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I gotta choose who dies. Them or me.
— Edgar talks to Halloran[src]

Edgar Munsen is a fictional character from the Saw franchise as well as the quaternary antagonist of Jigsaw. He was portrayed by Josiah Black.


Early Life

Edgar Munsen was a methamphetamine addict, who committed various crimes throughout his life, including personal injury and an armed robbery. Therefore, he was arrested twice by Detective Brad Halloran. However, he eventually became Halloran's informant and was therefore released from prison by the latter. After his release, he continued his criminal career and at some point murdered a woman named Christine Nelson. (Jigsaw)


Two years later, Edgar was targeted by Christine's husband, Dr. Logan Nelson, who worked for the Metropolitan Police Department as a pathologist. Logan decided to continue the deadly games of serial killer John Kramer, better known as the Jigsaw Killer, ten years after the latter's death. After Logan abducted him, Edgar woke up inside an abandoned warehouse and received an audio tape, which gave him the instructions for a test. By 12 o'clock, he had to find a remote and use it to start a game involving five people. If he refused to do so, he would be killed on his own.

Edgar on the rooftop

Edgar decided to follow the instructions and attracted the attention of the police, which resulted in a car chase. With his car, Edgar sped down the roads until he was outbraked by spike strips laid out by Officer Solomon on the street. As he lost control over his car, he hit a street barrier, consisting of numerous water barrels and police vehicles. He smashed his window and climbed out of the car to continue his flight on foot. Pursued by two officers, he eventually reached the warehouse where he previously received his instructions and made it to the rooftop. There, he noticed a red "X" drawn on a steel scaffold, which marked the position of the remote. Just as he grabbed it, the officers arrived and aimed their guns at him. In the distance, Edgar saw a clock tower and desperately told the officers that five people would die if they didn't call Halloran.

The officers did as he said. As the time passed, Edgar started to panic. However, Halloran finally arrived along with his colleague, Detective Keith Hunt. Edgar told him that he was given the choice to either start the game or die on his own. Halloran ordered his man to aim for the remote and tried to convince Edgar to drop it, but as the time ran out, Edgar pulled the trigger and thereby started the game, which took place in an abandoned barn outside the city. The officers immediately shot the contraption. However, unnoticed by them, Logan was watching them from another rooftop nearby and shot Edgar in the chest with a sniper rifle. As Edgar collapsed, he told Halloran that the game had begun before he passed out due to his injury. (Jigsaw)


Edgar is found in John's grave

Edgar was taken to the St. Peter's Hospital, where he had to be put in an artificial coma. Some time later, he was briefly revisited by Halloran, who wanted to look after him after the mutilated corpse of a woman had been found before the entrance of the hospital. When he left again, Officer Canter remained at the hospital and guarded the door to Edgar's room. However, when Canter fell asleep, Logan entered the room and injected a medicament into Edgar's infusion bag, causing him to wake up. Afterwards, Logan abducted him and eventually killed him by slicing his throat. (Jigsaw)


Following his death, Logan cut a jigsaw piece from Edgar's cheek. Afterwards, he put his corpse into the coffin of John Kramer, before burying it again. The next day, the police commissioner ordered John's corpse to be exhumed in order to calm down the public after the recent murders. In the presence of several reporters and under Detective Keith's watch, the grave was dug up again and the coffin was opened. When Keith recognized Edgar Munsen, he immediately informed Detective Halloran.

Edgar in the morgue

Later on, Halloran ordered Keith to arrest Logan as he had started to suspect him. Logan, however, told Keith that Halloran was actually the killer and the one responsible for shooting Edgar on the rooftop. Keith gave him the opportunity to prove his theory and accompanied him to the morgue. Logan removed the projectile from Edgar's chest and put it into a cleaning solution. Unnoticed by Keith, he replaced it with a bullet of a Glock 17, the gun used by Halloran. Therefore, he finally convinced Keith that Halloran had killed Edgar. (Jigsaw)


Edgar Munsen was a classic habitual criminal as well as a ruthless sociopath. As such, he showed little to no remorse for his deeds and continued his life as a criminal, even after having been arrested twice. It can be assumed that he felt inviolable due to Halloran repeatedly getting him out of prison, even after the murder of Christine Nelson.


  • Edgar shares some similarities with Benny Reitz from Spiral. Both characters were drug addict criminals, both were sent to a place by the killer in order to start a new game, both were chased by cops in the intro while doing what the killer told them to do, both were personally known by a member of the Metropolitan Police Department, both were kidnapped and murdered by the killer by cutting their bodies and finally, both had their corpses later exposed to the public near the end of the movie as part of the killer's plan.

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