underground catacomb area at 1293 Sandburst Drive. A water-filled bathtub was located in the middle of the room, surrounded by five current coils, each one with a cord with a special attachment, such as clamps or a hook. There were also homemade nail bombs in the room, which were connected to a timer and would detonate after 15 minutes. The exit door out of the room was secured by five deadlocks. In order to escape, the victims had to close five circuits, each one connected to one of the locks. Therefore, the five cords had to be connected to the water in the bathtub. As they didn't reach from the current coils to the bathtub, each victim had to hold one cable and thereby suffer a small electric shock. Once the game began, the prisoners had three minutes to accomplish their task. Otherwise, an electrical current would surge through the room, seal the door permanently and thereby lock them up along with the bombs. (Saw V)


The Fatal Five's Trial

Hello and welcome. You must all be eager to learn the next important lesson in your transformation. The game before you is designed to bridge the gap between you all. In order to open the five locks on the door out of this room, the five electrical circuits powering them must be closed. The only way to do this is to find a way to connect all five cords to the bath water. Close the circuits and the door will open. But you must work quickly for in three minutes, an electrical current will surge through this room, locking the door forever. Who will bridge the gap? The choice is yours.
— The group is introduced to their third test[src]

Brit asks Mallick about his past

This game was planned for five victims: Ashley Kazon, Charles Salomon, Luba Gibbs, Mallick Scott and Brit Stevenson, who were all in some way involved in a case of arson in which eight people were killed. Ashley and Charles however had already been killed during the previous tests of the game. When Mallick entered the room, he was frightened when he saw the bathtub in the middle of the room which was surrounded by five current coils with cords attached to them. Upon entering, Luba immediately spotted the bombs. Moments later, Brit asked Mallick for the reason why he was in this situation. Mallick admitted that he had done something which had resulted in the death of several people, even though he claimed that he didn't mean it. Luba then asked him why he wasn't in prison, to which he responded that nobody knew about his crime. Brit however pointed to the camera, stating that someone did now, before she suspiciously glared at Luba. Therefore, Luba finally told about her work, thereby indirectly admitting that she took bribes in exchange for granting building permits. When Mallick berated her for this, she answered that Brit certainly was not a good person either. Brit affirmed this, stating that during her work she often had to tear down older buildings in order to build new ones, thereby causing many people to lose their living spaces. Therefore, Mallick stated that all of them deserved to be in this situation. When Brit asked him if there was any other possible connection between them which he could think of, he denied this and told her to finally close the door so they could get their next instructions.

Seconds after Brit closed the door, the next TV turned on. A mechanical ventriloquist puppet appeared on the screen and greeted them to their third test, explaining that this game was designed to "bridge the gap" between all of them. There were five locks on the next door out of the room. Each of them was connected to a electrical circuit which had to be closed in order to open the door. To achieve this goal, the five cords attached to the current coils all had to be connected to the water in the bathtub. However, they only had three minutes to do so. If they didn't manage to close the circuits in time, an electrical current would surge through the room and lock the door permanently.

Brit kills Luba

When the TV turned off again, the timer started ticking down. Mallick immediately grabbed one of the cords and tried to connect it to the bathtub. However, he quickly realized that it was way to short and angrily yelled at the others that they think of a new plan. Luba then told him that he should get in the bathtub, so they could connect the five cords to his body. Realizing that this would inevitably kill him, Mallick hesitated. When Luba repeated her order, he sarcastically stated that he was "more of a shower guy." This angered Luba, causing her to furiously yell at him to get in the tub. Mallick insulted her, telling her to get in it herself. Luba then attacked him with the metal rod she had taken from Charles' corpse earlier. Even though she barely missed Mallick, the latter fell in the tub. When he begged her for mercy, Luba, close to tears, hesitated. Unnoticed by her, Brit grabbed one of the cords with a sharp, pointed attachment and approached her. When Luba was about to kill Mallick, Brit suddenly stabbed her neck with the cable. Shocked and paralyzed, Luba looked at Brit and dropped the rod. However, before she could do anything, she finally collapsed and died on the floor. Following Luba's death, Mallick was horrified. Brit however merely stated that she didn't trust her. When Mallick asked what had happened between them, Brit refused to response and told him to help her with the body. Together, they put Luba's corpse in the bathtub.

Luba in the bathtub

Just as Mallick was about to connect the first cord to her, Brit stopped him and told him not to touch her body as he would receive an electric shock himself. Then, they connected the first four cords to Luba's body, causing her to twitch and convulse. When Mallick grabbed the last cord, he war horrified when he saw that the attachment was actually a big hook. Upon his hesitation, Brit yelled at him to ram the hook into her head, which he finally did. Therefore, the last lock on the door was opened, enabling both of them to flee to the next room. (Saw V)


Later that night, the catacombs were found by Special Agent Dan Erickson. Luba's corpse was taken to the morgue for her autopsy by Dr. Adam Heffner, while the remains of the trap were taken to the evidence room. (Saw V, VI)