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Detective Drury is a fictional character Saw franchise as well as a minor character in Spiral.

He was portrayed by K.C. Collins.


Early Life

Drury was a homicide detective working for the Metropolitan Police Department. Sometime after the end of the Jigsaw murders, a law known as Article 8 was passed. This legislation expanded the powers of law enforcement in order to fight crime. Police Chief Marcus Banks and head of homicide Angie Garza were actively involved in covering up these crimes and shielding their officers from punishment.

Turning On Ezekiel Banks

However, the scandal was ultimately uncovered when Banks' son, Officer Ezekiel Banks exposed his partner, Peter Dunleavy, for murdering an innocent man named Charlie Emmerson to prevent him from testifying against another corrupt officer. After this Drury like almost every other cop in the department, turned against him.

One day Ezekiel Banks had to deal with, a criminal Zeke requested backup but Drury who was with Fitch refused to help him due to his snitch status, resulting in Zeke getting shot, the Paramedic arrives to help Zeke and Police Chief Marcus Banks arrives to find out who refused to help his son, He later found out it was Fitch and beat him for it. (Spiral)

Investigating Jigsaw Copycat

When off-duty detective Marv Bozwick is gruesomely murdered in the subway tunnel, Banks is called to investigate alongside his new partner, Detective In-Training William Schenk. At the station Angie Garza, Fitch, Kraus, O'Brien, Morgey and himself try to find out who killed Boz. Zeke revives a box from the killer with USB in it Zeke plugs it in. They find the first video tape from the killer, who identifies the murdered man as a police officer. The killer plans to reform the Metro PD and remind them of the oath they took to the city. Schenk, Banks, and Detective Fitch piece together that the Jigsaw Killer has a new copycat. Once Zeke saw the video that Schenk anonymously sent to him in the form of an USB, he recognized the courthouse that appeared in the video, went there along with William and found the red spiral. (Spiral)

Fitch's Death

Zeke at crime scene of Fitch's death

Detective Fitch learns that the uncle sam Boz is chasing is Benny Reitz and that he lives at an burnt out bread factory Fitch goes there looking for Benny but is abducted and later put into a trap were he must rip off their fingers before the water made contact with the exposed wires, or else he would be electrocuted to death. Fitch fails to rip off his fingers in time and is electrocuted to death. Zeke, Will and Kraus then find Fitch's corpse at the bread factory. Drury suspects that Banks is involved since both Boz and Fitch had connections to Banks. Schenk, however, agrees with Banks that someone else is pulling the strings and puppet mastering the events around them. William remains the only cop who believes Banks. (Spiral)



  • Drury had a trap that was filmed and edited before being removed from the movie. The trap involved him having his face cut off. However, this trap was removed due to struggles with the MPA.

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